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China Just Wants Tariffs Removed, They Will Just Lie About Everything Else

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The only leverage the United States has against China in this trade war (or rather call it a war against China’s murderous and deceitful behavior) are tariffs.

China wants them removed of course. They will just lie about everything else in any ‘agreement’ in order to achieve that result.

The carrot for the Trump administration is agricultural purchases, something the United States desires. However, China will always have to purchase large amounts of food stuffs; where they buy them means nothing. They are not giving up anything by agreeing to this development with Washington.

The talk of a ‘phase one’ deal with China is just that — talk. China can never agree to a long-term trade deal (phase two or phase one hundred) that will be good for the United States. If they did that, their quest for global dominance would be dashed.

No, China will just delay, promise anything, lie, cheat, steal, appease with words only, until they get what they want — tariffs removed.

Then they will go right back to their behavior of stealing our technology, manipulating their currency, and forcing companies to hand over their intellectual property, and the West (and the free world) will be doomed.

No, Mr. President — don’t remove the tariffs. Hold fast until we get what we want…which is what the Democrats say they want — free trade with China, not the unfair trade that we have now.

You only have 6 more years in office. If you delay now, it only emboldens China to wait out the Trump administration in hope of a more supple, traitorous, Clinton-like president to deal with. One like Joe Biden, where they already have and will again buy out for money.

Just keep collecting those billions in tariffs for the American people.

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