#BanCNN At Airports

September 22, 2019
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#BanCNN At Airports

On a recent flight, I was once again assaulted while waiting to board the plane in the terminal. The offending party was CNN, or the Clinton News Network, blasting from the television right over my head, with more monitors fifty feet away in every direction, making it impossible to escape.

The video barrage literally made me want to throw up.

Trump! Trump! Trump! is all that I heard during the so-called 'news' segment which was aired, giving me the sensation of fingernails on a chalk board.

So I dutifully did as I always do when facing such a pile of garbage emanating from the big brother monitors telling me how to think about our president. I quickly found the internet page for the airport controlling authority and sent a scathing email to customer service, detailing my rage at having to listen to the anti-American propaganda.

In many cases, American local tax dollars are paying for this transportation infrastructure. Why on earth does CNN (who pays for the privilege) get to assault our children, entire families, no matter their political persuasion, with vile verbal refuse?

There needs to be a campaign by the half of the country which believes in freedom against this scenario happening ever again.

When you're in the airport, google the airport operator, find the 'contact us' link, and send an email, which hopefully describes your righteous anger at you and your family being forced to endure listening to these clowns at CNN.

If enough people do so, maybe it will make a difference.

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