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    DO Something Mr. President!

    June 20, 2020

    If You Don't, The People Will, And You Will Have A Civil War On Your Hands!

    Stature of George Washington being destroyed in Portland, OR
    Screenshot Youtube

    Statues of the founder of our beloved nation, George Washington, are burning.

    Statues of Abraham Lincoln are defaced.

    Holy war memorials are defaced and destroyed.

    Citizens are attacked, raped, murdered.

    Entire portions of the country are occupied by communists.

    Businesses are continuing to be destroyed.

    Disloyal officials continue to flout your orders, in your face Mr. President.

    And yet, you do nothing.


    Or you will have a civil war on your hands. The people will do what is needed for you.

    Remove the traitors from the Department of Defense. Use the Insurrection Act. If it is not for this, what is it for?

    This cannot go on. This cannot continue.

    Just this morning, people are thinking of taking the law into their own hands to protect their families, their homes, their businesses, their way of life, their beloved America.

    The rule of law is crumbling.

    These revolutionaries are nothing but Marxist cowards, Leninists, Maoists in race sheep's clothing.

    Deal with them!

    I understand the strategy of not giving the Left what they want but you are now at the point of losing voters.

    Time is slipping away for America.

    Don't be the president who let that happen.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Understand your frustrations, but the truth is much of what is going on is a State/County/City issue. If a statute in Virginia is torn down that is up to one of those entities, not the federal government. Yet President Trump could do something about police unions (who protect bad cops to no end). He could work on getting rid of qualified immunity - which in practice permits a government official to hurt citizens, badly, and get away scott free.

    david hina

    10th amendment Todd


    Unfortunately I think you’re a voice, a true voice, crying in the wilderness. The people’s ears and eyes have been covered so they can neither hear nor see. Our President has been compromised and is now ineffective. He no longer has control over the military as the communists/globalists have infiltrated the upper echelons. Obama fired hundreds of top loyal officers and put in place his “yes men”. Trump came into this intending to “drain the swamp”, but he had no idea how extensive the swamp had become nor how large and vicious the swamp creatures are that live there. Trump was a breather for this country... a time to reflect, repent and change. This hasn’t happened as a nation. We’re still full of God hating cynical selfish people who are more interested in what JayZ and Beyoncé are doing than the state of our nation, or their own eternal souls. No, I share your pain as I’m a military retiree and a patriot, but I see the handwriting on the wall. Unless massive repentance takes place, and soon, we will, and can, no longer stand.. As we decline, the world will enter a dark ages the likes of which have never been seen on this planet.

    Conway Poppa

    All of those who support socialism and other leftist buffoonery want President Trump to "do something" when the fruits of supporting anarchy arise. You have spent years supporting sloth, government hand outs, and political chicanery and now hold the one person who is trying to halt this malfeasance of former administrations.
    If those who want a safe and sane society want something done, they have the power to do so themselves. Vote against sedition and anarchy. Vote against unfettered corruption in government. Vote for Trump in 2020.
    Absolutely every Democrat in America is corrupt, as is every RINO. Remember this at the polls.


    Hear hear! Time is running out.


    It’s time, Mr President. I agree, do something, or lose everything.


    i say let it burn ... let these 'idiot's burn down their own cities ... statues mean nothing ... when the have no food , or running water .. . electricity ... no roof over their heads ... maybe then they will realize what 'fools' they have been played for ... the rule of law is gone ... we are on our own as far as the government is concerned ... and at this point the government has no 'right' to ask of any thing from the law abiding citizens ... they have abused us long enough ... mr carlson is right ... this is our home we will do what needs to be done to protect it ... government be 'damned ' ... and when the 'filth' who are burning this nation to the ground decide to tun on it's leaders ... welllllll the french revolution come to mind .......


    The fit is close to hitting the Shan, Mr. President, and do you want all the blame for that on you. Do your sworn duty to protect the Constitution and the good people of the USofA. Your hesitance is telling. Eff the judges and that POS, John Roberts. This is an insurrection and you must deal with it. Many people are giving up on you. You should have known it was not going to be easy. Your time to act is quickly running out. Surround those miserable jerks in Seattle with the Guard of Military and don't let anyone in or out. Cut off all utilities, especially their phones and electricity. Nothing in; nothing out until they starve.

