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    Chatham County, GA GOP Tries To Put Grassroots MAGA Reps In Jail - Sarah's Story

    July 11, 2021
    Former Democrat Thwarts Chatham County, GA Patriots From GOP Leadership Spots

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    Not surprisingly, this was Sarah’s (former U.S. Army officer) first encounter with un-American political lawfare, which is open abuse of the judicial process and an attempt at malicious prosecution for the clear reason of intimidation from participation in party affairs. This is a tactic used by repressive regimes to label and discourage civil society or individuals from claiming their legal rights. This is especially common in situations when individuals and civil society use non-violent methods to highlight or oppose discrimination, corruption, lack of democracy, limiting freedom of speech, violations of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law (History of Lawfare, Dunlap, 2001). The failed and dictatorial party considers her as their ‘radical political adversary’ (Carl Smith sworn testimony). Another U.S. Veteran and an outspoken black conservative also received bonds this same week from Carl Smith. 

    The issuance of 'Good Behavior Bonds' requires sworn testimony against a person in the county whose conduct justifies the belief that the safety, peace, or property of another person in the county is in danger of being injured or disturbed. Sarah, an American soldier still under an oath to support and defend the Constitution, knew she had conducted no threats nor ideated danger to these individuals. Yet, deputies in all three cases disallowed Sarah from seeing the hand-written testimony of the filers while asking her to decide whether she would waive her rights or not. The ‘no contact’ conditions of the bond would go in effect immediately if she did. Knowing her first amendment rights, having served as a Constitution Coach all year, she had the wherewithal to not waive her rights and allow a judge to decide. Then, undeterred, she finished packing her bags for Jekyll Island where the GA GOP Convention was being held on June 4th of this year.

    She arrived at the Convention Center area at Jekyll Island at 6:40pm on June 4th, having crossed through the toll at 6:22pm. Georgia gubernatorial events for Kandiss Taylor and Vernon Jones filled the evening. 

    The next day, she entered the Georgia GOP Convention around 10am and registered as an invited guest of a County Chairman, not her own. She encouraged people to wisely vote for principled conservative leaders during the state election, especially since her own Chatham County had no delegates to represent them this year due to the harms of party leaders. She proudly and peacefully carried her large, professionally-designed banner: “Patriot Grassroots: The Hope for Georgia” with freedom-minded friends that day. Sarah interviewed candidates for office and conducted a few live-streams onto the Savannah Freedom Exchange, a Facebook public service page, to inform voters in her local area. Then, the lawfare began again. 

    First, a junior member of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division, two officers with the Glynn County Sheriff's office in armor vests and a leader of the GA GOP Sergeant at Arms approached her with the accusation that she had been involved in an incident the day prior. Firmly, she explained that to be untrue, and asked who had sent them to make such accusations. They refused to answer and returned to bring their answer back to the drama on the other side of the hall. Clearly, someone had lied to them. 

    Chatham GOP Vice Chairman, Ayeda Shihadeh and Carl Smith, could be openly seen in communication with law enforcement. A rumor began to flow through the hall that Sarah was under a ‘restraining order’ and was not allowed to be at the convention or be in contact with Ayeda and Carl. Yet, it was an open political event, and no orders were in effect, as could be clearly referenced on the Chatham Court website. Still, Ayeda and Carl persisted. After Sarah peacefully and briefly addressed them as she passed through the hall, the two deceitfully ran to the law enforcement again. And, again, the law enforcement believed them. More political lawfare. 

    Next, law enforcement escorted Sarah to a private room and threatened her with arrest if she would not leave the premises. When Sarah asked the officer if he had checked court records to confirm the restraining order claims, he lied and said he had done so. The GA GOP Sergeant at Arms was equally aggressive in his unfounded demands and would issue no refund. Yet again, politicians used lawfare to attempt to intimidate an American soldier.  Sarah decided to willingly leave the convention and was interviewed outside by a citizen journalist.

    Unfortunately, this abuse is familiar, just re-packaged. In Savannah, Georgia, the Chatham County GOP has conducted multiple rounds of harms upon its party members. The reason -- some of the 53,000 Trump voters have outed them as conjoined to the local Democrat party. Chatham is nearly a one-party system whose GOP leaders working for the GA GOP Trump Victory Team kept thousands of Trump signs hidden in closed storage from waiting counties until days prior to the election. Nary a GOP representative in the area has the spine of one willing to give anything more than a glass of weak sweet tea to the critical needs of principled, constitutionally conservative GOP voters. The existing officers within the party are selected for their weakness and concession; they do not know or understand their own bylaws let alone how to apply them. All of these open actions have promoted the rise of a GOP dictatorship, which mimics communist societies worldwide.

