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    War Room Pandemic Evening Show Recap 2/26

    February 27, 2021

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    “This is the story of the tower of babel. This is not anything new,” says Jeftovic. “What is surprising to me now is it’s being taken very seriously in the upper echelons” of society. Our guests are: Kim Klacik, Boris Epshteyn Anna Paulina Luna, Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Maggie Vandenberghe, Mark Finchem, Dave Ramaswamy.

    Mark Finchem joins the War Room from CPAC to talk over the recent rulings involving the November 3rd election.

    Kim Klacik joins the War Room to talk over the district she ran for in Maryland.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    All efforts are now focused on the coverup. This was like a CIA murder, like the type you see in movies, where the cleaners are brought in to remove all traces of evidence. The idea is to use the Capital, which, like a billboard, uses barbed wire and troops, to remind us, every day, that White Supremacists caused what we see; they are the root of all evil who are also perpetuating a stolen election conspiracy theory. This is why no court will take the cases. These are civil cases where the burden of proof required is generally small and where permitted discovery is evidentiary. The last thing they want is even a fraction of the massive evidence to experience sunlight. Biden is as illegitimate as 3 dollar bill. The MSM and social media narratives would evaporate and half of Congress would need to be indicted. What we do know about Trump is that he is an American Patriot. I can’t, with honesty, say the same about the rest of our elected and appointed ruling establishment. In fact we are getting to fear them more than we fear Covid-19. No American should fear their government.


    Just consider one thing, unrelated to the fraud, which makes Biden illegitimate. This was a non constitutional election. Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2 was breeched... big time! What is most outrageous is that we know the SCOTUS knows this. There were many ways they could rule but the last thing they wanted to do was the right thing so they, like the sophists of old, hid, cowered and contributed to the fraud. Trump picked the wrong justices. He must have been told who the Senate would confirm and not to stray. That is why, I suspect, we have Barrett and Kavanaugh.


    This is like a story line from the movies. Spectre, Hydraand the Syndicate are all secret organizations creating global havoc and disasters only to appear as heroes by taking away our freedoms under the guise of safety and security.


    Consider how the DOJ and FBI are infected with organized crime. It started with Hoover and continues today. The FBI allowed 911 to become a reality. The same with the Fort Hood Massacre. The FBI allowed the Boston Bombers to succeed. They paid no attention to the Tsarnaev brothers despite having been warned by the Russians. Today their efforts are directed against make believe White Supremacists, which is every Tump supporter, even if one is a gay, hunched backed, black dwarf. This is the same FBI that missed the bombing of their own facility in Oklahoma that was executed by real White Supremacists. Today they are more concerned about transforming America and to show Americans they mean business they arrested Roger Stone, using a swat team, and are now investigating everyone present in DC on January 6 who supported Trump. Barr chose not to indict any of the senior management of the FBI such as Comey, McCabe , Stzrok, Page and Orr despite the evidence that they all conspired to obtain a falsely obtained FISA warrant to ‘wiretap‘ candidate Trump In Trump Tower and continued to ‘wiretap’ President Trump and leak their discoveries to selected media. This is why Barr slowed walked the evidence. These Obama/Hillary holdovers will destroy America in their attempt to destroy Trump. It is not just the leadership as some claim; it is also the rank and file.

    Truman said “The biggest mistake I (he) made was signing the bill creating the CIA & have regretted it ever since!” He also said “The only way you get rich in politics is by being a crook!!” If Theodore Roosevelt lived a few years longer he might have said the same thing about the FBI. Either men could never have envisioned the lawlessness those agencies perpetrate today. Based on what we now know not even J. Edgar Hoover could.


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