    […] DO Something Mr. President! […]


    I think Trump lets it go to SHOW the country what voting liberal gets you. Nov is not far off.

    J. Williams

    A Marxist insurrection is taking hold in America and we're discussing whether or not stopping it violates the 10th Amendment.

    We've known this for 2,000 years
    Inter arma enim silent lēgēs (I war laws fall silent)

    If we don't stop this NOW, there will be no Constitution to worry about!

    The president must declare a state of National Emergency, invoke the Insurrection Act, and put an end to the subversion immediately. The principals financing and organizing the insurrection must be identified, charged, and thrown in jail for 20 years. It's been done many times before for situations less grievous than what we're facing now.

    You're not going to lose votes for taking action Mr. President, but you will certainly lose them for doing nothing.


    Wow! So many of the commentators are commenting things I have been privately thinking for several years now. This civil war may come sooner than later and I don't want Beirut or Afghanistan to have to live for my remaining life.


    Yes, the ordeal in Seattle is just desserts for the ignorant voters of Washington State puting the same loser Democrats in power.


    This is only happening in blue states that voted for it. The President should do nothing unless asked. That's Federalism. DJT's respect for federalism during the pandemic was exemplary and IMO he is the only president in decades who would not have used it as an excuse to seize more power. This is the Dems problem. Let it remain their problem. They voted for this.


    Hey folks I hate to burst your bubbles but Q is a line you wait in. You dont surround yourself with swamp people to drain the swamp. The Rothschild Communist Central bank doesnt care who wins as long as we the people lose. They make money when our country falls just like a fire sale for Their fake dollars and our real labor and assets. The Talmudic NWO is here America has fallen politically what about socially? Has one country defended off an internal Communist insurrection ? I dont think so. The elect and bankers have stolen trillions time for the last plank of communist manifesto which is starvation. Look around your choices already greatly limited but the mega corporations succeeding beyond all imagination. CENTRALIZATION OF EVERYTHING IS COMING what will you do when they kick in your door at 2 am. Thats the real question voting just shifts criminals around like the pedophiles in the church are. They protect their own and use children as contracts.

    Bob Sprinkle

    Donald Trump could completely secure his re-election if he would first require federal troops to surround this chaz/chop and give them 48 hrs to clear this area out and return it to the city. And I am NOT talking about governor/mayor/city council. Allow the LEGAL residents to leave first. Then simply go in and clear it out. These occupiers have committed treason. This is NOT a simple protest. They have stated they are not part of the US.
    MAYBE another choice could be to cut off ALL water, electricity,trash/emergency services. Arrest all of the "occupiers". Send them to Gitmo while we take our time bringing charges.

    […] Source Link  […]


    The Bitter Fruit!

    There was an old man and his young son that set out to go to the city for their yearly supplies. He had only one donkey so early in the morning he got on the donkey and let his son walk behind as they headed to the city.

    When he came to his first neighbors he greeted them and they started deriding him for making his son walk while he rode the donkey.

    So he got off the donkey and put his son on him, and he walked while his son rode. When they got to the next neighbors house they called him a stupid old man for letting his strong young boy ride while he walked!

    So both got off the donkey and walked. However, when he got to next neighbor house they mocked calling him an old fool because he had a beast of burden and no body was riding him!

    So this time both them got onto the donkey, but when he got to his last neighbor house; the neighbor got very angry with him because he was being cruel to the donkey for having two people on him.

    The moral of this story is that this country will soon find out it can’t be governed by social media.

    Although, people are addicted to the power of their own opinions in an instant of time it will undue every rule of law that cannot be enforced or created in the space and time of the latest hash # tag.

    To feel empowered by capitulation of weak minded moral cowards in politics, corporations for profit, judges, city official's who cave to every whim of public opinion is not a victory.

    It is a truth of human nature that law and order protect us from. Such victories are a lost of your freedom that must of necessity produces the most evil totalitarian beast of government for civilization to survive.

