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    Election Night Rolling Blog Coverage

    November 8, 2022
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    1515 -

    Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the Georgia U.S. Senate race between Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and GOP challenger Herschel Walker will go to a runoff. 

    1400 -

    NBC and CNN have called the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race for Republican incumbent Senator Ron Johnson. 

    0125 EST -

    Peter Welch  is the winner for the U.S. Senate seat in Vermont being vacated by Patrick Leahy, who is retiring. He defeated his Republic opponent with 66% of the vote.

    1242 EST -

    Democratic incumbent Patty Murray carries the election to return to the U.S. Senate. 

    Republican incumbent Mike Lee wins his Senate race in Utah. 

    Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger won her Virginia congressional district 7, one of the bellwether House races. 

    0010 EST -

    In North Carolina, Ted Budd beats Cheri Beasley for the U.S. Senate. 

    0004 EST -

    Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer sails through to another victory. 

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul wins. New Yorkers need to watch what Hochul does. She supports a regulation to establish health quarantines. A New York State Judge declared it unconstitutional and lacking in due process. Before the election, she claimed to appeal that decision. Americans need to watch that lawsuit. Could be a state domino effect similar to medical religious exemptions which have been outlawed in California, New York, Maine and Connecticut. 

    Republican Jim Pillen wins the gubernatorial race in Nebraska. 

    Minnesota democratic Governor Tim Waltz wins another election. 

    2327 EST -


    Governor Brian Kemp is re-elected in Georgia beating Stacey Abrams for the second time. 

    This time Abrams conceded unlike the first time Kemp won the gubernatorial race. 


    Governor Gavin Newsom wins in California. 

    2318 EST -

    Senator Maggie Hassan wins comfortably in New Hampshire. 

    Senator Chuck Grassley, 89, wins in Iowa and will be the longest serving Senator.

    Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana wins. 

    Key House race in Virginia VA 2nd district winner is republican challenger Jennifer Kiggans. 

    She beat incumbent Elaine Luria, who served on the January 6 Select Committee. Luria is one of four members on that committee not returning to the House. 

    J.D. Vance wins the Ohio Senate race beating Tim Ryan. Vance received support from former President Trump. 

    2239 EST -

    Pennsylvania Governor

    Josh Shapiro beats Doug Mastriano

    2224 EST -

    Eric Schmidt, former Attorney General, wins Senate seat in Missouri. 

    Schmidt has taken on the PHARMA industry over covid. The judge in his case has ruled for him to take Dr. Anthony Fauci's deposition. 

    2201 EST -

    Senator Mick Bennet wins in Colorado. 

    Governor Kristi Noem wins in South Dakota

    2124 EST -

    Senator Richard Blumenthal win re-election. 


    Gov Abbott beats Beto O'Rourke,


    Senator James Lankford wins 


    Gov Chris Sununu wins. 


    Gov Ned Lamont wins re-election. 

    2112 EST -

    New York

    Chuck Schumer wins his Senate seat.

    South Dakota

    Senator John Thune wins re-election. 


    Senator Grassley is leading but too early to call. 

    2048 EST -


    Senator Tammy Duckwort wins re-election. 

    Gov. JB Pritzker wins re-election. 

    Congresswoman Maria Salazar wins her House race in Florida. 

    2034 EST -


    Senator John Boozmann (R) wins re-election. 

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders wins governor's race. 

    2029 EST -

    Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen (D) wins re-election. 

    2020 EST -

    Rubio and DeSantis gained hispanic vote in Miami Dade where Biden carried in 2020. 

    1958 EST -

    President Biden has not yet committed to a press conference day after the election. 

    1950 EST -

    75% of American are disappointed with federal government according to Fox Voter Analysis. 

    1935 EST -

    Governor Mike DeWine (R) wins re-election in Ohio for a second term. 

    1930 EST -

    Huge turnout in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona 

    RNC has filed emergency request to keep open Maricopa County, AZ.

    Nevada Gov called to shut down northern Nevada polls due to snow. 

    1920 EST -

    House races to watch tonite. 

    If republicans take these House seats - the red wave is in motion,

    VA 10 

    VA 7  

    VA 2 

    Indiana 1 

    1912 EST -

    Senators Rand Paul (KY-R) and Tim Scott  (R-SC) win.

    1910 EST -

    Weather could be an issue out west where polls are still open for hours. 

    In Nevada, weather is freezing;

    Stormy weather in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

    Counting will be mixed. 

    In some states, election day votes will be counting first before mail-in and early voting. 

    In other states, it is the exact opposite. 

    40% of American vote on election day. 

    In PA, early voters cast their votes before they saw the Fetterman/Oz debate. 

    1844 EST -

    Exit polls trends showing that inflation/economy is the number one issue on the mind of voter. 

    One-third of Americans falling behind economically.

    20% of suburban women voting republican.

    Independents leaning republican. 

    7pm - six states close - GA, IN, KY, SC, VT, VA.



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