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    Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Has Had Since September Video Of Maricopa County Employees Illegally Deleting Election Files, Along With Computer Logs Showing Corresponding Deletion

    January 10, 2022
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    Many frustrations linger after the Arizona election audit results which were preliminarily released in September of last year. The evidence of criminal activity obtained through the audit process was turned over to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich at the end of that month.

    The AG's office released a statement on September 24, 2021.

    “I will take all necessary actions that are supported by the evidence and where I have legal authority. Arizonans deserve to have their votes accurately counted and protected.” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich

    It's been months and there have been no indictments.

    CDMedia spoke yesterday with AZ Congressional Candidate Jeff Zink who worked on the audit team, handling observers on the audit floor.

    Zink informed CDM Brnovich has had since September video tape of Maricopa County employees illegally deleting election files, along with corresponding computer logs showing the exact files which were deleted.

    "Brnovich has video evidence that matches the time and date of the deleted files, what computer they were on,. We have video of the person sitting at computer, who and with what files deleted. The information has been buried," declared Zink.

    The new legislative session starts in Arizona today. The question is - will the AZ legislature apply pressure to the AZ executive branch to do its job?

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    CDM Staff

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    We allow these politicians--our employees--run circles around us. How sad.

    Wojciech Białek

    I said from the beginning that he wouldn't do ANYTHING.



    Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Has Had Since September Video Of Maricopa County Employees Illegally Deleting Election Files, Along With Computer Logs Showing Corresponding Deletion


    He's sat on everything for 5 months plus, he won't do his duty, you won't go after him and neither will anyone else.


    Don't execute 'em too quick. We need to interrogate to get the names of those who gave the orders.


    I am in the UK, but can people ask the appropriate Sheriff in Arizona to do something and enforce the law?

    Elizabeth MB E

    The solutions are in the problem statements. Problem: “They” won’t fix it. Solution: WE (the American citizens) have to fix it.
    Problem: The truth keeps getting buried and lied about. Solution. WE have to bring the truth to light; WE have to expose the lies.
    Problem: Our freedoms and country are disintegrating by the hands and deeds of the current US Administration/Communists/Marxist Socialists/Greedy & Power Hungry Oligarchs/Big business/Idiot Bureaucrat Enablers/mercenary thugs. This is happening around the world. Solution WE (US citizens) along with freedom loving citizens of other countries all have to work in concert to stop them using our collective and individual time, talent, and resources.
    And so on ….


    Unfortunately, I think Brnovich is slow walking this and *nothing* is going to happen. After a long career in law enforcement, I have a really hard time believing they need this length of time to indict these obvious criminals. Geez. For example, I think every single member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors should have been arrested and charged a long time ago, at least some of their crimes are obvious, and it doesn't take months for a detective to figure that out. It serves no purpose at all to let these criminals continue as if nothing is wrong, and they can always add charges as more evidence piles up. I'd at least like to hear an explanation from Brnovich (that is believable) as to why it's taking so long.
    Kind of like a mini version of Durham - they convict one little lawyer for a nothing charge, he goes to prison for a tiny bit of time (he's already been reinstated to the bar), and absolutely nothing is happening to Hillary Clinton or Obama or any of the other "big fish". HRC will die of old age before Durham gets far enough along in his "investigation" to do anything. Heck, how many books have already been written about Spy Gate?
    Bottom line: Brnovich is a politician first and foremost, don't expect any of the treasonous election fraudsters to be held accountable.


    I don’t think the AG will do anything.

    People aren’t just sitting on these cases, they’re running away from them.

    Lesley Ward

    Isn't this guy going for Governor? EASY FOLKS ensure this guy doesn't win, make your dissatisfaction with his lack of action on the election audit. SIMPLE


    Another "Anti-Trumper" that is just a criminal. (as they all are)


    He’s a pussy...now he wants to be pussy governor....ball less punk asss

    Old Vet

    This election is written in "stone" now and nothing will change it. The only avenue is in 2022 to vote out all Dems and Rino's from office and then start a purge of the unelected in government. That is the true government ruining it all.




    Why are these criminals in PRISON already? Brnovich is a traitor!


    Correction..........NOT in prison already!


    2 little commas will make the title a lot more readable:

    Arizona Attorney General Brnovich Has Had, Since September, Video Of Maricopa County Employees Illegally Deleting Election Files, Along With Computer Logs Showing Corresponding Deletion


    Obstruction of justice O.K. if you are a Democrat?

    Uncle Jack

    Is it torch and pitchfork time yet?


    The AZ AG is showing you what he is doing about election crime prosecution !
    Playing with his sticks and pulling your chain !
    Maricopa CO Sheriff has his file , and AG is in compliance !
    AZ is now officially a suburb of CA. !


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