• Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White "Responsibility" Is To Back Off

    June 12, 2020

    You've killed all our leaders,
    I don't even have to do nothin' to you
    You'll cause your own country to fall

    --Stevie Wonder, "Big Brother"

    Memo to whimpering, simpering whites: STOP. You're making it worse.

    We have officially had "the conversation about race." It's over. White progressives, we're done with this exhausting nonsense. You had a black president for eight years, but no substantive improvement in black America to show for it. In the four years since, you have worn out the words "racist" and "racism" by labeling every one of us (including, and especially black conservatives) as racist (and "Uncle Toms"). The time for talk is over. Now shut up and listen.

    White people can't fix black people's problems.

    They tried in 1964. It was called the Great Society. Known now as welfare, food stamps, and a raft of other programs designed to give black folks a boost. Before then, single parent black families held steady at 20--24%. Now the rate is 72%.

    The bribe of welfare was always that: a bribe. As the noted racist President Lyndon B. Johnson said of welfare in an oft-attributed quote, "I'll have those nig***s voting Democratic for 200 years!"

    Black America's Abusive Spouse: Democrats

    The Democratic party's marriage to its black base is an unhealthy one. A cycle of abuse and gifts, abuse and gifts, violence and apology. Welfare was very much a public apology for Democrats. Their behavior during desegregation demanded one. Lest we forget, it was Democrats who fought tooth and nail against desegregation.

    Welfare is the carrot in this heinous equation. It's just as cataclysmic when "progressives" use the stick.

    Joe Biden wrote the 1994 crime bill that imprisoned a generation of black men, further damaging the black family unit. Two decades prior, he opposed busing, and the "racial jungle" it would create.

    No amount of Democratic gifts or special programs over the past 60 years has helped. No amount of draconian Democratic crime legislation over the past 30 years has helped. No gesture, no matter how public or undignified, has moved the needle on race relations.

    How undignified has it become? Hollywood millionaires mewling and making serious faces, taking "responsibility" for the long and ugly history of black and white relations...in black and white.

    Pure, scripted cringe.

    Progressive leaders such as LBJ are aware of their hypocrisy. The actors featured above? It's safe to say many of them are blissfully unaware of their party's hurtful role in abusive race relations. They should "take responsibility" for apologizing, then get out of the way.

    OK, Now Do Blacks: On Irresponsibility

    The problem of race relations isn't all on whites. Many poor blacks took the welfare bribe. Many others wallow in victimhood, or angle for reparations (ps: that's what welfare is).

    Other disadvantaged, marginalized groups have thrived here. The American government locked Japanese Americans in cages 80 years ago, separated their families. Their descendants now sit atop the pyramid of immigrant achievement in the U.S.

    To claim that 155 years after the abolition of slavery, 50 years after the Civil Rights movement, and only four years removed from a two-term black president, that society should look the other way on black irresponsibility is illogical and pathetic.

    What is "black irresponsibility"? It's 13% of the population (and honestly, a much smaller subset of that--young black males) committing 52% of violent crime. It's the outrageous abortion rate, with some areas of the country seeing more black abortions than live births. It's the unwillingness to reject ineffective, lifelong politicians who do a disservice to their communities, frauds like Maxine "bank bailout" Waters and Hank "Guam will tip over" Johnson.

    Irresponsibility is not building stable families, taking welfare instead of making vows. Irresponsibility is allowing children to embrace a gang/rap culture that disrespects women as bitches and hos, and men as niggas, the very slur by which they were disrespected by slavers. White people still use it, it still has the power to hurt. If you call that "appropriating" a term, you're doing it wrong.

    Of course not every black is guilty of the above offenses. The most violent and hurtful, socially unsustainable behaviors are the work of one part of the larger black community. The problem? That small group is culturally venerated. Jay-Z, Cardi B, Tekashi 6ix9ine, ex-gang members all, and they're not the exception in rap, they're the rule.

    The Failure of Political Correctness As A Solution

    Conservatives tend to have one or two pet statistics about race. They get distilled to code because we're so tired of trotting them out. "What about black-on-black crime?" In the meantime, the left has built an entire racial studies wing on the campus of the American academy.

    PC, spawned in academia in the late '80s, was supposed to solve the problem of racism. Call blacks and others "_____-American," worry over stereotypes, and be ever vigilant about how we approach matters of race and culture.

    It worked inasmuch as everyone is hypersensitive about race now. Mission accomplished?

    Mizzou professor Melissa Click, the original PC Karen. Image via Twitter

    "Systemic, institutional racism" and "patriarchal white privilege" may be distractions and apologia, but they are effective tools for those who wield them nonetheless. They change the shape of an argument, steering it away from hard facts and into the yawning abyss of theory and invisible forces. Of course, this theory is backed with mountains of dissertations and appeals to emotion. It's an industry built to defeat clarity on race.

    The problem with all the awareness and sensitivity? It's flammable.

