• BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Audit Results To Be Released Next Friday In AZ Senate Chambers

    September 16, 2021

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    UPDATE 1535PM EST - The date to release the audit results is next Friday Sept 24th at 1 pm on the Senate floor. Because we have no hearing rooms it will be presented to Chairman Petersen and Senate President Fann. Gallery will be open to public, stated AZ Senator Wendy Rogers.


    There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over when and how the results of the Maricopa County election audit will be released.

    The wait is over.

    The audit will be released next Friday on the 24th at 1 p.m. in the Senate chambers, declared AZ Senator Kelly Townsend, reported Arizona Conservatives in Action Telegram Channel.

    The audit is expected to show massive election fraud and lead to calls for decertifying the 2020 U.S. presidential election and possibly flip control of the U.S. Senate.

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    Omega Man

    Sure they are... just like Durham investigation's report. They have been promising that release 'next week' for months.

    Gary Miller

    Expected to decertify! There is no such thing.


    Right wingers are unbelievably stupid and gullible.

    Laurence Drews

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink.


    Libs are like assholes, every state is infected with them and they all stink.


    Left wingers are believably stupid and gullible.


    Liberalism is a disease...


    After it shows the proof that Trump really won, then what? How will they remove the Usurper-In-Chief that currently occupies the White House?


    Hey, we've heard this one before, haven't we ?


    Yawn. No matter what the outcome there was never any chance of a decertification. Biden is and will remain president until Kamala’s numbers go up a notch. Then he may very well trip over another dog or choke on an ice cream cone. All hail, Biden 💩


    Finally, the first 'domino' will fall, then PA., then GA, and THAT will be enough to confirm what everyone already knows, 'Biden is NOT the president'. 60% ALREADY believe it, even BEFORE audit results. And with the 'sheet show' he is providing, the public outcry will be overwhelming to remove the thieves and install the TRUE winner, hence explaining the panic on the left.


    I keep hearing that if the fraud is acknowledged that there is nothing in the Constitution to remove tobacco spit joe.
    By the same logic there is nothing in the Constitution that bars him from being removed because of fraud. I see violence on the horizon, not to remove joe, but to keep this fraud going. The rule of law is dead, as it has not held any liberal accountable for acting outside the law. The conservative web sites will censer anyone not being polite to the point of offering one's throat to be cut. The liberals (oxymoron of the millennium if ever there was one) will destroy you if you challenge them in any way. I will not be physically aggressive towards anyone, but if I have to defend myself, my family, my friends, you will regret your lust for power. Everyone counts or no one counts.


    Bingo, Viteye, there is a 'first time' for everything, history is FULL of them. Once Biden is 'proven' to be illegal, the route can either go via SCOTUS (who will not be able to run away with 'proof in their face'), or military removal via temporary martial law. Once 70% of the citizenry believe Biden is illegal, it is unstoppable.


    And what exactly do you think will happen even if....and that`s a big if....they actually release their findings? Absolutely nothing. There is only one way out of this mess folks and electing feckless GOP candidates isn`t it. The country is too far gone and Republicans fight like junior high school girls.

    I will hand it to the corrupt left....they get in and fight like hell and take no prisoners. When they get in charge they take 3 steps forward, when the GOP gets in charge they only recoup 1 step.....so we are constantly losing ground.

    No contributions to the lame RNC or GOP. If it wasn`t for the strong women in the House we would be screwed.


    bubb blurted: "Right wingers are unbelievably stupid and gullible."
    Was it a right-winger that ordered and executed a drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 humanitarian civilians which included 7 children? That sounds unbelievably stupid to me.


    The ONLY reason that senile, little girl fondling, incompetent Joe Biden and the ho Commie-la Harris are in power is because of massive voter fraud.

    Nasty Pelosi KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Chuck U. Schumer KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Shithead Schiff Knows that the election was rigged
    The entire DemocRAT party KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The entire GOP KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The lying morons in the fake news left-wing media KNOW that the election was rigged
    The conservative media KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with half a brain KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with an IQ over 80 KNOWS that the election was rigged

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