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    Byrne: America Will Know The Truth Within Two Months...It's Possible Trump Could Be Back In Office

    March 30, 2021
    Image by SportsGuy789

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    CDMedia spoke with former Overstock.com CEO, and all-around election-fraud fighter, Patrick Byrne last night and he revealed some shocking news.

    Byrne has been leading a cyber investigative team, along with other well-known patriots, to combat the coup that was perpetrated on America during last year's general election, where the illegitimate Biden administration was installed in The White House.

    Byrne revealed that within a few weeks, two months at the outset, America, and the world for that matter, will know the truth of what happened during the massive election fraud on Nov 3rd, 2020.

    "We have irrefutable proof. It is shocking what happened, and who was involved. The information will all come out, over the next few weeks.

    "No one will be able to say this is not true."

    When asked if the comments by Mike Lindell were valid, that President Trump will be back in office by August, Byrne said, "Well, that's Lindell being Lindell. However, this information is so earth-shattering, that yes, it is possible Trump could be back in The White House by the Fall.

    "We will reveal the truth. The remedy is up to the American people."

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    scott r ragland

    Yes, CDMedia usually are among newsites with better stories than this clearly clickbait.

    You reassurance that '...a few weeks.' will show, manifests to this reader that your intentions herein are clickbait to increase eyeballs.

    Why you choose to justify your clickbait with more hopium, in a reply to allegation of clickbaiting, is beyond me, other than a freudian slip exposing your clickbait intent.

    Why not just admit that you need more eyeballs and this headline will bring more eyeballs than otherwise?


    Scott R Ragland: We suggest you watch our stories over the next 8 weeks. Disbelief is fine, but we have a reputation (as you suggest) that we tell the truth. Let's talk in 8 weeks.

    scott r ragland

    'whoever replaces Biden it surely couldn’t be any worse than him'

    Surely you jest?

    Kamala Harris would be 'better' than Xiden?

    scott r ragland

    Ok, and many thx for your reply, Folks!

    But if, on the day Week 8 ends with zero action, Y'all will be responsible for the disappointment death of this fat old cripple, lol.

    Just too many such dates have so slipped, w zero action.

    God Bless you all for your work for America, Folks!

    scott r ragland

    Waaay outta line on that reply, Folks.

    What, precisely, does your demand for action have to do with those questioning 6-9 months at least of scores and scores and scores of just such headlines as the above; demanding that all hopium clickbait such as -this- story immediately cease and that those posting such stories begin -putting up- or -shutting- -up-?

    Why, precisely, are calls for an end to such hopium clickbait as this story met with demands for (more) personal action on the part of those questioning your story?

    What, precisely, set of logic rules equates questioning seemingly endless hopium as above, with some sort of dereliction of Patriot duties?

    Are you implying that those who question are doing nothing, or just 'not enough', according to you?


    If it can be proven that foreign interference gave the election to Biden, his election can be overturned and everything he signed is null and void. Proving that states here committed voter fraud at the level to sway the election could produce criminal charges against those involved and help in tightening voting laws but would not overturn anything . Only foreign interference could do that because that would be an act of war.


    Patriots all over are still in shock over the stolen election. I relate to the doubters about impending action to get Trump back in office. I have seen thousands of prognostications/dates come and go and Biden is still hard at work dismantling American greatness. I do think Hopium sells. Having said that I tend to put weight on the investigative work from Patrick Byrne. We all know deep down something is not right with the reality of Biden in the white house. Examples of these oddities are , Whitehouse seemingly unoccupied, Air Force 1, Bidens green screen microphone video, and a few other oddities that don't reckon.
    Trump has the quintessential poker face and is unpredictable. He sure seems like he knows things we do not. A possible pretext for the Trumpster to regain the whitehouse before 2022 or 2024, would be total irrefutable bombshell evidence of these pedophiles and compromised SCOTUS and how deep the depraved rabbit hole goes. It would be so Trumpian if he brought Jeffrey Epstein on stage with him during this historic announcement. One can pipedream.


