Congress Overrides Trump's Veto Of Defense Authorization Bill

January 1, 2021
Congress Overrides Trump's Veto Of Defense Authorization Bill
Confederate Left Historical Marker at the site of the Battle of Monroe's Crossroads on the Fort Bragg Military Reservation in North Carolina
Image by DrStew82

The Senate on Friday voted to override President Trump’s veto of the $741 billion defense authorization bill, giving Trump the first veto overide of his presidency.

The GOP-controlled Senate voted 81-13 on a rare New Year's Day session.

The Democrat-controlled House voted earlier this week to override the Trump veto of the National Defense Authorization Act, which authorized spending levels and sets forth Pentagon policy...

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    2 comments on “Congress Overrides Trump's Veto Of Defense Authorization Bill”

    1. Solid points - but you forgot the 81 million who voted against YOUR POUTUS. Still, I like your plan. Keeping away from voting is smart...


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