• House Passes TikTok Divestment Bill - Why Is Biden Suddenly For It?

    March 13, 2024
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    Why is Joe Biden suddenly pushing the 'Tik Tok Ban' bill?

    Why did it crop up so fast, to be passed in a hurry?

    Prior to the vote, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) took to the floor to rail against the bill, saying that "there's some of us who feel that - intentionally, or unintentionally, this legislation to ban TikTok is actually a trojan horse.

    "Some of us are concerned that there are First Amendment implications here. Americans have the right to view information, and don't need to be protected by the government from information."

    The bill also has the support of President Biden, who said "I'll sign it" if Congress puts it on his desk.

    Could it be the real aim is to block other 'websites' and social media the matrix doesn't particularly like, over 'national security' reasons?

    (h/t Zero Hedge, Tucker Carlson)

    Sean Davis at The Federalist said it best...

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