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    Trump Tells CPAC Dallas He Received Letter From Philly US Attorney Claiming Bill Barr Prevented Investigation Of Election Fraud

    July 11, 2021

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    This story is developing...

    President Donald Trump in his ongoing speech at CPAC, just said at 5:55pm EST that he received a letter from the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia that former Attorney General Bill Barr prevented the investigation of election fraud post Nov 3rd and prior to the inauguration of Joe Biden.

    Trump then looked over at Devin Nunes in the audience and said “Devin, you don’t even know about this yet.”

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    Why the [expurgated] Trump decided to appoint a Bush-camp swamp-dweller as AG, in the wake of the disastrous Jeff Sessions, is mind-boggling. I remember telling a family member from the word "go" that I didn't trust Barr. I sent Limbaugh a few emails, even, telling him that Barr was a big talker who would do nothing, when Rush was on the air excitedly saying "Barr knows what we know."


    America needs Trump now more than ever. If the Republic is going to remain a free society the DC establishment has got to be taken apart, from the alphabet agencies including the IRS, FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, EPA to the corrupt politicians in Congress and the establishment party leaders and the corporate lobbyists.

    There is no-one else up to the task and he needs to hire people from outside DC. No more swamp dwellers.

    Put Flynn in charge of the FBI, Powell in charge of the DOJ, Give Giuliani the NSA and Grinnel DHS. Send Fauci to jail.

    Then declassify everything. Anyone who slow walks declassification gets fired.


    People want to move on from the stolen election, start a new slate, if you get bogged down in this you doing exactly what the Democrats want you to do, those middle voters aint gonna vote for Trump if he hangs in there on a stolen election


    Arm chair quterbacking I love how you all know everthing with your pumped up ego, president Donald J Trump best president ever did he make mistakes ya, but still the best ever


    it's trump's party, regardless of what the rino's say...


    Hey Middle,
    Middlings like you got us where we are now, stolen election and all. Maybe you oughta sit this one out since 1) what you claim is demonstrably false on every level and 2) we're done with you RINOs (aka as the great Middle) ruining this great country and raping the Constitution so you can go along to get along. Buh bye.

    Hollywood 6

    Hey Middle, so cheating in an election is okay with you. You want to move on, we’ll I’m not ready to move, I want Justice, this was a Coup. So may I suggest this to you, “ Up Yours”


    In addition they need to make Mike Lindell head of the CIA. His investigation and report on the Election Fraud is something that the CIA director should’ve been all over, as it was essentially an overthrow of the people’s government, by establishment Democrats and China.


    DJT was the best POTUS ever...but it's disappointing that he let Barr hoodwink him. Especially since it was happening long after it was clear that Barr was subversive.


    I strongly disagree with the comment by middle. The last thing we need to do is move on from the stolen election. These people stole something from US, that is the very foundation of freedom. California’s elections have been fraudulent for over 30 years and Pelosi has set their elections up where it would be very difficult to catch them, even with an in depth Audit. Every states elections need to be Audited, the fraud enhancing Dominion Voting machines need to be disposed of in at least 200’ deep sea water, and a thorough investigation into their company, and all who are tried and found guilty of being involved or knowledgeable of the conspiracy to steal our election , need to be hung by the neck until dead in public. Outside investigative teams need to be assembled, given lie detector tests and vetted in every way to ensure they are non partisan and trustworthy. They should then commence the most thorough investigation ever conducted to identify, try and hang every person who through their involvement in the election steal have ruined America and the Democratic idea in the eye of the World, have caused undue embarrassment of America and it’s citizens, and have caused irreparable damage and division of America. No Middle, we don’t need to drop the election steal narrative, we need to strengthen our resolve and make such examples of those who perpetrated it , that anybody in the world would rather run a number 2 pencil through their eyeball than have any part in rigging a US election.


    Maybe Trump appointed Barr to show his (Barr's ) true colors.

    Joe Kerr

    Bill Barr has turned out to be a total RINO. http://www.atlantisenquirer.com/barr-cnn.html


    elections are a done deal...no matter what happens...from this day forward to the end of America, there will never be a republican's majority in anything ever again....the dems will keep counting votes till they win and if you are against, then you are a white supremacists....i would love to go a 1000 yrs in the future and see if the USA ever even existed or was completely erased from history and labeled a slave state...


    Barr is an ughlee repulsive looking man.

    Lionel Mandrake

    The Truth hurts.  We cant afford any more disaster picks and decisions like Operation Warp speed. Trump was great while he lasted but cannot hold the highest office because he is a fool when it comes to judging people.  We are being destroyed by the Deep State he inadvertently but irresponsibly strengthened. Wray, Barr, Kavenaugh/Barrett, Pence, Sessions. Rosenstein, Haley and now a Marxist appointed to run our Military....into the ground.

    Trums best move for America would be to let Desantis run and he take over the chair for GOP.


    Obama had a wingman, Too bad Trump was given bad advice on who to appoint as AG. Probably Rino infiltrators in WH.

