• DOJ Is Infected With Organized Crime, Trump Has Every Right To Push For Change, In Fact It's His Sworn Duty

    February 19, 2020
    DOJ Is Infected With Organized Crime, Trump Has Every Right To Push For Change, In Fact It's His Duty
    Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building

    We all knew this was coming, the pushback from the Democrats, the media, and the 'career prosecutors' at the Department of Justice against the inevitable investigation into their corrupt actions during the 2016 presidential election and the follow-on Russia Hoax and the subsequent impeachment.

    After all the revelations of nefarious, no downright criminal behavior, we now know why the Left was so distraught over Trump's election in 2016 -- they knew they were going to get caught. You see, Hillary was supposed to provide top cover for another decade. Thanks to the blue-collar billionaire, this didn't happen.

    "I'm sorry Barack," Clinton so revealingly said after she lost.

    It is painfully obvious the Department of Justice is infected with organized crime, awash with Obama infiltrators, only intent on maintaining power, not dispensing justice to those they don't agree with or those they see as political enemies. The Roger Stone affair is all the evidence you need of that.

    Their shame,, and primal fear, is also obvious in their discomfort with Donald Trump tweeting, in other words, getting his message direct to the American people, away from the corrupt media filters.

    Trump needs to keep doing just that. It is his right, no it is his sworn duty, to uphold the Constitution and its guarantees to the American people, something the Democratic Party and its media enablers have long since cast aside as a priority.

    We need a full investigation, and a full accounting of what happened at DOJ and what is still going on.

    If William Barr can't put out the fire, or can't stand the heat, we need to find another fireman.

    The alternative is a complete loss of confidence in our institutions and the end of America as we knew her, which just may be the goal of the Left all along.


    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Since when has Donald Trump ever been a blue collar worker?


    blue collar billionaire, no one has ever said blue collar worker.

    […] DOJ Is Infected With Organized Crime, Trump Has Every Right To Push For Change, In Fact It’s His S… […]


    It's so broken the only way to fix it is with a flamethrower. Dismantle the FBI and start from scratch. Decimate...and I mean that literally....the DOJ. Much has been made of the pure as the driven snow FBI rank and file. Nothing could be further from the truth. State Dept needs a tall tree and a stout rope. CIA needs a serious housecleaning. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again. Burn it down and start over....now.


    You said it man.! Why are anyone genuflecting to the farce that is the FBI and now as DOJ is seen under light that too. We are looking at the worship of false Gods that have failed us again and again. A media so fanning of the facade trying to shore up the delusion when at this point as you correctly point out needs burned down and started over. Nothing sacred about it and if not burn it down at least decimate the agents and the prosecutors.

    Earl Farquar

    The FBI & CIA have both been corrupt since their creation! J.Edgar Hoover had dirt on everybody & had no problem blackmailing them & Truman said "The biggest mistake I (he) made was signing the bill creating the CIA & have regretted it ever since!" He also said "The only way you get rich in politics is by being a crook!!" Give 'em hell Harry, the last honest dumb-0-crap!!!


    "...just may be the goal of the Left..."
    If that wasn't glaringly obvious when the dingleBarry asked America to join him in fundamentally transform America, as in literally changing its fundaments, I fear that Pres Trump may face insurmountable odds.


    GOD has a TRUMP


    The DOJ/FBI has a major "CREDIBILITY GAP".
    The FBI did a ludicrously awful job of investigating the Oklahoma City Bomb that was born in Sanilac county, Michigan, and the Militia Culture permeating it. There were TWO militias up there. (1) The CITIZENS Militia, with 85 year old Hattie Farley, which OPPOSED the Sheriff and the "Good Old Boys" and (2) The violence prone, RACIST, PRO-sheriff "element".
    Sanilac county Sheriff Virgil Strickler was BFF and business partner with David Rydel, "commandant" of the "united States Theatre Command" militia which is named in the FBI "Project Megiddo" report for Y2K. Strickler let the Rydel militia use the department's shooting range. LOUD explosions on the Nichols farm were repeatedly reported to Strickler, So what do you know! when the Feds raided the farm the evidence was cleaned up. James Nichols stated in his speech at the Dearborn Centennial Library that the FIRST person he wanted to talk to was Strickler, which he did BEFORE talking to the FEDS. James was welcomed home as a HERO when he was released from Federal custody. All described in Nichols' book "Freedom's End"
    The "support network" for the bomb extended to the very top of Sanilac County. Worth Township in Sanilac county, had a Supervisor, James Payne, who flew Confederate flags on his property for decades. He drove around with a Confederate license plate, and had a Black Lawn Jockey holding a Confederate flag standing right at his door. County Officials such as Sheriff Strickler REGULARLY passed that lawn jockey and saw the flags as they entered Payne's home to socialize.


    The 0ero administration corrupted most, if not all, of the alphabet agencies of our government to do his commie biddings. All of the agencies are in need of a good scrubbing of all 0reo appointees and those which were hired during his tenure. If they can't be fired, then transfer them to someplace far far away. With no access to official government internet/intranet.
    That would be justice for being a leftist nutjob. Most would quit. Which is good. Less snakes in the swamp.
    Just sayin'.


    I agree with all of the above!


    The Military has JAG officers, which is primarily focused on federal laws. If the President were to take 150 nearly to retire and offer them a direct position in DC, where by seasoned federal professionals were hired to take over for the political DOJ in the corrupt DOJ and reasonably replaced with Men and women of military multicultural balanced backgrounds with out the airs of the Ivory Tower set.

    […] DOJ Is Infected With Organized Crime, Trump Has Every Right To Push For Change, In Fact It’s His S… […]

    Dan Janson

    The Obama/Hillary holdovers infesting the Washington Swamp are the criminals who have been trying to destroy Trump by way of destroying America.These are essentially CCP operatives paid by shell corporations to do what enemy soldiers use to do a hundred years ago


    The FBI allowed the Boston Bombers to succeed. They paid no attention to the brothers despite having been warned by the Russians. Today the their efforts are directed against make believe White Supremacists which is every Tump supporter even if she is a gay, hunched backed, black midget. This is the same FBI that missed the bombing of their own facility in Oklahoma that was executed by real White Supremacists.

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