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    August 11, 2022

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    How does the Left’s umpteenth attack on Trump help New York City residents?

    It doesn’t. Let’s reassess our real time reality.

    I was walking in Tribeca about to enter the Franklin Street subway station. I came to a grinding halt when I saw a man with a blood drenched face slumped over, jerking himself off and muttering incoherently. I was going to stop into the police station a block away and get him help but an officer walked by - and kept on walking. Horrified, I looked around to take the temperature of the street. Moms were milling around with kids on scooters, anesthetized. I called the man an ambulance.

    If you can make it to the supermarket or pharmacy alive, gleaned are barren shelves. This has been going on for months. The defective supply chain, helmed by derelict Buttigeig, coupled with the current administration’s incentivizing people not to work, has caused consumers to burn money on cost prohibitive gas driving out of New York City and New York State in search of products.

    We have an ongoing baby formula shortage. No problem, the Left acts like it hates babies. I’m not talking about its pro abortion stance; I’m talking about its takedown of the education system, predilection for “young love” otherwise known as pedophelia, and effort to castrate and mutilate young boys and girls. It’s little wonder this catastrophe has been ignored.

    If searching for tampons, you’re out of luck as well. This is a real nuisance since many women who were mandated to take an experimental “vaccine” are now menstruating for prolonged periods at a clip. Amidst degraded supplies, boys’ bathrooms are being stocked with the depleted necessity under the “Menstrual Dignity Act” which would be a head scratcher pre 2020 but now, part of the tool-kit of insanity the Left deploys.

    When goods are available, the cost of producing them are passed onto the consumer who then pays inflated prices. Baby formula, tampons, chicken, toilet paper, eggs, milk, coffee; Biden’s inflation has left no stone unturned.

    Quality of life issues plaguing parents continue to seriously compel out migration from New York City and the people we want to stay the most, taxpayers not criminals and illegals, are leaving. The problem is so great, we have clinched the number one spot. Crime has spiked. In all of Manhattan’s 22 police precincts, major crimes are up 41% year to date. But rather than deal with crime, our leaders are obsessed with President Trump. The number one issue for these mentally hijacked bureaucracies, six years and counting, within the executive branch have nothing to do with the welfare of America.

    Why? Basic reasons that are all made by the Left’s policies and entirely preventable. An all out attack on the NYPD, which is so demoralized, 2,000 have filed to leave before being eligible for their full pension. Let this sink in; officers are passing up a hefty pension versus spending one more day under local one party rule leadership. DA Bragg has made being a criminal rewarding; shoplifters describe themselves as “professional boosters.” Looting is now a career. Mayor Adams, who said he’d be tough on crime, has busied himself with nighttime soirées, creating hotel accommodations for illegals, barbing with Governors DeSantis and Abbot, squiring out of state abortion seekers, and supporting drag queen reading hour in schools. Governor Hochul also has clear priorities. She’s laser focused on word games, demanding inmates are called “incarcerated people.”

    While all this is happening, campaigns extolling drugs and obesity are given the stamp of approval by our ruinous local leaders. They need us numb and inert in order to catch all the falling knives.

    Then there are the homeless shelters flooding thriving, wealthy, traditionally safe residential Manhattan zip-codes. The only logical conclusion is it’s a land grab. Driving out homeowners sitting on prized real estate means people in government, like our mayor, governor, and city council are privy to inside information and can make deals with pay to play businessmen who get tax breaks and become hefty donors. Homeless shelters have zero business being in residential areas. Living in Manhattan isn’t a right. It is inhumane to both the homeless and those with domicile. Quarters are cramped meaning services are lacking. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, 25% of homeless have mental health issues and severe mental issues. In other words, “shelter dumping” is a known danger and yet, the Left continues to create the hazard. All the while, services to treat the mentally impaired are corrupted by bereft government factotums and bureaucracies.

    The sad fact is, the government and msm have so misinformed the populus. They perpetuate the lie that the nullification of President Trump is somehow tied to lowering inflation, stocking shelves, regaining respect in the world, improving the quality of life, fixing education, and tamping down on crime. New Yorkers’ lives are made no better with his persecution. In fact, it’s made demonstrably worse. Time and resources are being exhausted satiating depraved individuals’ fetishes while New York burns.

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    Jacqueline Toboroff

    Jackie is the editor-in-chief of TheManhattan.press, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com
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    And, come election day (month) the denizens of the Big Apple will brave the hordes of violent looters, rapists and thugs, slinking from doorway to doorway, to get to the polls to elect yet another Democrat! You just can't make it up.


    There comes a point when a caring, responsible parent does what’s best for their children, leaving places like New York, essentially a refugee, but living under those conditions indicates some level of complicity, and likely an unrealistic expectation that things are going to improve. Don’t bet on it.
    There apparently is enormous wealth in New York, in the penthouses and in Wallstreet hedge funds, but the money is not trickling down, and likely is being moved offshore into tax havens, and that is going to accelerate.

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