VIDEO: Mike Lindell Talks For An Hour On War Room - How The Left Is Trying To Destroy Him

January 21, 2021

Steve Bannon talks with the 'My Pillow Guy' -- his addiction, the Left's attempts to destroy his business, and his relationship with God.



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    4 comments on “VIDEO: Mike Lindell Talks For An Hour On War Room - How The Left Is Trying To Destroy Him”

    1. I'm working towards buying a small house somewhere affordable. One of my first tasks when I move in will be to place a big order with My Pillow. Meanwhile I will be making my own blacklist of anti-patriot businesses and shunning them as much as I can. Sometimes we have little choice thanks to monopolies, but there are still many choices out there for many of the things we need.

    2. could you please send a connection that i can access the war room and other programs on America first.

    3. It's very scary though that Libs truly have no problem about simply cheating before our eyes, then refusing to see the facts and naming their candidate the winner!!! How does any party have a chance against these antics.... "No Evidence'' they'll shout then the stinking courts will give ''no standing''.
      Apparently, this thing must get physical. They'll do it again.
      Laws mean nothing to demonRats. . They proved this. So, What do we do NOW????

    4. Anyone see the parade of ass-wagon DemonicRats carrying two manila folders of impeachment papers through the chamber hallways today ???
      They looked like wayward funeral pallbearers in between classes on the first day of high school.

      Newsmax's Greg Kelly showed it to the tune of Hogan's Hero's. This stinking parade of bozo Nazi's marched well to that German clown music.


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