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    Americans To Biden - We Do Not Want Your Policies Or You Re-elected

    April 7, 2023
    Public Domain

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    A majority of Americans have a message for President Biden - We do not believe you deserve to be President of the United States and we do not like your policies overwhelmingly.

    In a CNN survey, Americans were asked "Do you think Joe Biden deserves to be re-elected, or not?" 

    Overall, only 32% of the respondents answered that Biden deserves to be re-elected as opposed to the 67% who replied that Biden does not deserve to be re-elected. 

    Of those who are registered voters, only 36% of that group backs Biden for a second term while 63% opposed his re-election.

    Biden hit a staggering disapproval percentage on his performance as President - 57% do not approve of his performance. 

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    On every major issue from the economy, national security, environmental policy, China, and guns, Americans are dissatisfied with President Biden’s policies. 

    His highest marks were on the environment, with 46% of respondents approving of his policies as compared to 52% who did not support his environmental positions.

    On all the other issues surveyed, those numbers do not bode well for Biden. 

    Economy:  62% disapprove. 

    National Security: 54% disapprove

    Immigration:  63% disapprove.

    China:  58% disapprove. 

    Guns:  62% disapprove. 

    Democrats and Democratic-leaning independent registered voters were undecided on who the party ought to nominate.

    Of the 69% who wanted another candidate indicated they merely wanted someone else while 31% named a specific candidate. 

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came in first, with 5% choosing him to replace Biden on the ticket. 

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just filed his Federal Election papers this week for a 2024 presidential run.



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Re-elected? What part of 2000 Mules do you not understand?

    This FPOS was not elected, he was installed. He's also a drooling murderer and pedophile. And hell no, we can't allow this radioactive waste to remain in office. If we had a legitimate SecDef or Joint Chiefs, this imposter would not be in the GD Whitehouse now.


    RE-ELECTED ?!?!?!.....He never was elected in the first place ! Obiden was INSTALLED by Dominion 'voting machines' and the Demonocrats will use it forever.


    Biden was never elected and only those suffering from TDS don't get it (that's likely the 32%). Our Uniparty Congress won't do anything about correcting and punishing those responsible for installing an incompetent criminal front-man into office as they're all part of it. Unfortunately for America, we won't last 2 more years; our Constitution and our freedoms that the world has always admired and longed for will be long gone by then. While some people think our Constitutional Republic could be revived within 80-100 years after tyrannical control is seized by the Leftists/Globalists (think Bolshevik revolution) -- don't bet on it. The surveillance state is already far beyond what the sheeple think and therefore no organized effort will ever be allowed again, just like our already corrupted elections.

    joe cooke jr

    Longtime Ku Klux Klan associate Joe Biden who's been lying to the races for years for self-benefit.


    Voting Americans would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to vote for the fake entity calling itself Joe Biden! Its time to wake up people....


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