• NYC Mayor Eric Adams Panics About Surge In Illegal Migrants - 'We Are In Urgent Need For Help'

    December 19, 2022
    NYC Mayor, Eric Adams

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    On Sunday, saying that the state and federal government "mostly ignored" requests from the city for aid, New York City Mayor Eric Adams issued a warning that NYC should expect over 1,000 illegal border crossers to arrive each week as Title 42 is expected to end this week.

    "Our shelter system is full, and we are nearly out of money, staff and space," Adams said during his speech, concluding with, "This can't continue."

    With 9 buses full of migrants arriving Friday alone, New York's main shelter, which was at a capacity of 61,379, was expected to break a 2019 record of 61,415 occupants.

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    Title 42, which was a Trump-era policy that removed asylum seekers from the US expeditiously to reduce Covid-19 infections, was struck down by a federal court last week and is expected to lead to a massive influx of illegal migrants in border states like Texas. New York has been seeing rising numbers of illegal border crossers as states like Texas and Florida have taken to bussing migrants to the city.

    In his speech Sunday Adams said, "We have been told in no uncertain terms that... we should expect an influx of buses coming from the border and that more than 1,000 additional asylum seekers will arrive in New York City every week." Adams added, "We are in urgent need for help."

    In October, Adams was praising Biden's Title 42 policy, but now that it's ending and Adams is faced with difficult decisions, he is cautioning New Yorkers, saying, "Truth be told, if corrective measures are not taken soon, we may very well be forced to cut or curtail programs New Yorkers rely on." When addressing the city's ability to handle the flood of new arrivals, Adams said, "These are not choices we want to make, but they may become necessary, and I refuse to be forced to choose new arrivals over current New Yorkers."

    The city is currently trying to meet the needs of more than 31,000 illegal immigrants while it's running 60 emergency shelters and 4 humanitarian relief centers along with 2 welcome centers. "We've already spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars paying to clothe, feed, house, and support this deeply in-need population," Adams said of the rising cost burden caused by the arrival of asylum seekers. Adams then turned his attention to the fact that the migrant problem originated at the southern border, thousands of miles from New York, saying, "New Yorkers... have been asked to should this burden almost entirely alone, despite the fact that this challenge originated far beyond our city's borders."

    New York is not the first city to struggle with the influx of illegal border crossers. Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock, recently admitted that Denver can no longer continue to support the migrants being shipped to the city from the border. El Paso's Mayor Oscar Leeser also declared a state of emergency Saturday as the city has run out of funding to house the more than 2,400 asylum seekers that arrive every day after crossing the border.

    While numerous U.S. cities declare states of emergency and plead for assistance from the Biden administration to deal with a problem that is too large for states to deal with alone, the continued denial of the crisis and the refusal of the White House to extend Title 42 is throwing fuel on an already out of control fire. And with Title 42 set to expire this week, things are only going to get drastically worse.


    Jen Snow

    Jen Snow is a former paralegal turned freelance writer who has a passion for foreign affairs. When not writing, she can be found curled up with her dog and a good book or outside playing in the Florida sun.
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    I don't want to pay/borrow one penny to pay for the useless gimmes the D's have allowed to swarm the country. Let NYC sink further into the morass of misery, corruption, filth and poverty; it will soon resemble Calcutta.


    Put the illegal aliens on the sidewalk. If they don't like that, send them back where they came from. Don't coddle them; THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS !


    It looks like this Demonocrat mayor needs to talk to the Demonocrat 'President'. WE DON'T GIVE OBIDEN PERMISSION TO OPEN OUR BORDER AND ALLOW THIS INVASION !

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