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    November 4, 2021

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    As Barack Obama rose on the political stage, America’s footprint on the world stage has receded. It was planned that way.

    The Biden Administration is staffed by Obama retreads. Unlike other presidents who preceded him, Obama never left the political stage and is running things. It was planned that way.

    The Biden Administration and the Deep State embedded in the Oval Office in the persons of Susan Rice, Jean Psaki and others, take their marching orders from a Kenyan at an Islamist townhouse near the White House.

    Today America’s muscular posture on the international stage mimics the French, Dutch, Swede and Belgian, nations that had subjugated their national sovereignty to muscular Muslim and Chinese flexing. 

    Meanwhile Obama-Biden keep toiling to Make America Smaller, China larger, and their billionaires wealthier. 

    When Biden was Obama’s veep America became the international laughing stock it has become again under the two’s epic incompetence: their “management” of ISIS, Hillary and Obama's Benghazi disasters, followed by years of rioting across America’s cities (none by Trump voters). It is ending in a nation riddled with massive inflation, empty supermarket shelves, supply chain issues, an energy crisis, and Biden’s Afghan catastrophe

    Int’l News Laughs at Biden: ‘Needs Retirement Home and a Bowl of Soup’ 

    Again Embarrassing America: Chinese Foreign Minister Berates America’s Top Diplomat at G20 Summit

    Biden has a Schiff Show Accident Before Meeting Pope


    The feminization of men continues the Obama-Biden effort through the Soros-influenced European Commission’s programmes. Europeans are cracking down on dissenting nations that insist on keeping their spines erect, their jockstraps filled, their sovereignty, religions, and real estate intact. I speak of Poland, Hungary and Israel.

    And Hungary’s new mates in the push-back, along with the Visegrád Group, already having become a mini-EU with a loud megaphone.

    The EU’s issues concerning Israel is easier to explain: 55 Muslim states are not enough, but one Jewish state is too much.

    What these forces of progressive media, progressive academia, progressive social media and progressive entertainment cultures object to, is the word “muscular.” It being the "unacceptable" attitude of highly competitive, industrious, creative and innovative, family-centered independent nations. 

    Effete, incompetent, impotent, submissive, and WOKE, are the preferred terms for these anti-Hungary globalist forces that intend to remove resisting nations’ wealth and self-respect, and masculinity, and transfer the proceeds into their billionaire’s pockets.

    The European Commission and effete prime minister of Holland in George Soros’ and his allies’ pockets are highly offended by a Hungary, Poland, and Russia. And other central and eastern European nations that don’t have erectile dysfunction, reject pedophiles and gay activists teaching perverse sexual practices, and gender fluidity to other’s children. 

    Why the offense? 

    Historically in the Soviet block of countries that constitute today’s resistance, and even Israel during its kibbutz heydays, the state took over the upbringing of children from parents, and placed the child’s socializing obligations into communes and Marxist “sensitivity training classes.” The communist era indoctrinations became the model for America’s Marxist Critical Race Theory workshops at today’s globalist corporations and universities.

    To this day the latter intend to take over society’s parenting duties, formalized by the education departments across America’s states, and indoctrinate a quasi-Marxist politico-religious-gender training directed by metrosexual pedophiles, gay activists and revisionist historians, who will teach schoolchildren the “politically KKKorekt” Founding of America, and world history in which a dominant  Palestinian Muslim civilization existed prior to the submissive Hebraic.

    They intend to “turn” impressionable children into sexually fluid teens through gay propaganda. As if kids didn’t already have enough problems with their sexuality just from the process of growing up. The results are predictable. A confused and unhappy adult whose gender fluidity will flow in any direction, hopefully toward the pedo and gay activist's beds.

    The relentless political assault on gender, sexuality, families and children by EU and US progressives and media, is seen daily on social media, in academia where the normal is mocked, law, whereas normal, innocent men who normally “hit”on hetero females (which is how two sexes normally hook up to mate), are charged with sex abuse and rape for the sin of asking for a date.  

    Pro-gay social engineering is subliminally force-fed to audiences through TV series from Hollywood.

    Marxist activists attack basic human norms to part the child from the parent, feminize him, masculinize her, replace history with fabrications such as Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, and remove from the child the norms of family life and normal sexual experience.

    We are entering unknown territory. Men, naturally programmed to defend women, children, and their nation, at the risk of their own lives (the normal masculine response), are being morphed into cowardly metrosexual, pussy-hat-wearing, weak-kneed, cry-baby, pacifier-suckling, gender-confused, spineless nobodies. 

    Otherwise known as progressives.

    This is where the  $18 billion-funded Open Society Foundations took America to reformat global society, replace Western Man no longer men (or warriors in the conventional sense), with Muslim rapists of fighting age and Hispanic gardeners, who are. 

    It is the very reason they are being imported to Europe and the Americas. It is the end run to the Muslim invasion.

    Muslim men despise pedophiles, transgenders, lesbians and gay men, Western culture and Western achievement, and will observe their religious calling. 

    To kill them.

    Eastern block nations and their leaders are well-aware. It is why the Soros-Network’s NGO's, the bribed EU and its members of parliament, its courts, and the gay prime minister of the Netherlands, have called for the expulsion of nations that won’t submit to progressivist orthodoxy and its unholy alliance with Islam. And the feminization and gayification of society.

    Specifically, Hungary and Poland. 

