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    President Trump Splitting Deep State Wide Open

    May 21, 2020
    President Trump Splitting Deep State Wide Open
    Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John O. Brennan speaking at the 2019 John J. Rhodes Lecture hosted by Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University
    Image by Gage Skidmore

    With every new revelation about what President Trump calls “Obamagate,” you see the curtain being torn down and revealing the corrupt players who were running America and attacking our Republic. Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp, who wrote a book about the Deep State called “From the Company of Shadows,” says any hint that POTUS is a tool of the Deep State is preposterous. Shipp explains, “That is absolutely ridiculous. Donald Trump has confronted the Shadow Government and Deep State more than any other president in history, and that includes JFK. JFK did, of course, confront the Deep State and we saw what happened there. There has been no other president that has had the guts to expose the Shadow Government and Deep State like Donald Trump has. What has the Deep State done? They have gone after him with a vengeance.

    Why would the Deep State attack their own with attacks to try to destroy him and his family if he wasn’t threatening to expose the Deep State? No, he’s not a Deep State president. He’s not perfect. We all know that. There are members of his cabinet that we are concerned about with connections to some of the central banks. We all know that, but Donald Trump is not Deep State. He is splitting the Deep State wide open. Look what DNI Rick Grenell just presented to the President. He authorized for release of names of all the unmaskers. Trump is exposing the Deep State, and, personally, I am proud of him because I have been waiting for this for 20 years for a president to come out and expose these things...”

    To read more visit USA Watchdog.



    CDM Staff

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    No splitting but there are some tears in the fabric, but if Trump loses in Nov the MSM will cover over them and most people will believe the lies.
    Optimism is nice, like we have the most powerful military in the world optimism.
    Obama trashed the military so bad it will be a long time coming.
    Reagan wanted a 500 ship navy.
    Now they talk of a 250[?] ship navy.
    The Deep State ringleaders may not have anything to fear.
    By voting day in Nov, the illegalities committed by the DEMs & their soft power allies will be mind-numbing.
    Oregon is trying to disenfranchise Republicans and Social Media is engaging in overt censorship.
    Your feel-good column helps morale only.
    I'm waiting for the fat lady to sing.


    The corruption is so deep and wide in all the branches of the government that Trump will need to setup military tribunals to bring about any justice.

    Infested Terran

    Many talking heads will need to be silenced forever.

    5 Bomb Wing

    Yes--how do you silence these so called news programs from misleading and outright lies? FCC?
    The Obama admin. was the most corrupt admin. in our history. At least my history of 60 years paying attention.
    I stopped listening to them when Cronkite reported we lost the Tet offensive. That was a damn lie and corrupted
    the entire war effort giving some credence to the Communist led anti-war protests.
    The Democratic party has always been a subversive org. Slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, Voting against the Civil Rights issue.
    These were all given to us by the Democratic party.

    Show me

    The media isn't going to cover this. That really wasn't what Freedom of the Press was supposed to be about.
    The original intention in the Bill of Rights, was that the press would be exposing corruption and criminality and the government couldn't stop them.
    I don't think the people that wrote the Bill of Rights ever expected that the press would be using their freedoms to lie and cover up for criminal politicians and their supporting bureaucracy.
    So expect continuing revelations about severe corruption at the highest levels of the CIA, FBI and DOJ, but the politically connected likely won't be bothered by it.


    Brennan needs to be taken to the wood shed and have the hell kicked out of him. This piece of homosexual shit is a disgrace to America and our Republic. It would be more appropriate to put him in a dirt bed.


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