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    Idyllic Westport, CT Is Ground Zero For CRT Infiltration by America's Bolsheviks

    October 30, 2021
    Westport, CT School Baord

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    "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted..."

    Vladimir Lenin

    The yellow and red leaves are drifting down quietly as they have for millennia in Westport , CT as the historic New England town sleeps towards a tipping point, one it may never recover from if the coming elections go the wrong way and vote in a continuation of its current path.

    The Minuteman statue guards at Compo Beach where a ragtag group of American rebels fought the global tyranny of the once monolithic British empire, but Westport residents seem to want to forget this honorable history and welcome with open arms global tyranny of a different name -- the Maoist doctrine of Critical Race Theory, or CRT.  

    Essentially, the agenda of the CRT movement is to teach young children their country is evil, that they themselves are racists and bad if they are white.  The ideology is racist, it is divisive, and is on purpose.  The doctrine is just a gateway drug to a more pernicious evil, re-imagining Westport schools.  In the CRT future, gone will be AP classes, music excellence.  Gone will be the gateway to Ivy league schools, replaced with a dumbed-down redistribution of educational wealth and excellence.  

    Along with this educational decline, property values will plummet as zoning laws are also changed to forever alter the nature of the community.  Physical safety will disappear.  Crime will increase.   

    CRT is only the first step in a radical transformation of Westport's beauty to a different reality of decay and societal collapse sweeping the rest of the county.  What the town is experiencing is another example of what is going on nationwide, where the radical Left has been slowly installing operatives in local governments to achieve the long-term objectives of changing for the worse America's suburbs, a coveted target of the American Bolshevik.  

    No Westport, you are not immune -- CRT is here, whether you want to admit it or not.

    By the way, do you realize you have an un-elected Marxist board in your town that has been given authority over town policy?  It's called Team Westport and it was part of this creeping Bolshevism, installed some time ago with a nefarious vision.  Did you know books are being banned from your library that don't fit the Marxist narrative?  Did you know there is a disinformation campaign being waged against parents speaking up against this evil?

    I have been investigating this movement for some time across America.  Earlier in the year, I reached out to neighboring Wilton, CT and I personally asked the teachers about the "affinity trainings"  forced upon teachers, where they were directed to break into different groups of white, and black, oppressed and the oppressor.  The experience according to those I interviewed was one of extreme psychological abuse.  These teachers had to go along, fearing for their livelihoods.

    The current 'Equity Study' making its way through Westport's halls of government is simply a Marxist solution looking for a problem.  Lenin would be proud.  The useful idiots are out in force ensuring its eventual approval as a foundation for destroying Westport's educational excellence, with the high hopes of destroying America. 

    The invented 'racism' in Westport identified by the study is based on the flimsiest manufactured evidence.  It is simply a tool to gain power and control.  

    If this racism exists, then why won't the Westport Library allow a debate on the subject?  Did you know Westport that the library recently cancelled opposition opinions from speaking?

    I called multiple officials in Westport to get a comment for the record on the 'Equity Study'. The only one who called me back was Candice Savin. Once she found out what I wanted, she refused to comment, and said the Superintendent would call me back. No one called me back.

    What does this tell you about the legitimacy of this planned indoctrination?

    If you are not allowing debate, are you being intellectually dishonest to yourself, and teaching your children to do the same?  Critical thinkers?  NOT! 

    And don't fall for the School Board's lie that CRT is not being taught.  Changing the name of an ideology to Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) or anything else doesn't make it go away.  The old adage applies -- if it walks like a duck, quakes like a duck, and looks like a duck, it's a freaking duck. 

    This approved lie from on high has been passed down to school boards and Leftist political candidates around the country to combat the righteous anger of parents upset they are being betrayed while the school board preys upon their children.  The Democrat candidate said as much for God's sake in the current campaign for Virginia governor -- CRT is not being taught, but oh yes, parents should have no say in their children's education said Terry McAuliffe on national TV.  

    It will be extremely difficult to go back Westport if you enshrine those pushing this ideology into power in the coming Nov election.  

    Where are the Westport patriots?  Where is the moral courage?  Where is the concern for your children?  Where are the Bonhoeffers?  

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Surely Connecticut has some patriots who can challenge this indoctrination? Does the group 'Parents Defending Education' ( https://defendinged.org/) know about this?

    Incidentally, that supposed Lenin quote is a fake.


    All they have to do is remove every student from the public schools. There 100,000's of thousands of patriot teachers who will step up to teach difficult subjects, I teach Biology, any Life Science, general Science, and Theatre, and any related topic. Many elementary teacher could teach groups of elementary students. If parents pooled their money they could get a world class education while they crippled the unions and kicked these communist idiots out of office.And then we vote in people who assign money to the student NOT the public schools.

    Donald C. Freeman

    This is dangerous nonsense. CRT is a theory of law and culture taught in law schools and advanced graduate programs, not in pre-college schooling. Some of what is taught there may partake of CRT because teachers were exposed to it (among many other influences). You wouldn't teach CRT directly to sixth-graders any more than you would teach quantum mechanics or modern monetary theory. I am a proud graduate of the Westport public schools; my stepfather created and ran their world-class music program. I keep close tabs on what goes on there. This article is absolute rubbish from beginning to end.


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