Former Police Chief: Defunding Police Not Wise Idea For Black Communities

June 15, 2020
Former Police Chief: Defunding Police Not Wise Idea For Black Communities
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Former police chief Derrick Parks, now owner of a D.C.-based security firm, declared this week 'defunding the police' not a wise idea for American communities. CDMedia spoke with Mr. Parks at length recently.

"Dedunding the police is not a wise idea. Law and order has to prevail in Seattle. The taking of ground is ludicrous. It is disrupting people's freedom.

"The problem we have now in policing is unions. They protect their bad apples. It is very hard to fire someone. It is obvious Derek Chauvin did not serve and protect. He did the opposite. He used a certain callousness in a tactical situation.

"It is a precarious time for police; they are under a microscope. If we defund? What will be accomplished?

"Re-educaiton, training is how we deal with the bad apples. Maybe the way police deal with crime has to change. The pendulum has swung too far to the left. It is a very heated time. Sweeping changes like what are being recommended is not always the best change.

"There are still a TON of people out there that have to be dealt with, that enjoy killing, raping, and robbing. Someone has to deal with that.

"Policing will evolve with society. For example, now we can't chase suspects, to prevent innocent people from being killed. Maybe a different level of force needs to be used.

"People have the right to make their thoughts heard. And, police need to focus on cleaning up their image, stop lying to the public. But this rioting is not productive. Reorganization can be an issue but defunding is ridiculous.

"Don't defund the police. It will only lead to more problems for black communities."

Derrick Parks is the CEO of Metropolitan Protective Services in Washington, D.C.



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