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    FBI Possibly Involved In Capitol Riot...Media Silent On Story

    February 10, 2021

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    Eric Greitens breaks down the news about Thomas Caldwell, who was arrested for conspiracy on Jan. 6, and is also a former section chief for the FBI.

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    Mike S

    What ever happened to the son of the judge who was arrested? Did you guys follow up on that story?


    The FBLIE under prissy Chrissy WRay faked the MAGHABOMBER, faked many staged shootings, covered up the IsraHELL attack on 911, smashed Hillywitch's phones, ignored the fake Russia gate attack on Trump, got their butts kicked in FL by a father of two calling him a Pedo while sanitizing Jeffy Epstein's island protecting Pedis like Biden, Clinton's and others. Defund the FBLIE and execute those at the top

    L Garou

    We're the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DOJ, FIB, (cia) abd we know nothing! Nothing!!


    That's what happens when it's a false flag event.


    The REAL agitators of this event will NEVER have to face trial. Only the "Trump supporters" who were entrapped/suckered into entering the building will face trial. This is exactly the definition of ENTRAPMENT, which the FBI excels at. All those peaceful Trump mega rallies and a few hundred of his supporters get suckered by Antifa/BLM/etc. into entering the Capitol on January 6 and all of a sudden Trump is an "insurrectionist"? What a crock of ----!!!


    Well that's interesting, but years ago I talked to a guy who turned out to be a vicious sexual predator north of Reading, PA (high crime and meth area), and he claimed that he "knew" some chief FBI guy in Pennsylvania, I think he said Pottsville. And that predator totally got away with his crimes, which I took to mean that his FBI friend may have been protecting him. So not all FBI agents are "clean," as they say. The current feds will have to decide whether the ex-fed at the capitol riot is dirty enough to bring charges.


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