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    Pelosi Forced To Cancel Vote On Infrastructure Bill For Third Time

    November 5, 2021
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    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced Friday for the third time to postpone a planned vote on the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.

    The plan to vote fell apart after moderates in the House Democratic Conference demanded the Congressional Budget Office provide a cost analysis, or "score" for the companion, nearly $2 trillion climate change and social spending bill.

    In response, the members of the conference's progressive wing said they'll now wait to vote on the Senate-passed infrastructure bill...

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    The infrastructure bill is BS, even if they pass it, it will be too late. Yellowstone is about to blow as well as many other catastrophes and WW3, why his the infrastructure when they purposefully neglected it because they were aware that a all these things will happen, why fix it when you know the fix will be for nothing? As soon as NASA discovered that Yellowstone was not just a volcano, but a super volcano, in the 1970'S or so, that was the nail in America's casket. Right now they are just raiding the treasury, as they did before all previous empires fell. China was chosen a long time ago to replace America because of Yellowstone, thank the Bushes for that. Nothing is going to get fixed, America is about to implode from natural and unnatural disasters. China knows it. It will crush the USA, but it will effect the entire world too, except for the Southern Hemisphere, mush less, that is why China will take over Australia, Africa and South America, after they crush the rest beginning with the USA. The world will freeze because we will have no sun-blocked by ash for a long winter. And goodbye to Bitcoin and all things digital. China is prepared for the dark winter telling people to store up supplies for a year long winter. The rest of the world will not make it. First of all the air will poison everyone, and all the animals when they breathe it. The underwater volcanos are also super volcanos and they will be erupting soon as well. Good bye England and Japan.


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