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    GOP Gains Big In Connecticut Local Races

    November 3, 2021

    Is CT Getting Tired Of Leftist Policies Destroying The State?

    Map of Connecticut from an edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 9th ed., by Charles Scribner's Sons. The volume is dated 1878 but the map is a later American addition (Plate B, where the British plates use Roman numerals, & with the subtitle Compiled according to Census of 1880 and latest surveys)

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    It will take a top-down election next year to know for sure but Connecticut voters may be tiring of Leftist Democrat policies that are destroying the state. CT is one of many 'blue states' that are losing population annually as citizens flee for freedom elsewhere and take their wealth with them.

    On of the original English colonies, Connecticut has a rich history of fighting global tyranny. However, the 'Nutmeg State' is now known as run from the top down by card carrying members of the Communist Party.

    Socialist policies have destroyed CT's natural beauty as well as its business climate, with perennial budgets in the red and rampant corruption in its Marxist-run cities.

    In idyllic Westport, Republican Jen Tooker won First Selectman, a surprise victory over the Leftist agenda of Democrat Jonathan Steinberg.

    In Trumbull, the GOP gained five seats on the City Council.

    Republican Rich Dziekan retained the mayor's office in Derby.

    Mayor Laura Hoydick won reelection decisively Tuesday over Democratic challenger Immacula Cann in Stratford and retained a majority on the Town Council.

    Mayor Mark Lauretti staved off a Democrat challenger in Shelton.

    The GOP dominated the elections in Ansonia.

    The GOP won the mayoral election in Bristol.

    Danbury mayoral election went to the GOP.

    Republicans swept in Portland, and Durham.

    The West Haven mayoral race is too close to call with a strong GOP challenger.

    In North Haven Republican First Selectman Michael Freda won a seventh term.

    A strong GOP challenger for mayor in Democrat-controlled Stamford showed Republicans can compete.

    “What this means is that the Democrats are just completely out of the mainstream where the people of Connecticut are,” said Ben Proto, the Republican state chairman. “They’ve completely misunderstood the electorate.”

    “At this point, regardless of who wins in Stamford, the Democrats are in trouble in Stamford. They should have won that race running away," reported The Stamford Advocate.

    All in all the GOP is now running more than 20 towns across the state that Democrats ran yesterday, a good night for conservatives.

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    Jack Fanning

    I hope Sleepy Joe and Obama Ho ship in a bunch of MS-13 thugs from south of the border to assault the lily white commies that make CT. one of the snobbiest, most privileged socialist states in the world.

    Ben Colder

    I don't know much about CT but I do know the communists have just about taken over in the East and on the west coast .I just can not understand why people would vote for a communist guess they have forgotten about what they did in Europe . once the communists get enough people controling the governments they will at sometime stop all elections or if they don't stop them they will be so rigged that they will always win that is what we are seeing now.They got by with it in2020 and that is why I am surprised that Youngkin won or they called it for him but I don't think its over yet.


    Every Republican candidate that ran in BERLIN WON.

    Pam Hawkins

    I haven't lived n Conn. since 1969. It was idyllc then. Don't let it go.


    I was born in Stamford in 1946. Except for college and the Army, I lived and worked there until I retired in 2014 and moved to the inland Northwest. My only regret about leaving CT is that I didn’t do it forty years ago.

    Jonathan V

    Same for Naugatuck, very encouraging results. We just need to keep it going and not let up. Gonna need lots of poll watchers in large metro areas for 2022, when we have a chance to take state legislature positions. It will be a longer road here, but we can kick out the commies and restore our state and bring back prosperity for all.


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