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    Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne Publishes Preliminary Data On Foreign Vote Flipping In 2020 US General Election

    February 14, 2021

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    Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne was deeply involved in the analysis of the 2020 U.S. general election, leading a team of 'white hat' hackers to delve into exactly what happened. Now he has preliminary results of where the foreign interference (cyber attacks, acts of war) came from. His preliminary data is below...you be the judge.

    About a week ago I published some preliminary numbers regarding vote flipping, prepared by some very deep diving dolphin-speakers. They had only located, analyzed, And reconstructed about 18 of them at the time. They had found just short of 300,000 votes flipped. Now they have worked further through the data, and they have locked down what 85 case, for over 2 million votes. They are most of the way but not yet completely all the way through the data, so this may increase a little more.

    You can find more on his Telegram channel here.

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    Mr. Nobody

    Great article. Shared on worldanon.com. Setup a profile, and get connected.

    Patriot Warrior Mom

    Nothing to see here... just move on per the TechnoOverlords, MSM, and the Cabal!


    Those are just the battle ground states. I wonder how many were flipped across the country.


    ...these arent' the droids you're looking for , you can go about your buisness, move along.

    Laurie Rayphole

    Democrats only win by fraud! It is a proven thing. Would love to see the entire democrat party in chains!

    Deplorable Lanie

    OK, this is something that I have long suspected, however WHAT are we going to DO about it? AND did anyone see the report that just came out of Michigan saying they did an "audit" of the votes and did a recount on 18,000 votes and, what do you know, they matched! But of course one of the things the report did not say is WHAT they counted! Did they count the actual ballots or the scanned (changed) copies of the ballots? This is the same crap they pulled in GA! There, only the scanned copies of the ballots were counted. SO of course everything matched up! What HAS to be counted in our for there to be any confidence are the actual ballots. Otherwise, they are simply counting the changed copies and we have NO IDEA what the actual ballot was!!!


    Twenty one countries? Why? That is the only thing I’m having trouble with. One, two or three I could see but why would they take such a chance involving so many different people and countries. I’ll need much more evidence than this and I am sure there was a coup by way of voter fraud.

    southern proud

    its all fine and good to find this evidence of massive rampant voter fraud. now, the big question is WHO IN THE HELL IS GOING TO CORRECT THIS TRAVESTY????? I am about tired of knowing all this, but can't do anything with it. the scotus isn't going to do anything but say oops, too late. we need something done now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roberts is compromised, he can't do anything, and the others are scared to death of him. we are wasting our time. one question I would like him to answer is why didn't you do something before Beijing Biden #46 ILLEGITIMATE took the whitehouse???? there are rumors that Roberts rode the Lolita Express, and that pictures are being held over his head. there is something that he is afraid of, to be sure. the fact that he went ballistic and said he didn't want to be responsible for "blood in the streets" means something. don't mean to criticize MY President, but he should have declared martial law, under the insurrection act, and all this would be a done deal by now. I love #45, so dont go and get on my case here. I have a feeling that we are stuck with #46 ILLEGITIMATE for the long haul... please say I am wrong!

    Jeff Duncan

    With all due respect, what have you done personally to change things? This will only be won from the ground up. Are you still on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Google? Do you still watch Fox? Have you gotten involved in local politics? Have you raised hell at a school board meeting? Have you organized a local community defense group? Have you joined Gab, Minds, other free speech networks? Have you got out in the street and protested? We all have to completely commit and take risk on a personal level, or you are right, nothing will be done...


    Jeff Duncan (comment above) is SPOT ON. This has to be fixed from the ground up. If your local precinct knows that citizens will push for a hand recount there’s no way they can cheat electronically. They got away with it locally and now it’s nationally.

    Tom Tenneker

    I have bought a lot of the second amendment supplies.


    How about some details, how were these votes flipped, how can they prove they were flipped. I am tired of all these claims with no real proof?

    Jeff Duncan

    Then you haven't been reading or looking for it. It's been out for months. Navarroreport.com and Deepcatrue.com (machines)

    Walter Wego

    Victor... if you want to see how... go to http://www.Navarroreport.com Dr. Peter Navarro is a well respected business leader and economist that put together a THREE volume paper on how the steal happened. And his paper doesnt even include the above Dominion Machine fraud (although the fraud in the Navarro Report are a result of the swing state counties using this fraud to fill in the gaps of ballots caused by the dominion machines).


    I read a copy of a Italian Government confirmed documents that vote flipping also was conducted in Italy. Italy is not on the list.

    Lila Pattison

    Yes, of all people, the pillow guy. I hesitated to post figuring this has already been discussed. It's 2 hours long. If you don't want to watch it all at least start it at about 1:35, the last half hour.


    See Mike Lindell's documentary "Absolute Proof", he details the vote flipping fraud done over the internet with the Dominion machines.


    Those of us with engineering backgrounds have looked at much of the information floating around out there. There's ZERO doubt that Dominion, and ES&S, and Hart, and even the older Diebold voting machines and election tabulators were designed to allow easy rigging of elections for anyone with the will to do so.

    Adjustable ballots settings for size, contrast, and a number of other parameters can be adjusted manually or over an internet connection (which is ALWAYS present, it's in the Dominion and other manuals) to force enormous numbers of ballots to manual or remote adjudication, which means anyone can swap votes individually or in batch.

