UPDATED LIVE FEED: Arizona Senate Hearing Tomorrow 10am MST Livestream

July 14, 2021
Screenshot Youtube

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The Arizona Senate has announced a Senate hearing tomorrow morning 10am MST. The event will be streamed live.

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    20 comments on “UPDATED LIVE FEED: Arizona Senate Hearing Tomorrow 10am MST Livestream”

    1. The results will be: We found some mistakes with the vote count but not enough to affect the outcome...Nothing to see here folks, go home...

    2. Link to hearing broken. Was the hearing taped on Rumble or anywhere else? I can't get to the AZ Leg link.

    3. I found this in plain sight on the web months ago. You have to dig on the Internet if you want certain information.

      People seem to forget that the military cyber team was receiving the actual election results before they were corrupted by Dominion's treasonous servers:

      The Maricopa County Audit Team’s Findings
      (This was hidden from the public by the MSM)

      Trump 2,373,838 – Remember, Trump's original vote count was 1,661,686. Trump’s “official” vote total represents a staggering reduction of 712,152.

      Biden vote total= 1,286,264. The original Biden vote total was 1,672,143. The audit discovered that Biden’s votes decreased by 385,879.

      President Trump won Arizona by 1,087,574 votes with 2,373,838 to Biden 1,286,264. President Trump captured nearly two-thirds of the vote.

      After conducting a forensic audit, the audit team found that the vote flipped by approximately 1.1 million votes! This means that over one-third of the vote was stolen by Democratic Party operatives.

      Now the Arizona Senate wants to do a third audit count! They are trying in vain to stall the inevitable. They will not succeed and will be shown to the American people to be traitors!

      Also, the actual Electoral College election votes were as follows:

      President Trump - 410
      Fake Biden - 128

      These were posted by OAN (One American News Network) and then reposted by military lawyer Sidney Powell on one of her social media websites. The CCP and Demon-crat fraud was massive!

      Again, this was available on the web in plain sight. But the MSM as usual refused to post either of these stories.

    4. Typical political games. Despicable!!!!Truth, justice and honor are not in their wheelhouse. Arizona deserves a full forensic and transparent audit !!!

    5. It's interesting to listen to the rationalization of no votes. It's the same old rhetoric, dividing people one against the other. A flat tax is not a tax break for the wealthy. It is a fair tax, period. These legislators are what is wrong with our country. Being a citizen guarantees you the right to pursue happiness. It does not say because you are poor that the government is supposed to give you special privileges at the expense of those who have earned more. Forced charity is flat wrong. This type of supposed "social justice" is bizarre. Everyone should pay the same amount of tax. To call it welfare for the wealthy is immoral.

    6. 30,000 mail in ballots that were not mailed in , is there really nothing to see here is this baseless or are you abetting the fraud? If you’re abetting the fraud it’s A minimum of five years in prison so just keep saying that make sure you put your name on it!


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