    So that parties is on right now for those drunk on the power of corrupt news media, and social media, but soon the drunk will end then a reality check that is recorded on all the pages of human history now being forced upon all of us to repeat itself in the brutal display of the beastly power in subjecting the mob violence to law and order, without any freedom of opinion.

    When people are so stupid that they will destroy their own home to punish their parents, parents past mistakes they will be forced to do totally cruel act that their parent would have never done finding themselves the oppressors instead of politically sensitive they imagine themselves to be.

    Then nobody will care their reasons or opinions of why they destroy the lives of millions to create a far worst world. Governments are not new, they are created out of necessity to manage the mob to protect those that can’t protect themselves.

    From the ashes will come another one, and all the resentments of those that were force to accept their beliefs and agendas while they uses their new authority to control the mob!

    Freedom is not a hash#tag, an idea, or movie, it is something people die for out of integrity of moral character. It is an integrity formed into letter of the law that hold people impulse as secondary to equal protection of the law for every human despite skin color, age, race religion, education, wealth or power.

    There is no injustice of the laws in this country the injustice are those who capitulate for cowardliness and personal gains to mob mentally perverting the equal protection of the law that protect all of us. It is those fools that believe acceptance is more important than personal integrity, and who believe they will never get caught or have to pay for their selfish agendas that drives their actions to violate with impunity the life force of this country, its laws.

    For every action there is a reaction, and for every judgment their is a judgment, without the power of law there are only billions of actions, and billions of judgments, it is the power of law that keeps those whims from punishing the rest of us!

    prester khan

    I sincerely hope that the federal authorities have managed to infiltrate the CHOP zone and are gathering evidence and ID's of those who need to be prosecuted for treason and other crimes. Not only for those within the zone, but those outside of it that are supporting it, as well. When the time comes to put the hammer down, you still need to be able to separate the "wheat from the chaff".


    We are ready, The Democrats declared War on the Republicans and conservatives and Independents over a Decade ago.. Now we are fighting back with Bullets and Ballots. Either way the Left is soon to be dead.


    The day we take the law into our own hands, the great experience of a government which allows every citizen, individual freedom, will be fractured. The 'firewall' we possess, given to us by the 2nd amendment, comes with the responsibility of upholding our Constitutional Republic. The day our President strong arms our Federalist way of governing, will create the very outcome the left, is aspiring to accomplish.
    They win.
    Those who wish to intervene, in the left, destroying themselves, defeats the importance of our vote.
    The cultural war, the left is waging, is on themselves. They control about 15% of the dirt in this country.
    War is about land, assets and most important, the moral responsibility that human life, out weighs everything else.
    Statues and city blocks can be re-built.
    China has taken Globalism, their own goal, of the world's future and destroyed it. It can never be.
    All of the people of the world, who wished for globalism, are all in. If Globalism has failed, trillions of dollars are gone. Their complete control over human life, is gone.
    Today's Communists, are like this gigantic evil snake, who had it's tail cut off, by our vote for Donald Trump in 2016. The reality is we created this writhing snake, far from dead, lashing out at us with all the strength it has left. This November, if a majority of Americans want to retain our form of Government, will will re-elect our President and take back the House and retain a Senate majority.
    We will have kept the beacon of civilization intact.
    Our country stands alone, a shining example, against Global Communism.
    Our way is better. It takes trust, courage and hard work to be us.
    40% of the qualified voters in our country don't vote.
    I look forward to seeing many of the 40% to make a stand, for their country in November.


    WOW !! ... What a great group of comments, and all very valid from historically well informed people..

    Yes, the time to act is NOW! ... History is pretty much worthless if you don't learn from it.

    david K. shupert

    Trump is trying to walk a fine line here. His reelection is a must and he knows this. It is a delicate balance that no one but trump could pull off. WHEN he is reelected he can go for broke and be much more aggressive about making America great again. We need to get him a second term if for no other reason that to continue appointing Judges and to install another Supreme Court Justice.

    Thomas Madigan

    We all have our opinions on what the President should do, or not do.
    My opinion is this...I trust our President to do the right thing. He has done the right thing more often than not over the past 3 1/2 years. Patience is a virtue, bu timing is critical.
    Restoring the rule of law in our Country is an absolute necessity, but it must be done equally in order for it to mean anything.
    Lets wait a little....and see what he does....I think he deserves at least that much from us.

