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    Impeach Before RBG Dies: The Dem Hysterics Legacy Angle

    September 30, 2019
    Screenshot: YouTube

    The latest push to oust President Trump is based in part on the health and longevity of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    In order for Dems to maintain the trappings of the deep state, several things must happen. Their gameplan looks something like this: stir impeachment waters, hope that enough Republicans cross the aisle to remove Trump from office. If not, defeat him at the polls, but cite his impeachment (and the Obama-McConnell precedent) as a reason to not allow the nomination of a new SCOTUS justice if RBG should die between now and the election. Continue to harass Justice Kavanaugh and pray for a miracle.

    Of course, there are several fronts on the War On Trump, the SCOTUS fight is just one of them, and a quiet one at that. Dems don't want to admit to themselves or their opponents how frightened they are of losing another bench seat, creating a 6-3 conservative grip on the highest court in the land. Ginsburg, who plans to serve another five years, will be 87 in March, and she has suffered through four bouts with cancer (and a tumble last year that cracked three ribs).

    The rising tide of leftist panic over the SCOTUS is evident, even if it isn't often discussed. One example is the recent New York Times-led attempt to revive the furor over Brett Kavanaugh, which failed spectacularly. Articles promoting a new book by Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly made headlines for the wrong reason: they omitted evidence that exculpates Kavanaugh.

    Indeed, Ginsburg herself praised Kavanaugh in July, calling him a "very decent, very smart man," and gushed about his all-female staff of law clerks, a first in SCOTUS history.

    This is the state of the left at this very moment: their anger and haste have made them sloppy. A few examples:

    • Nancy Pelosi exposing her foreknowledge of the Trump-Zelensky transcript before it was made public, and on 60 Minutes, no less (see Tweet below),
    • Adam Schiff "characterizing" a reading of the same document in a manner defamatory of Trump,
    • Not obscuring the fact that Schiff knew of the whistleblower in August,
    • The CIA rewriting whistleblower standards to include hearsay in August, thereby legitimizing the otherwise bogus complaint brought by an anonymous source...and then not covering its tracks.
    • A footnote in the complaint showed that not only was the "evidence" hearsay, but it cited a BuzzFeed News/Soros-funded group to back a claim against Trump. BuzzFeed was instrumental in leaking the debunked Steele dossier.

    That's a stunning number of gaffes for seasoned politicians to commit in such short order. The reasonable conclusion is that they are panicked, working as quickly and dishonestly as possible to impeach Trump. Why now? Why the drummed up inquiry, why the sudden haste, especially since a mere week ago, Pelosi was pushing back against the rabid faction of the party exemplified by Maxine Waters and AOC's "squad"?

    Pelosi is even in engaging in public wishfulness, conflating her desire with the will of voters. This evidence-free quote is stunning:

    In the public, the tide has completely changed; it could change now - who knows - but right now after seeing the complaint and the IG report and the cavalier attitude the administration had towards it, the American people are coming to a different decision.

    Nancy Pelosi speaking at a journalism event in Texas last week.

    Perhaps RBG's prognosis has worsened, but she appears to be fine. Eleven days ago she announced an extension to her speaking tour ahead of a packed season of hearing cases. Time will tell.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    I wish no evil on Ruth Ginsberg but I do wish her to go quietly, without pain or suffering, into the night. ASAP.


    that is one of their greatest fears - a Constitution focused SCOTUS. No more umbras and penumbras of made-up nonsense that is not plainly written there. From that point on a whole bunch of unconstitutional agencies, laws, and rules can be challenged and gotten rid of or squashed to near nothing.

    Show me

    I expect her to live a long time, regardless of what her legal opinions are.


    It already looks like 'Weekend at RGB's'. Prop her upand roll her around on a hand-truck. They're trying to get rid of Trump before the end of the year. If it fails they'll scream 'you can't pick a justice in the year of an election!!!'
    Too bad dimocrats. Maybe if you weren't blind with hate and lust for power, you could make some rational decisions.

    Peter Floyd

    Hopefully, the Commiecrats will perish froman acute attack of TrumpDerfangement Syndrome.


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