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    Is It The End Of New York City?

    July 2, 2021
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    Is It The End Of New York City?
    New York City
    Image by Joe Snack

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    Since Mayor Giuliani's administration, New York has been a target for the liberal agenda. In the current mayoral contest, the push for 'progressive' policy implementation is more aggressive than ever. 

    The election is between Maya Wiley and Eric Adams, who are both democrats. However, one leans far more left than the other.  Neither are most favorable for the future of New York City, however, one stands between Gotham's future success or a historic downfall.   

    Maya Wiley, 57, a civil rights activist and former counsel to New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and is neck and neck with Eric Adams, 60, a retired police officer and the 18th borough president of Brooklyn, New York. 

    Wiley has been endorsed by the radical left, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and celebrity radical left activist Alyssa Milano, due to her liberal policies including her anti-police rhetoric. Wiley claims the NYPD doesn’t see her or other black New Yorkers as “people who deserve to breathe” and is adamant to reduce police funding by $1 billion dollars.  

    The NYPD has already lost thousands of officers due to former liberal mayor Bill de Blasio’s lack of protection for them. The former mayor overlooked countless crimes and brutal engagements with rioters and looters this past summer during the BLM movement in an effort to save face.  Thousands chose to retire or resign causing a record low number of officers on duty.  Crime has spiked, and it seems we have worked our way back to the 70’s, the pre-Giuliani era.  With her prescribed policies being implemented, New York faces the point of no return.  However, Wiley has no idea what it''s like for the average New York City citizen today as she sits in her $2.7 million Brooklyn home surrounded by private security. 

    Wiley has also continuously declined to respond on whether or not she would strip the NYPD of their firearms.  As if the job wasn’t dangerous as is, removing the one thing that could be the determining factor for whether or not an officer makes it home safely to their family would be detrimental to officer safety. 

    A current NYPD police officer stated, “a lot of us have come to the decision that we will quit or retire if Maya becomes the next mayor”.  

    One of the most revealing factors to Wiley’s campaign is her endorsements by George Soros.  Soros has donated $500,000 to her campaign and, based on history, who he endorsed is who will take office.  Often, the individual he endorses, such as AOC is the most destructive to the community they are elected to lead.  

    New Yorkers need to open their eyes and realize the Police are clearly not the problem.  As the NYPD has decreased in size (mostly due to resignations since the BLM riots), crime has skyrocketed, shootings are up 48% this June compared to June of 2020.  The police have never been the problem, but instead, the solution.  New York City will continue on its current trajectory if another ultra-liberal mayor similar to, if not worse, than Mayor Bill DeBlasio wins the election.

    Although another democratic candidate is certainly not ideal for the future of New York, In the current situation, Eric Adams is certainly the better choice. As a centrist, he does not embody the same anti-police and anti-logic principles that his opponent believes in. The question is will the citizens of New York City finally vote for a brighter future, based on common sense, or for their present misery? 

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    Taylor Morales

    Taylor Morales is a political activist and current student studying political science. She previously worked as part of Derrick Gibson’s campaign to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the Governorship in New York. Taylor is especially passionate about protecting and supporting our service members, as she has multiple family members who are in the military and the Police force.
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    We will see: New Yorkers are a lazy consumer bunch and perfectly deserving their current situation. Wasn't their last voter turn out close to 25%? When you refuse to engage in politics you will be ruled by someone inferior to yourself. There you go, Now Yorkers. To vote or not to vote. That is the question.


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