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    Former Maricopa County, AZ County Recorder Issues Statement Complaining About Being Investigated By AZ Attorney General

    November 1, 2021

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    Former Maricopa County, AZ County Reporter Adrian Fontes, who is running for Secretary of State in Arizona, bitterly complained today in a tweet about being investigated by AZ AG Mark Brnovich. The Arizona State Senate sent criminal referrals to Brnovich after the results of the Maricopa County audit conducted by the AZ State Senate were released.

    “What became clear to me after engaging with the office of Attorney General Brnovich is that this is merely a political stunt intended to benefit Brnovich’s 2022 Senate race by inflaming the delusions of conspiracy theorists,” Fontes said Monday in a statement about the interview, which he said was voluntary and took place Thursday.

    “This is not a genuine effort to investigate the election process of 2020, which has already been picked apart and scrutinized relentlessly.”

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    What "becomes clear to me" (and a good many other folks) is that the day of political cockroaches running unchecked might be coming to an end.
    All of the legacy news outlets are directed to sing the same narrative song by a small, elite group of owners.
    But this subversive little thing called the "internet" is a bee in their bonnet - even as efforts to censor abound.
    The lights are being turned on!
    Political cockroaches are scurrying!


    Fuck you criminal bitch...........Bubba is waiting....open wide asshole


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