    Bill Snape

    To the strangely confused Middle...I suspect you are a paid member of the loony left as that is the very line they are running as they are shitting themselves about the disaster which is about to befall them once this all gets into the media unfiltered.
    Obama came out the other day and stated the Dems had to pass HR1 or they will lose the 2022 midterms. Meanwhile, Trump has risen to over 70% support to run again within the Rep Party. DeSantis second on 21% several others on 1% and interestingly, Pence 0%...these numbers are new and show huge support for the election fraud cases to be fully prosecuted...they also show disdain for anyone apposed...
    I am from Australia and I know this...so why don't you? A bit thick? Or just another loony left fuckwhitt? The only chance they have to win the midterms is if you do nothing about the election fraud and they do it again.
    "All it takes for tyranny to spread is for good men to do nothing" ... Middle's courageous method.


    People need to ACCEPT the REALITY that Trump was controlled opposition. That is the ONLY logical explanation for his entire DS cabinet, his endorsement of an endless parade of RINOs, the scamdemic, the Fed Reserve's printing of $10T that went 90% to Wall St (go to Wall St on Parade for details). We lost our freedom of speech under him, our right to protest (he led his most loyal supporters into a trap to be deemed terrorists), and he comped the SCOTUS. He closed off every avenue of recourse before handing us off to Xiden to implement full tyranny. That was his purpose! And he completed his mission spectacularly. For the love of God, top worshipping an enemy!



    Marta R

    I get so tired of these naysayers running down the best President the US ever had.
    If you can't find it in yourself to be supportive after all the left put Trump & all of us through, then just shut your piehole...
    Some of us are true Patriots


    I don't want to move on to the next major election until the 2020 election is completely and accurately audited.. That election was rigged, this is an injustice, people can sense it and America can't move on until we correct it.

    gary b vogt

    picking good lawyers does not seem to be one of Trumps strong points.

    Marc Jansen

    See Google is now completely in the editing business of anyone with opinions they don't agree with, just banned all CPAC videos regardless! Who knew the Deep State is truly a "Police" State, as they then use their information gathering to spy on us! Wow, here I am like the vast Majority of Pro Americans now regarded as the enemy? The enemy of what? As for this statement, it explains allot! A perfect election Billy? Myself, I hope what's left of honest government will finally begin to confront all these media platforms that ban free speech, and who call fact checking! What a sick joke!
    The results of the 2020 election highlight we no longer have a Republic, as what occurred defied statistical probabilities, and possibilities at every turn! It was so bad that the crooks had to do a reset in the middle of the night because their initial meddling wasn't enough!
    As for the Republican Party, outside a few, it's a completely useless party that basically offers no opposition!
    How many if you now have your thoughts, opinions blocked by social media? Wonder why, there our opinions, and in most cases fact like knowing Russia Collusion from the start was a deep state dirty trick, and they knew it the moment it all began! Records prove it! As for the media, that's even a sicker joke regarding almost everything!


    I hate to say it but all of the leftist breaking stories about Trump are beginning to be debunked. It took entirely too long however the truth finally comes out. What is sad is it wont get covered at all because communist companies like Google will block the truth from coming out. That is why i prefer duckduckgo as they don't censor shit on behalf of the democrat commies. After trolling Twitter, I have found most don't even know the truth of basically anything, only what the lefty twitter echo chamber people spew, which is pure misinformation.


    Leaders can't win. The alphabet agencies need to be defunded including education. A clean sweep is the only answer.


    The ONLY reason that senile pedo Joe and the ho are in power is because of massive voter fraud.

    Joe and the ho know that the election was rigged.
    Nasty Pelosi knows the election was rigged.
    Chuck U. Schumer knows the election was rigged.
    Shithead Schiff knows the election was rigged.
    All of the DemocRATs know the election was rigged.
    The entire left-tard media knows the election was rigged.
    Anyone with half a brain knows the election was rigged.


    Bill Barr is the villain behind the Ruby Ridge fiasco. He is a low life snake in the grass who should never be entrusted with any sort of authority.
    For the life of me I cannot figure why President Trump ever did.


    Barr turned traitor when the Dems threatened to impeach him.
    Trump had suspicions all along that he picked the wrong guy for this job, but he apparently didn't trust his initial judgement.
    Trump has admitted that fact.
    The good news is, Barr's career is over.


    Come on Robert. Expecting Trump to do any different this time then he did last time is how Einstein defined insanity. Despite everyone who knows anything, including an igloo-dwelling Canadian like myself that Barr and every other fool in DC was dorrupt, Trump kept going back to the trough to appoint them. He might know business but he knows nothing about politics nor about how far the establishment had control in Washington. His Treasury and Commerce Secretaries, Ross and Munchin are both Rothschilds flunkies. Trump promised to go after Hilary and did nothing. He was either threatened or in on it. I tend to believe the former but why did he keep taking advice from jared Kushner, a George Soros stooge? No, Trump utterly failed in his mandate. He wants the best for people but put his guard down when it counted.


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