    Patriotic Republican citizens had warned all levels of our paltry GOP representation about the Pandora’s Box of local GOP damages - from Congressman Buddy Carter down to our last conservative school board members. These ‘statesmen’ had the opportunity to champion the leadership-ready Republican voters, but conciliatory silence and failure to simply defend an honest election process at the Chatham County Convention on April 17th created a familiar stench - the stench of covetous power-hunger combined with fear. 

    Weak politicians claimed ‘infighting,’ but local citizens had battled to ‘get in’ and merely be entered on the Chatham GOP election ballot within their own permanent society of members. Voting was disallowed. An illegal adjournment occurred to prevent handling motions on the floor. No district or state delegates were elected. The parliamentarian running for 1st Vice Chairman summoned the name of an authority in the state GOP to subdue the assembly, but it didn’t work. The 164 county delegates elected no party leaders, which the majority of delegates signed into notarized affidavit. Over 50 delegates collaborated to create a strong 100-page appeal to the conduct of the convention and submitted it within five days to Georgia GOP Executive Board in Atlanta, at the request of the GA GOP State Review Committee on the matter.

    Yet, David Shafer, his State Executive Board, and other Kemp-loving establishment members decided to not even properly acknowledge receipt of the appeal and kept silent and non-conversant to countless substantive emails, even to this day. A lawful hearing and decision required by State GA Rules did not occur. In a brief Zoom call, the Review Committee allotted three people only five minutes to speak and two of the three members of the committee did not even possess the appeal documents from the State Parliamentarian John White, the Chairman of the Review Committee, nor had they fully-reviewed the complete audio file of the event. They were both rude and accusatory. The GA GOP defended the actions of the corrupt Chatham party during the brief hearing like it was the last known RINO habitat in the state of Georgia. They were also unknowledgeable of party law.

    After two weeks in appeal, GA GOP election theft became official. The State Executive Board decided on May 5th, essentially by fiat, that an election had occurred and that the establishment candidates should become the new Chatham County GOP Executive Board. In orderly elections, there is no ‘acclamation’ of candidates, no allowance for abuse in deterring an Assembly from voting on a local matter, and no way for unpresented local laws to be wielded over the people like an iron hammer. And, there should be no reward to those who enforce a closed political society upon its own attested and paid members. There should also be no reward for a local GOP who put conservative U.S. Veteran leaders, solid black conservatives, business owners, and citizen journalists on demonstrated black lists, cutting off communication and opportunity.

    What triggered the Chatham GOP to oppose new leadership talent in this way? Four words: ‘The Patriots Are Coming.’ An emergency project team of neighbors who decided on the name ‘Chatham Patriots,’ began working after the Jan 5th Georgia Senate run-off to corner critical Republican missteps. Their ‘Chatham Restoration Project’ was the brainchild of two former military officers new to Savannah and revolted by the civilian mess. Every two years, the Georgia GOP conducts a convention process for electing party leaders with four events involving each county held March through June. Seemingly, it was a natural mechanism for impacting county representation from inside the mixing bowl. The Patriots began to meet every Thursday night to build relationships and train one another on the GOP process, which is all readily available to the public. The GOP claims to ‘seek the broadest possible participation,’ as written in the Official Call for the GA GOP state convention.

    It became immediately obvious that the concept of recruiting new party members and training the electorate to engage was directly oppositional to the establishment party. GOP leaders would brag of sending infiltrators into weekly meetings and even tried to force themselves into speaking positions without arrangements. 

    In principle and to avoid unnecessary controls, the Chatham Patriots decided against bonding with tyrannical and cowardly party leaders. Within weeks of forming, Carl Smith was quoted speaking to a State Senator the following: “A bunch of conspiracy believers are trying to take over the party. We’ve got to stop them. They are a bunch of jack-in-the-box jokers.” The party considered these GOP voters ‘radical political adversaries.’ As the truth came more to light, via public records and observational research, the attacks mounted. However, each attempt at intimidation and division only strengthened the resolve of the Patriots. 

    Finally, this brings us to the most recent and dramatic round of illegal political lawfare, the actual Chatham County Magistrate hearings on the five ‘Good Behavior Bonds.’ The five hearings took place across three dates: June 21st, June 30th, and July 2nd. This malicious judicial process abused the extremely limited resources of the Chatham County Magistrate Court - sheriff, judges and administration. These cases were also scheduled extremely rapidly, which causes questions as to the political influence of GOP Sheriff Wilcher. There are detainees who are currently held in his jail who have not yet been before a judge.

