• AZ Senate Settles With Maricopa County Elections Board, Routers To Be Given To 'Special Master'

    September 17, 2021

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    This story is developing...

    UPDATE 9/17 1000 EST - AZ Senate Needs To Answer Questions Regarding 'Special Master' Who Will Oversee Router Investigation

    UPDATE 2200 EST. - From AZ State Senator Kelly Townsend

    "Okay I have an update. It appears that this guy who tweeted about the situation (Data Guru) was not accurate. What this settlement is, is that the County Supervisors will give the Splunk logs and the routers over to a third party, a trusted source which is a former Congressman in Arizona, John Shadegg. Then cyber ninjas will be able to get everything that they want from him. So he is basically a caretaker of the data/ trusted 3rd party and we will still have access, so this is actually a win for us. We will have the information from both the routers and the splunk logs. I apologize for the blood pressure spike and let's see what we get out of this."

    The Arizona Senate today settled with the Maricopa County Elections Board in a legal battle over the routers used during the 2020 election, among other issues. The Senate had asked AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich to proceed with measures to withhold state funding from Maricopa County as prescribed by Arizona law for not complying with subpoenas issued by the Senate over election equipment and information requested.

    Previously the county had refused to give anyone access to the data and equipment.

    Next Friday the Senate will release the findings of the full forensic audit of Maricopa County 2020 election in a public hearing.

    The press release on today's settlement from AZ Senate Chairman Karen Fann is below (h/t Arizona Republicans Take Action Telegram Channel):

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    I just have to laugh at the stupidity. There will be viable data on the router. I say this as a 20+ year network engineer and former Cisco employee. The Spunk logs may have something, but I seriously doubt it. Ya’ll just have no clue what is actually logged there and the concept of transient data or how routing works.


    I mean NO viable data.


    Then why hide it


    By law the Dominion voting machines are not connected to the internet.




    This is progress? Now the 'special master' can hide information from the senate.

    John Walters

    Nowhere in this letter does it say anyone can get anything physical except envelopes, but it does say that the county does not have to buy new machines because the old machines will remain in the same area where they are. SO THIS SO CALLED MASTER CAN ANSWER WHATEVER QUESTIONS HE WANTS OR NOT, AND WHO ARE THESE IT PEOPLE? DOMINIION PEOPLE? The whole thing is designed to protect dominion, THE LINE IS IN THERE AGAIN ABOUT THE SHERIFF. THE SENATE WILL GET NOTHING. ALL A SHOW. FANN HAS HER SEAT, AG has his seat, Rodgers has her seat, the only person that cares is FINCHEM THAT DOES NOT HAVE A SEAT, WHEN HE GETS ONE, HE WONT CARE EITHER, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS KEEPING THEIR SEATS. THATS IT, NOTHING MORE, ALL GRANDSTANDING

    Jury Nullification

    The Maricopa Election Board had to be extorted to submit to their special master. Everythings gotta be racist.
    Gubmint understands and responds to extortion too.


    I don't understand the source of conflict. The Arizona Legislature cuts off ALL State funds to Maricopa County until the hardware is surrendered. PERIOD! Why do they continue to pretend that Maricopa County has any say in the conversation.


    Why hide it? I would say it is to waste auditors time and just delay.

    Franklin Barfield

    If there's "nothing there" then why the whole Kabuki theater of refusing to give it to the state Constitution legal authority demanding it? I think the legal authority in the AZ Sentate does well in getting and analyzing every bit of information available so as not to be ambushed in the futures. Regardless there appears to be sufficient evidence in hand to move forward with desertification.

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