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    UPDATE: El Paso County, CO Candidates Keep Fighting Election Fraud In Recent Primary

    August 6, 2022
    1950 Census Enumeration District Maps - Colorado (CO) - El Paso County

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    The fight continues in Colorado against election fraud, and especially in El Paso County where the 'logic and accuracy test' spectacularly failed recently with the election machines, highlighting the corrupt GOP primary election.

    Patriots are still fighting for truth, and free and fair elections.

    "All the Grassroots Conservative candidates petitioned for the recount, however an unreasonable amount of over $20K per candidate was requested for the candidates to pay El Paso County Clerk's Office. 3 of the candidates were able to pay the exorbitant amount, but several came shy and are in a separate legal battle to challenge the requested amounts," wrote an El Paso resident to CDMedia.

    If you want to help the patriots of El Paso County fight the fraud you can donate here!

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    CDM Staff

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    Robert Powell

    Good Day. As a well past puberty analyst, this might be a good place for a local to the events person to arrange a ( Funding page ) as this type of grift is ongoing. Using money requirements as an excuse, is not appropriate. Not knowing how to initiate the program, I am asking the good local people to start the process, then citizens across the country who can, will participate. This is WE the people, supporting our neighbors.
    NO need for Socialist, Atheist, Communist violence, just standing for your neighbor. Be well all. LT Raven6


    Sorry, but CDM does not 'support grift'. There is a verified landing page for legitimate donations.


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