War Room Pandemic Tuesday/Wednesday Show Recap 8-17/18

August 19, 2021
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Episode 1,179 – Sounding the Alarm of the Corrupt Infrastructure Bill

Episode 1,180 – Afghanistan Withdrawal is Part of Larger Playbook

Episode 1,181 – The Results Of Biden’s American Carnage

Episode 1,182 – The Biggest Biden Administration's Stain Is Upon Us

Episode 1,183 – Biden's Approval Numbers Takes Massive Hit

Episode 1,184 – It's Becoming America Last Instead of America First

Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Part Of Larger Playbook To Humiliate America

Joe Biden Is Making Deals With The Enemy Against America

We Have The Plan Of Re-Power

RINOs Not Doing The Will Of The People In PA

Biden Has Long History Of Criminal Behavior

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