Something Is Really Wrong In Leftist Black America

By L Todd Wood
April 30, 2019
Someting Is Really Wrong In Leftist Black America
Chicago March for Peace 06

The mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh,has just fled, no where to be found, after raids on her home and offices by the IRS and FBI on suspicions of taking bribes. Baltimore is a failed city, with rampant crime and corruption; it is no longer functional and people are leaving in droves.  

Black sections of Chicago are anarchic no-go areas where gun violence rages and young men die daily, in a morbid gangster paradise. In fact, any American city run by a majority of black Democrats is likely a failed government.  

Black culture commonly worships rappers who sing of bitches and hoes...degrading women for the world to see.  

The Black Caucus in Congress is a dependable constituency for give-aways, Marxism, and anti-Americanism.  

Stacey Abrams in Georgia, after losing her bid for the governorship, declared that she was cheated out of the election and won't even concede properly.  Abrams and Jusse Smollet are the latest example of 'fake racism'. Many blacks on the Left need racism so badly because they've figured out it's a way to get ahead in life, not because it actually exists.  

We are finding out that the adminstration of Barack Obama was the most corrupt in history, who weaponized the agencies of the federal government to go after his political enemies, something that is routine in the dictatorships of Africa, and also the more refined halls of power in Moscow, Beijing. It's not supposed to be that way in America.

It is not all of the American black population, but it is a large percentage. There is a serious problem. I would say it is a culture problem. In these parts of our society, the family is long gone. The father is never seen and never involved in raising his kids. In fact it is not even a society, it is rudderless anarchy.  Following for decades the foolhardy siren song of Democrat government giveaways is the problem. Corrupt Marxism is the problem.  

Systemic racism is a myth. Everyone has their own challenges from how they were born. Blacks are no longer oppressed. That ended generations ago. To realize this, all you have to do is watch the video of the young black female student screaming obseneties at they Yale college president for hours. She's not oppressed, she's actually privileged to attend Yale.   

What happened 150 years ago is not what is plaguing black society today. No one today owns slaves. You were born into the economic candy land. By being born American you won the lottery of life. Why do you think so many people are trying to get here? I for one am tired of listening to the 'oppression' garbage. It is time for black America to look inward and deal with its own issues.  

Stop blaming others. Take advantage of the opportunity. Stop listening to the Democrat Party; they don't care about you. They only want your vote every two years; they want you enslaved to government handouts.

Listen to Candace Owens. Join the BLEXIT and take advantage of what this country can offer. Free yourself from the real oppression of the corrupt, God-less Left. We're all Americans, let's unite and make the country better rather than focusing on tearing it apart.  


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