    J Waterman

    if Trump losses its because he didn't do anything.

    Same with Graham and all the DS in SC, Senate, Congress.

    What Dems think is that revolution with get them what they want.... it will get them DEAD I PROMISE>


    There already is a civil war being waged. Problem is, the people who can fight are not in the democrat cities being overtaken. If there is open war in Boston where guns are strongly prohibited, anyone coming from out of state to fight can be immediately arrested in MA for simply possessing a firearm.
    The socialist strategy looks to be to taunt conservatives into going where they can be disarmed and arrested. Not happening. The fight has to come to open ground where there is a chance of a fight instead of a trap.
    President Trump knows this too. He isn't going to get lured into a Ruby Ridge or Waco.
    Let the spoiled children have their tantrum and burn their cities down. Won't work so well in other locations where a well armed militia is waiting for them.
    These riots are all a distraction from the crimes that have been and are being committed by democrats in DC. It is just a distraction. If there was a murder in chazland, as long as it was one of the protesters, let it rot there.

    rickey ricardo

    Excellent article and spot on. Thank you Todd Wood. Time for decesive, bold and daring action to restore law and order. As many dead as it takes, America First.


    There is something MUCH bigger in play here. Trillions of dollars are unaccounted for, an “official/public” Space Force was started by Trump, persistent rumors of vast underground facilities being built across the planet, “orchestrated” world wide civil unrest, official military confirmation of UFO’S, etc; it’s all related.

    Warren S

    What the Dems and Marxists really want, and are trying to fabricate, are some situations that create casualties that can be blamed on the President's use of force. Nothing would please them more than to have the President uses the Insurrection Act and federal troops to crack some commie heads. That would turn out way more Dems in November than Joe Biden.


    A bully is a bully because they are moral cowards they use weakness to feed their own moral sickness. If one fears a bully they will keep bullying.

    Taking a bully out with a devastating blow is necessary to stop the pack that follows the bully. One cannot win a war, a game, or anything in this life if one has not defined they are in a war, a life and death situation.

    This country has set back for years trying to reason and appease while in a brutal will defined and orchestrated war against our country and its culture there is no middle ground these people hate us and are engaged in a deliberate war on every level against America.

    All of us know it true that is why we are losing to insane up side down decisions because we didn’t think sane person could do such things, but people in war can and do all that necessary to destroy the enemy, we are the enemy.

    They can’t live under their conditions they are putting on us, and they won’t if they had the power and were running this country it would stop in a brutal second of time. They know its insane but their in a war designed to shake every institution in this country by systemic ciaos to keep people from enforcing our laws for fear of losing everything.

    They believe our own selfish greed for materialism will keep us from taking control while we set back and let them destroy the country and its culture.

    We’ve already lost, now we are being occupied because they have convinced everyone in this country who obeys the laws, and play by the rules or be branded a frantic while their every actions are fanatical, which is, exactly what totalitarianism does it banks on that law obeying allows them freedom while they do aristocracies to take over the government.

    We play by the rules and they destroy our lives by no rule of law. The problem with the history of evil is when it fines a weakness it gets stronger. It never goes away on its own neither does a bully, it must be defeated, hated, and destroyed by the principle of caring and giving up life for others so they can have freedom.

    To believe Trump is going to defeat this is complacency, no one person going to defeat a systemic evil let to grow for three generation, something we have all let happen by the rules of fairness. The weeds have chocked out the garden. The corruption is so pervasive Trump has no supporter within his own party they will never stand up, or they would have never let this economy be destroyed by the lying media over the covid19. They are not going to get their hands dirty in doing the hard digging to take the weeds out of the garden that is a proven fact, wake up!

    That unquestioning compliance over COVID19 by all us is the fatal weakness that will be used to bring this country down. The pattern of willful compliance has showed their power in manipulating this country. Now they have no fear or shame they are taking us down, and we all hope its going away like a bad news day. They know us very will, don’t they?


    What statues or monuments do these people revere? Deface them. Tear them down. Only one problem, you will get arrested.