    Also, the use of floating point variables instead of integers for vote tallies in tabulators allows vote weighting - in Dominion this "feature" is called Ranked Choice Voting. Vote weights can be allocated for individual candidates, like 1.25 for Biden and 0.75 for Trump.
    Then there are the phony Logic and Accuracy check (Dominion EMS manual section 4.5), by which large numbers of votes for a candidate can be "preloaded" using "test decks". The tallies are supposed to be reset before a real election, of course, unless.......the official "forgets".
    Then there are the overwritable adjudication and security audit files, which cover up how many votes were actually flipped and when the software and firmware were updated to cover the tracks of the fraud. Ninety percent of this is actually detailed in manuals from the election machine manufacturers (most of what I mentioned is from Dominion).

    Lila Pattison

    seekrengr..........After watchmaking Mike's documentary, I actually understood what you wrote. His guest speakers explained much of what you said. I still don't understand the weighted thingy though.


    Fantastic article, I will be sending it over to the people at https://patriotlibertynews.com to post.

    David M Zuniga

    Complaining accomplishes nothing. Join the ONLY mission with a full-spectrum, long term SOLUTION. https://TacticalCivics.com

    "Making Militia and Grand Jury great again!"

    John Ben-Daniel

    I just wonder how this multinational effort could have been coordinated. Is there technically any way that vote-switching from one organization could be distributed through many different countries? Could this have been performed, for example, by a satellite communication disseminating the information through different countries to hide the origin?

    Bob Smith223

    Regarding the question of why 23 countries: That's 23 countries where vote machines were hacked from; that doesn't mean those countries were behind the hacking (although in the case of China, Iran, Russia, and maybe a couple others, it does 🙂 )


    Virginia for one.
    They waited and waited to call Texas and Florida.
    They. thought they could cheat those two as well

    Gregory Pierce

    Not 21 countries, that is the location of the servers.


    Cyber warfare is warfare and supporting those who conduct warfare against the US meets the Constitutional definition of treason. Every member of the media that supported this usurpation, every person involved in the cover up and every politician that has attacked those wanting free and fair elections has committed treason and should be brought to justice..


    The massive fraud has been presented by numerous credible professional people. At this point, with the failure of the legislatures (who knows how many of them were in on it) and the social judicial system in upholding their pledge "to protect the republic of all enemies of the country foreign and domestic", the military seems to have failed the oath as well.
    As it is, the presentation of all the fraud and corruption is just a waste of time and energy. America it seems is have to live with the consequences as there is no defenders of the constitution any longer!

    Renee Kelly

    David Zuniga, thanks for posting about your organized group, first I have heard of it. Just donated to Convention of States, if I can reverse charged will give to Tactical Civics instead.

    Rory Bricco

    Anyone with an ounce of integrity would admit America's election process is corrupt. Now we are seeing our domestic enemies get in our faces and dare us to do something about it lest we be canceled. Our representatives attempt to impeach POTUS by stripping him of due process tells us exactly how they hate the US Constitution and We The People. For those who have been paying attention this is nothing new. Both Republicans and Democrats have been abusing the rights of the American people through unelected bureaucracies' for decades. A great reset is in the making but it won't be the one the globalists were planning!

    For Truth and Freedom


    I think this is the information to which you refer. It is difficult to confirm its veracity.

    Note in the affidavit, that the individual states that he was working under direction of people from the US Embassy. The Italian government appears to be prosecuting.
    I have been saying, from the outset, that there is a presumption that these servers in other countries are under control of the governments in which they are located. That is not proven, and likely would never be. The US Government has Embassies, Consulates, and Missions in virtually all of the countries listed. The US is funding "rebels" i.e. terrorists, in Iran. The "5 Eyes" operate as one intelligence agency spying on citizens of a country at the request of that intelligence branch. There are Embassies in Iran. Wikileaks Vault 7 release (2017) revealed the CIA has the capability to hack and make it look like others did it. It would follow,that they have the capability to hack un-noticed, and send data to places where it would not be normally.
    I am not an American, so have no "skin in the game" directly. I do live in a 5 Eyes country and know from past exposures, that the intelligence agencies are more than happy to be a part participating in illegal acts. IMO, this is an inside job with subcontracters.


    The integrity and validity of our national election should be the most important priority of our federal and state governments. Instead we have a bunch of insincere power hungry government peeps wanting to investigate the sideshow they put on to make you look the other way. Biden who was never legitimately elected is running the country as though he is a king who only need give edicts for the people to obey.

    When we have more military stationed in Washington, DC than we have combined in Afghanistan and Iraq, you should have concerns that your government is doing things that are not good for you.


    According to UN department and agency documents it is part of the global development strategy of the UN globalist and their corporate partners that if a nation disagrees with the globalist agenda of universalism of legislation and culture then collectively these unelected UN communist and despot regimens agreed to force this withdrawing nation back into their global plan. Trump opposed them and pulled out of WHO and began to dismantle China's global expansion into the U.S. Suddenly I was bombarded with emails of hatred for the U.S. and especially Trump from every UN registered NGOs, civil societies and radicalized movement globally regardless of the original cause they once fought for; suddenly destroying American values and even human dignity, was considered justified as if that would stop discrimination and bureacrats screwing all citizens. Someone needs to file suit with SCOTUS on behalf of the people who need to fire all current representatives in office before they bring in more more foreign militants now being removed from terrorist list. Impeach Biden Kamala Harris Nancy Pelosi, etc. etc. for violating our Constitutional Righfs for beginners. Anyone Constitutional attorney want to step up?


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