    Norms offend the West to the degree that the EC now licking their self-inflicted wounds (after Europe’s post-BREXIT disaster), such that they will take the chance on a HUNGXIT and POLEXIT.

    They will fiddle while Rome burns, even if they immolate themselves in the process.

    The EU has deprived Hungary of billions of its Covid reconstruction funds that nation is legally entitled to, and the EU is contractually obligated to pay, and not blackmail Hungary for specious reasons to advance gay activist’s agendas.

    Hungary returns more money and benefits to the EU than the EU gives by law to Hungary. Hungary owes the EU nothing.

    The Open Society’s vision of a gayed-out Europe cannot tolerate it being sabotaged by muscular central Europeans who are preserving Europe’s culture and security. For example, the VISEGRÁD Group led by Hungary.

    Likely Obama won’t need another apology tour to the Muslim World to explain away American, European, and Hebraic exceptionalism responsible for 97% of Human Accomplishment

    With Soros’ $18 Billion funded  Open Society, O’Biden is doing it for him by bringing the Muslim and Third World’s dysfunction, poverty, and violence to America, Europe and Israel.


    The pushback is just beginning. O’Biden, Soros & Co. will lose their war on humanity as WE, THE PEOPLE, men of the Americas, Europeans, Australians, and Israelis who did not have the Warrior Gene bred out of us, will never take a knee. 

    We are not submitting to the alliance of progressivism and Islam, not to pedophiles, pederasts, perverted gender activists of the Open Society’s EU parliament, not to the WOKE lemmings, or even to Skinny Kenyans in Empty Chairs

    Men fight back. Men will prevail.

    The convention of the upcoming American Conservative Union, CPAC, taking place in Budapest this coming March, will take up this matter.



    AND IN 2024, TO AMERICA.


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    Andrew Benjamin

    Andrew G. Benjamin is a real estate and tax specialist, equities trader, a former economic advisor to New York city mayor Rudy Giuliani; serving on the transition team's Subcommittee on Taxation, Finance and the Budget. Benjamin also wrote extensively about intelligence, economic issues, the Mideast, terrorism, technology, high end audio and transnational politics.
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    The entertainment industry and the opinion media are spearheading the cultural feminization project. Tel Aviv is a homosexual paradise. Every nasal talking head on television is Jewish. Jews are all over the internet boasting about the Jewish role in European immigration and the term "toxic masculinity" is a Jewish shibboleth in the western culture war. I don't understand why you identify Jews or Jewish anything with "toxic masculinity".

    Andrew Benjamin

    Israel is a liberal democracy that at its rebirth was a socialist democracy as a response to the Holocaust.

    Jews had two choices in a locked down WWII Europe from which escape was nearly impossible. One, join the resistance, meaning those allied with the Soviets, or goose step all the way to Auschwitz to be burned to a crisp.

    Which fate would you choose?

    Jews are prominent in every field that is creative, productive and innovative. Science, medicine, music, art, media, Hollywood, and mostly, in life affirming technologies. For example, the co-inventor of mRNA vaccines, Drew Weissman, is Jewish. The other, Hungarian. Jews are also at the forefront of all social movements and conservative thinking. For example a short list of the most influential:
    20) Jeff Jacoby: Columnist
    19) Jennifer Rubin: Columnist and blogger for the Washington Post
    18) Lucianne Goldberg: Lucianne.com
    17) Ben Shapiro: Columnist, radio host.
    16) Pamela Geller: Blogger, activist, Executive Director of Stop Islamization of America.
    15) Ari Fleischer: Former White House Press Secretary, CNN Contributor
    14) Ben Stein: American Spectator columnist, actor
    13) Ken Mehlman: Former Bush campaign manager, Former RNC Chairman
    12) Michael Medved: 3.75 million radio listeners, columnist
    11) John Podhoretz: Editor of Commentary, New York Post columnist
    10) David Horowitz: FrontPageMagzine, David Horowitz Freedom Center, & Students for Academic Freedom.
    9) Dennis Prager: 1.5 radio listeners, columnist
    8) Jonah Goldberg: Columnist
    7) Michael Savage: 9 million radio listeners
    6) William Kristol: Founder and Editor of the Weekly Standard
    5) Charles Krauthammer: Columnist, frequent TV appearances
    4) Eric Cantor: House Majority Leader
    3) Andrew Breitbart: Breitbart.com, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace.
    2) Mark Levin: 8.5 million radio listeners
    1) Matt Drudge: Founder of the Drudge Report

    Caroline Glick in Jerusalem and Melanie Phillips in the UK.

    In other words, Jews fill voids where other creative types failed to succeed or made no attempt to. Jews compete. Jews win Jewish women are gorgeous. Gentile women, the best looking ones, models, actresses, dancers from all over the world want to marry Jewish men. And they do. These women in groups come to meet them in the cities where Jewish men live, London, Paris, New York, LA, Miami, Moscow, Budapest, Tel Aviv.

    There is a reason. Actually, many reasons.
    One is, they don't have toxic masculinity, have high self esteem, they are successful and bright, and are not envious or resentful of other people's success -or wealth which the very essence of antisemitism and criticism of Israel and the Jews.


    That was the only choices in WWII for jews ? Looks it is true jews fill creative positions where no one else could like, George Soros and Ans Van Djik who had a third choice.


    There is no such thing as a 'Warrior Gene' unless you want to call our 'backbone' a gene.


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