• War Room Pandemic Morning Show Recap 2/10

    February 10, 2021
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    “This is maybe the most important story revolver has ever run,” he said. “I promise you the rabbit hole goes far deeper.” Our guests are: Gov. Eric Greitens, Darren Beattie, Mike J. Lindell.

    “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Our guests are: Gov. Eric Greitens, Mike J. Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, Dan Schultz, Boris Epshteyn.

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    This entire Officer Sicknick death is starting to stink to high Heaven, We have a massive coverup as to how he died, and no one covers it except the Conservative press, and is buried by the MSM (Typical) all the while Trump is being blamed for his supposed murder by Trump supporters as he was bludgeoned with a Fire extinguisher, when he may have had a stroke, and the autopsy papers are nowhere to be found. Talk about Clandestine Subterfuge. I swear the D-RATS as asking for major trouble with all their BS !!! If they keep pushing this they will awaken a sleeping giant who is now starting to stir. Be careful what you wish for DemonRATS!!!

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