Legal Memo Supporting Pence To Deal With Election Fraud

January 4, 2021

A well-respected Constitutional attorney has just released a memo giving guidance to Vice President Mike Pence regarding his actions during certification of electoral votes on Jan 6th.

Essentially the memo gives Pence authority to exclude electors from disputed states where election fraud occurred.

You can read the entire memo below. Click on 'Legal-Memo' link to download PDF.

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    5 comments on “Legal Memo Supporting Pence To Deal With Election Fraud”

    1. It isn't about legal memos. It's about whether or not Pence is man enough to do what's right to save the Republic...or if he'll be another typical GOP coward and capitulate to the Democrats.

    2. I'm sure he's not a typical GOP coward. He has the full faith and confidence of President Trump, and that's good enough for me.

      I don't trust people who have no stake in outcomes of things. But Pence definitely has a stake in doing this right. He's an honorable man, which is something I cannot say about many Republicans.


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