• War Room Pandemic Morning Show Recap 2/18

    February 18, 2021
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    “[Ailes] taught me — to the extent I am — how to be a politician and he also taught Rush,” he said. “Roger to me is like a great football coach with the 10 great coaches that come from him.” Our guests are: Eric Greitens, Alexandra Preate, Mark Krikorian, Rudy Giuliani.

    “If your church has gone woke, find another church,” he said. Stop buying from people who hate you, cut the cable cord, “including Fox and CNN,” and cut off the tech oligarchs ability to turn us into digital serfs. Our guests are: Eric Greitens, Alexandra Preate, Andrew Torba.

     "Democrats aren't just importing voters; there is a specifically-targeted political aspect to giving illegals amnesty in places like Florida."

    Stephen K. Bannon and guest co-host Eric Greitens say the mission for the troops in DC is psychological warfare.

    Steve Bannon explains why the goal is a never ending influx of cheap labor for the Party of Davos.

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    Serena Moser

    I started my successful radio sales career selling Talk Radio (News 1120 -WRVA) out of college. Rush's program was so easy to sell, his ratings were strong!! He was smart, his insight was incredible and so many people agreed and adored him. He was our voice along with Trump. I loved selling his program.
    I will miss such a strong and incredible man standing so strongly for America!!


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