    The courtroom experiences were tense, with well-prepared Patriots in the front row and nearly the entire Chatham GOP Executive Board prepared to testify on behalf of the filers in the back. Leonard Massey, Melynda Loomis, Jacquelyn Harn, Carl Smith, Ayeda Shihadeh, and Jasmine Polley were all present in party solidarity. However, in the first, second, and third hearing against Sarah, the filers arrived to court with no evidence to support their basic claims, showing their sworn testimony unfounded. Sarah sat calmly with her attorney. Judges Barker and Macke then disallowed further testimony. If party leaders were to testify, it would be against the civil liberties of Sarah, which are not disposable based on a strong desire for political retribution. In a great spirit of liberty and justice, the judges soundly dismissed the three cases against Sarah for lack of evidence and a firm rejection of additional public waste. Judge Barker nor Judge Macke imposed any bond or restriction of rights whatsoever. At the third hearing on July 2nd for State of Georgia vs. Benjamin Adams and Patrick Welsh, Carl Smith, the filer, did not appear, effectively wasting and abusing the judicial process further and causing the Judge to dismiss both cases. Countless hours, money, and emotional energy wasted. All of these actions are also directly against the interest of the Republican Party and now in public record. 

    On the steps of the courthouse, supportive Patriot eyewitnesses to the political lawfare spoke their minds to a local citizen journalist with the Chatham Free Press. When asked why the charges were dismissed, one Patriot responded: “You have to have proof of a threat directly from Sarah to the people making the charges. There was none. No threat. No proof. No case." 

    When asked why they would go after Sarah, a Patriot answered: “Intimidation. To keep her away from things like elections and important things where she can make a difference. It didn’t work. That’s what we’re all fighting for - our freedom of speech. We are fighting for our freedom of speech.”

    Sarah’s final words were:

    “They are disappointed that I have civil liberties. Freedom of speech, assembly, press. This is an abuse of the judicial process. If they were going to try everyone in this county for speech they didn’t like, we would need 400 judges. And this is a criminal magistrate... They have wasted time, money and resources of other people. It’s wrong. There needs to be a consequence for this kind of behavior. The judges don’t have time for this. We have other things to handle in this county.”

    The Chatham Patriots are even more determined to restore their county to the hands of honorable statesmen. On June 24th, they officially formed a chapter of the Georgia Republican Assembly, a core of needed party accountability. 

    For years, the idea of ‘protecting seats’ has come before the work of winning elections. Seats were bartered away one-by-one. ‘Don’t even bother to run a GOP candidate in those positions. They’ll never win it,’ they’d say. But now... the paltry seats are nearly gone and the bench of talent is nearly entirely empty. Conservative accountability in government office has been decimated by accommodating appeasement and failure to follow the simplest concepts in political strategy.

    That will soon change with the winning spirit of the Patriots of Chatham County fully-activated.


    Here are a few significant and devastating actions local GOP leaders have taken against the party - 1) the appointment of a progressive liberal self-proclaimed ‘non-Republican,’ Carry Smith, to a GOP seat on the Board of Elections on Jan 14th 2021, 2) the orchestrated switch of county commissioner candidate Larry “Gator” Rivers’ qualifying paperwork and fees from the local Democrat to the local Republican party (2020), and 3) opposition to qualified GOP candidate William Dyal for county commissioner in the general election (2020). All of these matters are well-documented. All of these are damaging blows to the vision of ever gaining honorable conservatives in Chatham office. They reflect a swamp-centric losing system entirely unhinged and without GA GOP organizational accountability. Like mangy wolves, they claw their way back upon their pile of Chatham RINO real estate rubble.

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    If this is how things are going to be in GA and in other states, then we the folks of those states
    will just have to hike up our pants and FIX THIS SHIT ourselves.......Capice?


    Things like this are why I am running as an independent for my county BOS position. I am disgusted with “party” stuff.


    Thank you, CD Media Staff, for this incredible article! Wow, this is awesome
    and THIS is what needs to happen at the local level all across this country
    for conservatives to take back their party from the RINO idiot a-holes.


    Go for it, Amy! Glad to hear it. Once you're elected,
    and even if not, continue to work at the local level
    to change the GOP.

    John Walters

    Get some rangers from Hunter to stomp their a....

    Sarah Thompson

    Sarah here. Questions anyone?

    Sarah Thompson

    We have some former green berets working with us.

    Sarah Thompson

    Really appreciate you! Insights spot on! What will be your next Freedom Hill? The work of restoration and freedom is worth it!

    Sarah Thompson

    Capice! Hike it up!!! If a mom of four can do it, so can you!!!


    Yes. I am a veteran, and retired (not from the military).
    What can I do to help you?
    Mind you, I an an handicapped old phart, and financial support is not an option, sadly.


    Oh, and I live near Pembroke.


    Who is Carry Smith?


    Before PresidentTrump, no one could have known how deep the 'Deep State' is, nor how extensive is the Swamp: it's not just in DC.


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