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    GOTHAM CITY HILL: Autopsy Of NYC General Election

    November 3, 2021
    VIDEO: New York Revolts Against Vaccine Mandates

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    New York is starting to wake up from its wokeness as evident from yesterday’s citywide general election. Parts of the city went pink in the after hours once over 1 million votes were tabulated. The mayoral race headlined the ballot, won by media darling Eric Adams at 66 percent with 78 percent of precincts reported, but it was the city’s smaller district races that mirrored what is brewing in other parts of the U.S. such as New Jersey and Virginia. 

    The boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens went from purple to dark red in districts such as Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn where newcomer Inna Vernikov took the city council seat at 64 percent of votes. Councilwoman-elect Joann Ariola of Howard Beach Queens won against AOC’s pick Felicia Singh at 68 percent of the votes. Councilwoman-elect Vickie Paladino of Whitestone Queens edged out Democrat favorite Tony Avella in a cut-throat race. Other GOP candidates lost by mere points, but picked up major gains from previous elections. Long Island, in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, were a clean sweep for the GOP. 

    The left’s support of defunding the police, crime surge, race teachings at schools, sanctuary city open door policies and criticism of Israel were what cost Democrats critical seats in working class neighborhoods. However, the wokest of districts, mainly in Manhattan, did not move from its previous voting patterns and remained a strong blue. 

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    NYC has been flipping red for the past two decades with great swathes of right-wing across the city and state, a fact hidden from the rest of the nation by the amateurish msm and polluted politicians. Add that much of the NYC/NYS voting system ballots is adulterated and doctored by their 'Board of Elections', political bribers, NYC USPS/Postmaster General, and tampered vote machines. Add that last year some impotent reporter from a lowly msm outlet took a trip to Long Island, NY and stupidly croaked she was (para) "very disturbed to see so many American flags".


    She 100 percent launched Time Out in Hong Kong and was an editor there.


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