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    The Other Player In The Milley Calls

    September 16, 2021
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    The anti-Trump team has viewed Milley’s phone calls with China and Nancy Pelosi as attempts to protect democracy from Trump. The team on the right has viewed the Milley-China-Pelosi parlays as violations of the Constitution, the chain of command, the separation of powers, and civilian control over the military -- as outright military interference in democracy, as a military coup, and as the epitome of banana republicanism. 

    But what about the other end of the phone calls -- China?

    Before the October phone call, China Wants Trump Gone!

    Trump has made China a central issue in American politics. He’s shined a light on the loss of manufacturing in America and its effects on society. He’s called attention to China’s role in the opioid and fentanyl crises. He’s warned of China’s challenge to America’s position in the world. He’s called for decoupling from China. He’s put pressure on China in trade talks. He’s deployed a multi-pronged, international squeeze on China. He’s called attention to China’s involvement with American politicians and influential people. And, finally, to add insult to injury, he actually blamed China for the China virus.

    Trump is not good for business.

    Big Tech, Big Finance, Big Media, Big Entertainment, and a good chunk of the American political class have been doing China’s bidding to undermine and end Trump’s presidency. Trump isn’t good for all of their businesses.

    So, just before the 2020 elections, China, not knowing democracy (except the Stalin dictum that “it’s not who votes that matters, but who counts the votes”), wants to make sure the effort will result in the desired end. Hence, the October phone call to reassure them that things will go their way.

    After January 6 -- again, not knowing anything about democracy -- they wonder if there is still a chance that Trump could remain president, which would be very troubling. So, Milley again reassures them that things are under control: “don’t worry, guys, everything’s cool.”

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    Ayad Rahim

    Ayad Rahim, a native of Iraq, worked as a journalist for 20 years, specializing in Iraq and the Arab world; he is a teacher, writer, and bookseller in Cleveland. Ayad blogs at theviewfromhereayad.blogspot.com
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    Interesting that Britain gets no mention as they have long controlled China via banking interests in Shanghai. The British are masters at their proxy games. They will NOT succeed this time.


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