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    Fulton County, GA RINO Empire Strikes Back, Overrules Election That Forced Out Establishment GOP Leadership

    May 1, 2021
    Fulton County, GA GOP Empire Strikes Back, Overrules Election That Forced Out Establishment Leadership
    Image by Byrdyak

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    CDMedia will have a deeper analysis of this situation Monday morning...

    Republicans in Fulton County, GA were enraged at the party's pathetic performance during the 2020 election cycle, which saw President Trump removed from office via election fraud and GA's two Senate seats fall to rabid Leftists.

    In response, new GOP leadership was chosen during elections in Fulton County, GA via a raucous party election session in April.

    However, the Republican in Name Only (RINO) empire has struck back. By appealing the election to the GOP district, which invalidated the poll and retained the incumbent in office, pending an appeal to state GOP leadership.

    "They had nine very large-statured men come out with red solo cups to collect the tiddlywinks," said Jamie Parrish, a delegate to the county convention. He claimed that one vote-collecting official "walked behind the stage" of the event hall and "was completely out of everyone's sight for several minutes" before returning to view, reported Just The News.

    When the final votes were counted, Parrish said, Kelly (incumbent) was declared the winner by three, though Parrish — echoing Marjorie Taylor Greene's comments — claimed that the number of tiddlywinks counted was greater than the number of voters by one. 

    Enough delegates demanded a recount that the convention again collected everyone's votes, submitted this time by "a single-file line" into "one single vessel." In that contest, he said, Opraseuth (Pro-Trump challenger) won by 24 votes.

    The district GOP reversed the second election result and returned the seat to the incumbent.

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    CDM Staff

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    ronald v pittman

    Kinda pisses one off does it not ! thanks for the update CD !! SF and GB


    Crooked politicians just can't help it. Power corrupts.
    If somebody wants to be elected they're usually not suited for office.


    Only thing to do is ignore the puppets and open new offices and conduct business as though the actual winner won.

    Major Kalhoun

    The GOP is as corrupt as the Communist Demo☭rats.


    The global government will force Americans to rebel .. amazing restraint so far, however, just like the gulf of Tonkin lie that got into the Vietnam war, building 7 free fall, we lost our freedom, weapons of mast destruction got us into the Iraq war, BLM and Antifa paid by Soros, protected by Harris and DEMS. so, in the end, we are toast…Rev 6:9…. the breaking of the 5th seal…read it and weep, pray you are ready to die if you are a true Christian, like those who were with Jesus. P.S. none got reach, all died horrible deaths.


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