    Rioting and Looting Create New Racists

    I started this piece with a 1972 Stevie Wonder lyric alluding to the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. "You'll cause your own country to fall." King's murder stands forever as a national tragedy, an incalculable loss that retarded the optimism and spirit of black America. But it didn't start with King.

    In February of 1965, Malcolm X was killed, allegedly by Black Muslims. That never sat quite right with many in the community, but proof of a conspiracy was hard to find, so anger festered. Then, months later, black motorist Marquette Frye was pulled over for reckless driving. He had a history of prior offenses. In the course of his arrest, onlookers claimed that a pregnant black woman was injured.

    That minor incident set off the incredibly destructive Watts riots. 34 dead, over 3,400 arrested, $40 million in property damage. The dam had broken, and it has never been repaired.

    When King was killed three years later, the Holy Week Uprisings swept the nation. Over 100 cities rioted, and were looted and burned. It was the largest social unrest since the Civil War. 43 died, property damages have never been adequately estimated.

    When (black motorist with a long rap sheet) Rodney King was beaten by LAPD officers after driving recklessly, the subsequent 1992 Los Angeles riots saw 63 killed, 12,000 arrested, and over $1 billion in damage.

    I presume you're familiar with George Floyd? (Joe Biden cluelessly claimed yesterday that the Floyd's death has had a bigger impact than King's, an awful take.) Black motorist, long rap sheet, arrested after attempting to use a counterfeit $20 bill.

    Which brings us to yesterday. See the anguish over George Floyd on the faces of the looters, 17 days after his death.

    Is anyone in the black community aware that this type of behavior, 1,600 miles from the scene of the crime in Minneapolis, over two weeks after the (awful, avoidable) event, creates the rancor that leads to racism against blacks?

    99 Problems But Bad Cops Ain't One

    As the above examples attest, the types of events that set off riots fall into two groups: assassinated community leaders and black men driving around whose violent arrests are caught on camera.

    In Frye's case, the arrest was the lighting of a tinderbox over Malcolm X. In Rodney King's case, the fuse was short based on the brutality of the LAPD. In the recent case of George Floyd, people were...eager to blow off steam after a long COVID lockdown?

    Rioting and looting now take place for any reason whatsoever. Floyd's death should have resulted in peaceful protests and Minneapolis police reform, not worldwide, coordinated meltdowns. Floyd was no hero in life, and in fact, emblematic of what troubles black America: a gang member, rapper, heavy drug user, and a rap sheet including felony theft, in the perpetration of which he held a gun to a pregnant (black) woman's stomach.

    Screencap: YouTube

    Look at the chart above and tell me: what would have happened if Floyd were the cop and Chauvin the hapless criminal?

    Oh, but it's about white cop brutality against blacks, you say. Okay. Let's look at the data.

    By the time new data emerged that supported a calmer view of what's truly going on, such as the recent revelation that only nine unarmed black men were killed by white police officers in all of 2019 (and almost all were hardened criminals in the act of perpetrating a crime), the panting dog of the left is off sniffing and rolling in some other topic.

    What's more, we don't even know--but it seems increasingly unlikely--that race had anything to do with the murder, as Floyd and Chauvin are alleged to have been coworkers on the same security shift of a Minneapolis club.

    I've lived in very black Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. I've also lived in very white South Dakota, and Minnesota. And I've lived in very every-race New York City. Most Americans "coexist" just fine most of the time, and prefer to go about their lives with a minimum of friction.

    I've never once believed, in tens of thousands of interactions with black friends, black coworkers, black employees, black strangers on the street, black homeless, or the black police officer who once pulled me over that I could say or do anything to alter the course of their lives.

    A black guy I knew in middle school in South Dakota (one of three in the entire school) was rammed against the wall of a liquor store by a drunken driver, cracking his pelvis. Maybe the most inspiring black classmate I ever had was shot in the head outside a Philadelphia nightclub at 2:30 a.m. a few years after graduating. Another went to Harvard.

    Don't look to whites to help change these deep-seated issues. Whites can't help blacks. That's empirical law. Change has to come from within the community.

    Black Lives Matter, they're just busy at the moment. Image by author, 6/12/20

    This is not to abjure some duty inherent to white people to help darker folks along. White Man's Burden, the colonial and Christian notion that whites were duty bound to spread the gifts and discoveries of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment around the world, is rather out of vogue anyway, to put it mildly. What's more, and again: it didn't work.

    It's all fine and well for whites to raise our awareness of black issues. Good on you. But the endless hand-wringing, sensitivity training sessions at work and in our schools, breakout groups, marches, t-shirts, and bumper stickers--that's a colossal waste of time. What's more, it's divisive. It singles black people out, makes them objects of pity.

    So get out of their way. Only blacks can solve their problems.
    It's white pride to think otherwise.


