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GEORGIA CLOWN SHOW – Webex ‘Glitch’ Preventing Fulton County Ballot Inspection Hearing From Starting…What’s Next?

Georgia Election Reform: Changing The Law Is Necessary -- But Not Sufficient

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UPDATE – We understand that after ‘attention’ from CDMedia, the ‘glitch’ has magically been resolved. You can listen to the case here.


The Ballot Inspection hearing for Fulton County has been delayed due to a ‘Webex glitch’. The hearing has national importance as Fulton County was the site of massive election fraud on Nov 3rd of last year. The hearing is being held in a Henry County courthouse apparently for case conflict reasons.

CDMedia contacted the court clerk and was transferred to the judge’s assistant who declared ‘they are working on it’. When we asked who ‘they’ is, we were told ‘the people who are working on it’.

The attempts by the corrupt machine in the Peach State to stop transparency into election fraud for the 2020 U.S. general election has become comical.

Last Friday, Fulton County attorneys said with a straight face during the initial hearing they needed 24 more hours because they were allotted 30 days to respond and only had 29.

This is a clown show.

Maybe cat avatars should be required for everyone. How can this state run free and fair elections?

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Harbinger March 15, 2021 at 3:33 pm

Is it Henry County or Fulton County that was experiencing the problems with Webex?


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