    There's already a ton of valid evidence that proves the election was stolen, videos, testimonies, etc etc, even Trump said that at 4 am (Nov 4) numbers would magically change and they did! But NOTHING has been done about it, nothing, nada, zilch. Trump is out, Dementia Joe is in. ALL the world knows the election was stolen.

    The military IS the only answer but everything indicates that the military is just as corrupt as everybody else, hence the term, military industrial complex.

    It would take a literal miracle to get Trump back into office.



    * The fences around the Capital & White House went up BEFORE Trump left the WH. Its a White Hat Op, locking Bidens out. Kamala cant get into the V.P. Mansion either.

    * There is a black MISSING IN ACTION Flag flying under the US flag over the White House.

    * DJT is still travelling under the AF1 SEAL, reserved for sitting Presidents!

    * Biden bought a mansion 4 blocks from Chinese Embassy

    * Biden & Harris flying on SAME FLIGHT says *VOLUMES* - Secret Service would NEVER let that happen.
    Biden/Harris are NOT being protected by SS.

    * Biden has NOT been given Military CODES.

    * Mar A Lago was built by an heiress who donated it to the Gov as a "Winter White House", but it was never used, so it was sold, and eventually Trump bought it, and is now using it as 'Headquarters'.

    * All these things say that Trump quietly Signed The Insurrection Act just before he left office, he is still "acting" Commander & Chief., Though he has put a couple of Military Generals in control, we are under a silent Martial Law of sorts as they wrap up the last of the trafficking cartels, ie: The EVER GIVEN EVERGREEN CARGO BARGE.

    * EVERGREEN is also HRC's code name.

    #PatriotsInControl #TrustThePlan #GodWins

    Steve Barnhill

    Scott R. Ragland. Do you agree that this was the greatest crime ever committed in the history of the United States of America maybe in the entire world history?

    Do you think that the people responsible for this fraud here have committed crimes?

    Do you think that these criminals are desperate to keep these criminal acts out of the public domain?

    Do you think that there is no evidence of these crimes?

    Are you in agreement with the people that did these crimes?

    Do you think that exposing those crimes to the American public would be a productive thing or a waste of time?

    Do you think that the people of the United States that have been supporters of President Donald Trump should sit back and allow these crimes to go unpunished and allow the United States of America to plunge into communism without a fight?

    Did you sit in the back of the school room and throw spit balls at the smart kids?

    There are 80+ million deplorables who will demand justice and will not stop until it has been delivered.

    Cum'on up front and give us a hand rather than sit back there and carp about how we ain't doin' it right....We want our country back. Do you?


    Link to new Mike Lindell video with more proof of the fraud. His first video may also help you to awaken. Peace!



    Tonya Eads

    Now that the voter fraud is coming to light, does this mean we'll get our 45 back in office, I mean how is this going to work out for us when all of the fraud is proven?


    There has been irrefutable evidence from day one about all of the voter fraud and foreign involvement...way beyond a shadow of a doubt. Did Pence give a rat's ass? Did Senator Steve Daines from MT, and a whole bunch of other senators give a rat ass? Did the courts give a rat's ass? Did the Supreme Court give a rat's ass? NO! What's changed? Did the National Guard protest when turning Washington D.C. into the Great Barbed Wire City? NO! I don't think that this country will be taken back peacefully. Sad. Especially when most of the so-called Christian pastors are not speaking up and proclaiming the truth, rather than placating to Biden and socialism.

    Able Delta

    From where we are now, DJT will either be the greatest president ever if he did invoke the Insurrection Act and is reinstated as the true victor of Election 2020, or be jeered forever as being the president who had all the kings horses and all the kings men, but punted on 3rd Down and 1, doing virtually nothing to stop the traitors from sacking the country. I sure hope it's the former, but it's looking very bleak as we sit here looking for any flicker of hope of redemption. I agree, there are many, many odd abnormalities surrounding the so-called Biden presidency. If you value your health, do not take the stealth bio-destroyer no matter what.


    I don't think so! Everything indicates that in a few months or even weeks the USA/NATO most likely will start another global war.
    It is considered to be the final and necessary solution for all political, economic and social problems of the Western civilization.
    Time will tell...

    Local Print

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