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    Time Article Shows Information Operation Is Blown...The People Know...Now Deep State Scared Of Legal Consequences

    February 6, 2021

    It's Time To Sue, Sue, Sue...Did I Mention Sue?

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    The Information Operation against the American people is blown.

    Now the beast is worried, very worried, about being sued into oblivion.

    Money is all they care about. Or should I say...money and power.

    The article in Time magazine yesterday essentially detailing the information operation that was conducted against the American people, outlining collusion between media, corporate entities, Silicon Valley, the U.S. government, and foreign actors is an admission of guilt, an attempt to spin away the legal consequences.

    It won't work.

    The American people are now 'woke'...seriously f'ing woke...and VERY angry.

    Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. Kamala Harris is an illegitimate vice president.

    They are busy destroying the country, inflicting monetary damage on millions of Americans.

    Election fraud is very real, and it will eventually be detailed in a court of law, not just on patriot self-produced videos.

    Most Americans do not realize the evidence for election fraud that occurred on Nov 3rd of last year has still to this day not been heard in a court of law. Every case was rejected for 'standing', not on the merits. No case for election fraud has ever been heard on the merits.

    That will change. The criminals know this. Hence, the Time article yesterday, an attempt to couch their guilt in 'we know best so we did what was best for America.'


    The American people know what is best for their future.

    As a famous attorney in Georgia frequently declares...

    "Every lie will be revealed."

    Their empires of dirt are all that matters to them.

    They may lose it it court.

    Some additional comments by our reporter George Eliason..

    • Coordinated effort between Wall Street, unions, SoS, and Congress
    • It's election interference on a scale that's never been done
    • Add in media coverage for the period and it's IO. From Jan 2020 onward. Govs rejected Trump's attempt at national plan, pushed mail in ballots
    • Coordinated effort to push Trump never concedes to Biden... from spring onward pushed Dem expectation of Trump election coup
    • Proscription of specific law changes shows knowledge and premeditation of election fraud. They "legalized" it
    • Push to Dominion specifically where needed using fed dollars in conjunction with Wall Street and unions + DNC
    • Add in the Dominion findings already published
    • Fraud became widespread enough to normalize. everyone had hand in it
    • They're trying to get ahead of news and minimize something they know is coming

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    John Acord

    The ChiCom agents and fellow travellers who control the Dog Fart Media whose feces comprisis the hiarrhea fed to most Americans continuous repeats that Trump failed to prove his electionfraud issues in 24, 30, 80, whatever number pops into their minds legal cases. Tha tis not the case. The cases are set forth below.According to a list of all 2020 election cases related to President Trump found at the following link here:
    The report as of February 4th, 2021 shows:
    There are 80 court cases to date based on the 2020 election
    In 28 cases President Trump was/is the plaintiff
    In 48 cases President Trump was/is not the plaintiff
    In 4 cases President Trump is the defendant
    21 of these cases have been decided on merits
    Of the 21 cases decided on the merits, President Trump won 14 of them or two-thirds of the cases
    25 cases remain active

    Many more are being filed as more and more incontrovertible evidence becomes available. Biden is NOT your president. No one can keepproperty orposition or powergained by fraud once they are convicted in the court of public opinion. He is the installed ChiCom puppet carrying out directives written in Beijing. This will all come out in the coming months and the American people will tear the swamp apart. Soon the tumbrels will be lumbering towards the American version of the Place de la Vendome as the Revolution disposes of these traitors. I look forward to Biden's head on a pike or nailed to the Potomac bridge.

    Alessandro Machi

    The other gotcha the courts used involved evidence. The only way to have clear evidence of ballot fraud would have been to break the law and sequester the ballots in question. However, any "sequestering" of ballots would have been thrown out or declared invalid. So who actually has standing? Those in charge of specific ballot counting locations who would have to admit to criminal activity.

    Dr Scip

    The court system is part of the swamp. Does anyone really think a court case will be fair in its proceedings. I think it is over there is no way to fight back sine the left just ignores the constitution and does what they want without consequence. The situation is dire. As the left says it is an existential threat to the existence of the republic of the United States of America. Please give some valid constructional recommendations on how to handle the assault to your freedom.

    The Searchers

    I think you’ve made a fair appraisal.


    CD is a joke. Click-bait joke.

    They rile up the more ignorant on our side with fanciful theories of a late comeback.

    They like the money too much.

    The Searchers

    There might be a suit for obstruction of commerce by censoring, perhaps some court might award a monetary reward, but no election will be overturned and contesting election results will be made a crime.
    America is living under an oligarchy, the Republic being in name, but not in actuality.

    Jackson Hudson

    They should be worried about being shot in the head.


    The Deep State is not worried: they are on the offensive.
    The Time article is just a body blow to the citizens; showing the Deep State controls and there is nothing you can do to challenge their power.

    Or: check out Freedomcells.org

    Remo Williams

    "collusion between media, corporate entities, Silicon Valley, the U.S. government".... and foreign actors. Last time I looked this is the definition FACISM.


    Just taking my best guess, but it would seem the poll watcher or the Republican party would have a good case against Detroit who tossed out the poll watchers and boarded up the windows. They, at least, should have been made to re-do the court with twice the number of Republican poll watchers.

    Mike Slattery

    You are exactly right and I wish more people would realize this is FACISM.
    What is Fascism from the one that created it.
    “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state ”
    ― Benito Mussolini
    "We have old and new accounts to settle: we will settle them." - Benito Mussolini


    WVW’s 2-Hour Video narrated by Mike Lindell: Cyber-security experts demonstrate that the Presidential Election was stolen in significant part by vote-counting machine manipulations by foreign entities:


    U Got It

    The Citizens of the United States sue Eisen, MSM, et al. for 16 Trillion Dollars for damages.

    Francisco Machado

    Credit Time: A denunciation coached as a eulogy, e.g. the reverse of Mark Antony on Caesar. Could Time have published this data as a condemnation? But publish it they did! Can the Progressives now damn Time for praising (and lauding in detail) their courage and daring in the interests of a totalitarian Utopia?

    Jersey Prophet

    @ John A: From your keyboard to God's ears!


    Ingraham Reacts to 'Time' Article Revealing Driving Forces Behind Biden's Win

    I don’t think this is the whole story. I think this/it was the original plan to subvert a Trump election win, but when it became clear that Trump was going to win anyway, in spite of this, that’s when they went to Plan B, i.e. stopped counting, pushed all of the poll watchers out, then did the “drop and roll” reset. What Ingraham explains is not illegal, what “drop and roll” involves is a federal crime and is possibly treason! No need to guess why all parties are absolutely rabid to suppress any discussion, any investigation, any speech that even implies voting improprieties or a voting hi-jack! I still want to believe this will unravel and people will go to prison, maybe even the gallows.

    To fully implement the Dems political coup and societal takeover will require the cooperation of law enforcement and the military (um, the reason for a military “stand-down” to “root-out conservative extremists?”). Military personnel/patriots are generally conservative by lineage, so I want to believe that at some point, law enforcement and our military will refuse to execute a planned Dem takeover by force!

    Charles Roscoe

    Sooo? WTF are the arrests??

    JOHN Bradforxd

    Bridgette the democratic bot. or a narrow minded liar. This will be exposed. Tick tock.
    LIES always blow up in the end.
    Biden is a FRAUD.


    "Or: check out Freedomcells.org"

    That site says it's currently "under maintenance until further notice"


    @John Mills Acord - Very informative
    @Alessandro Machi - Great point.

    ***Sorry, reply button doesn't work.***


    @pj_colorado - Your commentary is spot on.


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