    Court Anderson

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    the problem with blacks,....is black people

    Mason Reese

    "Joe Biden wrote the 1994 crime bill that imprisoned a generation of black men, further damaging the black family unit."

    Honestly, the author lost credibility with the above. I detest Biden, but black men weren't just randomly imprisoned. They committed CRIMES. And those black men wouldn't make good husbands and fathers anyway.

    The above line from the article is just a left-wing talking point from the year 2000. No conservative should even think about repeating it.


    The only way they can accomplish this is by getting rid of their disgusting culture, that culture is destroying them and America!! It's shameful that the black people who are critical thinkers and have high moral standards are constantly denigrated by this despicable culture!!


    We backed off in Chicago .How many shootings by blacks on blacks will it be this weekend, 80,90?


    Uh, oh, one more thing that might need to be mentioned.

    Blacks are going to need unlimited access to the paychecks and savings accounts of White people in order for them to fix Black America.

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]


    Change has to come from within the community.

    No amount of money or crying over white privilege by the liberals will fix what is wrong with black society. Where is all this money going that has been donated by corporations going? Who is using it? Never know will we. Why not start charter schools, job training programs, literacy programs. But no, NOTHING ever gets done.Our boy Obama had 8 years to help the black community and what did he do. NOTHING except drive a huge wedge between black and white. Until the black community places value on family units, finally figures out that they are being used by the dims, values education and throws off the gang mentality then they will continue to cry for help and want more money to live. It all starts at home and until that happens, I repeat, NOTHING will happen.

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]


    I do not have any interest in “helping” the mythical “black community”. I grow tired of there being a segregated section of America, which has not been held accountable for any of their bad behavior.
    If one is black, he/she can be a full blown racist, say and do racist things, without reprisal.
    If one is black, he/she can commit a crime, and somehow become a victim because he/she got put into jail for said crime.
    If one is black, his/her lack of drive, enthusiasm to excel, desire to achieve is either excused or celebrated, and for those blacks that do want to go for the life they want, they are chastised, called “not black enough”, “Uncle Tom”, etc.
    This is America. We should not have any hyphenated Americans at all.
    A hyphen, by its own definition, separates.
    We should have no “communities”, we should all be Americans.
    There is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage and history, but “diversity” has ravaged the chances of peaceful coexistence.
    I am tired of being told that I am guilty, and should be ashamed and sorry for something I took no part in.
    So, backing off, as suggested here, is quite easy for me.

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]


    All racial quota affirmative action laws must be repealed NOW. And you Asians, why the hell are you voting democrat?


    Far too few people saying these things. Black Americans are perfectly capable of fixing their own problems and indeed they are the ONLY people who can do so.

    1. Graduate high school.

    2. If you want children, MARRY. If you don't marry, DON'T HAVE CHILDREN.

    3. Stay together as a family.

    You are nearly guaranteed a successful life and children who will do the same.

    YES it's hard. And the reason happiness and success should be easy is ... ? It will help if you hang out around people who believe in the above but you can do it on your own.

    Same instructions apply to whites and far too many of US seem to have forgotten them.


    One added thought: I know two absolutely lovely capable, hard working young black women. Both want marriage, children, the whole nine yards. Neither one can find a man worth her time. I believe that a black guy who graduates, gets a job, and stays out of trouble would have wonderful women fighting over him.

    Vos W

    Lazy research, lazy analysis for this article. If you're going to regurgitate weak Fox News talking points from a few years back at least give them credit.

    Black Sheep

    Load of crap. Blacks don't fix anything except their heroin shot. All they do is cause tons of violent crime, jack up our taxes to pay to FIX the harm they've done, pay for their endless welfare and huge imprisonment costs. That we hard working Americans pay for. Blacks are violent racist pukes, damn near every one of them, and I'm sick of their whining and demanding. BLM means Burn, Loot, Murder, and no, black lives really don't matter much at all to them so why should they matter to those of us who just want to live decent lives?


    you can actually watch, in real time, the african american community fall into utter dementia, unable to internalize the Reality Principle. They are currently living in a paralles universe which seems to comfort them, but will, as all paralles universes, leave them face down in spiritual, economic, psychological, and political fecal mud. Guaranteed.


    sorry kids, but they won't let me edit the word parallel .....no s.

    Kevin Bauer

    So what President Trump has been doing in conjunction with the Black Community ( Or is it because he's "Orange Man Bad" , President Trump doesn't qualify as white ? ) has just been chits and giggles ? Republicans have done the most over the History of the United States ( A decidedly White Party that was the first to welcome Black Congressmen ) from freeing them from Slavery to today's President whom has done the most for the Black Community. I Reject your Opinion as being Racist.

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]

    […] Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off […]

    […] post Only Blacks Can Fix Black America, White “Responsibility” Is To Back Off appeared first on CD […]

    James Savik

    Blacks have done such a great job with the cities. It'll be fine (until the next rioting and looting spree).

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