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    Did You Feel That? The Subtle Shift Driving Progressives Mad

    May 12, 2020
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    Image: YouTube

    Did you feel it? A shift, a break in the pattern. It was slight, like a distant tremor, far below the surface, or a break in the clouds after a long, dreary spell.

    The change came after the Dept. of Justice dropped the case against Gen. Michael Flynn. A subtle change in the air. More and more thoughts moved away from COVID, minds opening to new possibilities. Shelved dreams pulled out for another look.

    Remember when impeachment was picking up steam and Democrats were taking "free shots on goal,' in the words of Steve Bannon? Then Rep. Matt Gaetz pulled a stunt and stormed the basement SCIF room with fellow Freedom Caucus members? That moment changed the momentum. The same thing just happened, albeit more subtly.

    Over the past weekend, a new noise grew in the background: at first just whispers about the U.S. attorney John Durham's investigation possibly coming sooner than later. News of Barack Obama's private request that old, archived files stay locked away for now. A thrum rising to a dull roar: Obama knew.

    I said TREASON! Image: YouTube

    Yesterday, the pent up anger and communal recognition dawned on many heads: why hoax after hoax has been perpetrated on the American people and their president. And that betrayal was typed by millions of angry hands into phones, tablets, and computers all over the nation:



    To finally give a name to the vast web of events that has held a country captive was cathartic. Mentions of ObamaGate on social media resounded again yesterday and today, by the millions. Conservatives are united.

    On the left, cognitive dissonance is growing to the breaking point. Once-respected media outlets are tossing off angry lies, only to be forced into retracting them in mealy-mouthed half-apologies.

    Belligerence from progressives is nothing new, but a tone of desperation has crept into their voices in recent days. The realization that yes, we have to get out of quarantine, that yes, life will return to normal eventually, that yes, Biden has been hurt more during lockdown than Trump.

    Time was, you could have a factual argument with the other side. Before Russia was a settled matter. Before impeachment acquittal. Now they have nothing of substance. What about his taxes?! He stiffed some contractors once! He walked into a dressing room at a beauty pageant!

    Other than that, it's pure ad hominem. Trump has survived everything they've thrown at him so far. They've nothing to hurl but personal insults.

    Despite Dr. Anthony "Hillary crush" Fauci's claims that reopening schools in September is "a bridge too far," despite padded death totals that even Dr. Deborah Birx admits are likely 25% too high, despite lockdowns across much of the country, things are finally looking up, if ever so slightly.

    The left wants bad news. They crave more death and disorder. They're trying to bend a virus created in a Chinese lab to fit in a Trump-shaped hole. Their attacks are increasingly unhinged (He literally said to inject bleach and shine UV rays up our asses!). Under different circumstances, it would be funny, but when you consider that we share roads with these people, that we rely on some of them for goods and services, it's sobering.

    Deep down, thy know they're losing. The outrageous claims such as I'd vote for Biden even if he raped my daughter exemplify the kind of clinical derangement we're seeing more of now. It's a perfect storm: take an unbeliever--a spiritual-not-religious person--and expose him to mass media for three years, media bent on destroying the works of a president who naturally triggers the fragile and sheltered.


    Image via Twitter

    With no cultural anchors such as the church and traditional community activities, many people become depressed. If they lack anchors and are already atheists, already support killing unborn humans, already rejecting basic scientific axioms such as two genders, already bent on dividing humanity up into squabbling special interest groups, well, those people go mad.

    We joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is worse. The streets are full of clinically insane people, screaming at each other over a disease they don't understand. They don't recognize that Fauci lies. They are entirely convinced that Trump will declare himself President For Life. It's not funny anymore, if it ever was.

    Watch this if you need a laugh.

    In the back of the left's collective hive-mind, the grim truth is beginning to dawn on them: Obama knew, so Biden knew about spying on Trump. That's clear-cut treason. They are beginning to grapple with Four More Years.

    They're still a long way from realizing that China bought off not only Biden, but a lot of other politicians. Miles away from recognizing that Hillary has engaged in far worse than Benghazi, and they're light years from realizing that Democrats are the bad guys who keep blacks on the welfare tit for votes, that yes, they are still the party of slavery, and that "open borders" is just a happy label for human trafficking in the name of cheap labor and sex slavery.

    It starts with stuff like being the party of believing women and then realizing that only applies when the woman accuses a Republican. It begins with being forced to recognize the hypocrisy of the Kavanaugh hearings. That Biden slut-shamed Anita Hill.

    Yes, lefties. You are. gif via Twitter

    It comes with the slow recognition that Hillary did the same to several women. That Bill Clinton is a rapist. That Al Franken, Katie Hill, Jeff Epstein, Ed Buck, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, the NXIVM cult and their sponsor, Clare Bronfman--they're all liberals. Democrats have a sexual assault problem.

    Lefties are starting to realize the truth, that they are the bad guys. It's going to be a painful awakening for them, and for those of us who have to watch the process. So be safe out there.



    Court Anderson

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    Jersey Prophet

    Bullseye! Everything Mr. Anderson posted on the laundry list of the left's perfidy rings true.

    But the disturbing takeaway is, they just DON'T CARE. "If Biden had raped my kid, I'd still vote for him," says it all. Ideology trumps rationality.

    Court Anderson is a wry observer of humanity. The lingering puzzle is, how he could have made it through that citadel of leftism Columbia University, then remain in the cesspool of a DeBlasio-let NYC with intact sanity?


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