    John Acord

    Where is the American general Pinochet? When the Chileans faced a similar takeover of their nation the magnificent General Pinochet marched his men out of their barracks, shot the Communist allied officers, rounded up the Commies, and executed them to the last man and woman. There has never been a serious Communis threat in Chile since that time. The only way to deal with rabid Communists is to put a bullet between their eyes. If Trump is too timid to deal with the insurrection then it is time for the patriots to do the job for him.


    I think it is unproductive to have the reply area at the bottom of the comments section . No wonder you have so few readers and commenters . Disgusted with your incompetence .


    The problem is, that more than half of congress are an enemy of the people The senate is not much better. Folks like Mitch M. no longer hide that they think they are higher up than our elected leader. THAT must end and now. It is globalism and the desire to be at the top, that is destroying our politicians. Why would they want to be at the top when globalism is the destruction of the nations. Shame on every stinking RINO and traitor serving this nation. Everyone of them should be publicly hanged for dereliction of duty. Shame on our leaders who have winked at dissing our president. You have an eternal price to pay for you arrogance and your failure to serve as you swore you would. Your oaths are all witnessed by God Almighty, who will hold you accountable. This nation has had enough natural disasters, and we clean them up. Our government is becoming a disaster. and we need to clean that up. Our Constitution declares it. Laws of globalism will be tyrannical. Those longing for it, are deceived, period.

    Anita J Holste

    I, too, am so impressed with the many thoughtful people who have made comments. However, I feel we cannot be so anxious to have this insurrection halted that we fail to act for the best outcome. Above contributor, Thomas Madigan is right on in his observation that "Patience is a virtue, but timing is critical." I believe President Trump will find this right time and manner to manage.

    […] DO Something Mr. President! […]


    It is critical that we understand we are under attack the system is permeated with corruption on every level from local government to Washington DC we are not talking about some fringe group here we are talking about will over 50% of the country are at war with the culture of this country.

    Our backing up from the constant punches of a bully and ducking hoping he will leave alone is not a strategy for getting rid of the bully. If we cannot even define what a peaceful rally is, and enforce the laws when its a mob violence; who is capitulating?

    There is no law and order its gone how is allowing corruption going to uncorrupt anything? We really are at the point of no return, and I am not certain we are not way past it!

    We have become a nation lead by social media and the corrupt news that is by definition lawlessness. How can that be stopped without lawmaker to stop it? When we can’t even convict one person in all the corruption of the FBI, not one!

    The next problem none of us want to think about even if Trump gets another 4-year and God lets hope he does. What happens when he gone? The other side has gotten control of the schools system on up; every level of society they are educating this nation to hate the constitution to hate conservatism they own all the main news media.

    We are not going to talk people out of their hate, we are not going to educate people out of this culture hate. Trump has won some real victories, but even at that look what’s happen to the Supreme Court, how could that happen if the power of socialism is not running this country having the power to intimidate the highest court in the land.

    Does anyone of us really think that going away, or its going to lessen by elected official? For this country to survive there will needed to be a reset back to the foundation of the constitution. The war in this country today is not to make this a more perfect government but to destroy it and all of its history to build an evil empire where no one has any rights but what the corrupt government gives them.

    Those that lied to get on the supreme court need to be removed so the next bunch don’t do the same thing. And that type of reprisal needs to happen on all levels of society from school teachers into college and government.

    Every time the news media and social media tell lies, or holds court to convicting people by agenda there needs to be real lasting reprisal so the cowards stop being empowered with lawlessness. No more saying its not acceptable someone has to put real teeth into destroying their lives.

    If we can’t hold high official responsible for their evil corrupt acts, they are left to work against the next president undermining elections and judges then we have no law, no constitution. Who of us would leave a rotten apple in a new bag of apples and then get mad because it corrupted the rest and ruin the bag of apples?

    Once were off the defense and start punching back they have to define themselves the pages start turning into greater equal protection. If we say black hate America and whites, which isn’t completely true they have to defend not hating us. If we say we are going to start protecting our children by teaching blacks hate us. Do you see how utterly offense that is?

    Why are we allowing the others side to teach their children white are evil, its because we can’t stop apologizing for their evil thoughts we want to be like?

    Vicki Champagne

    As a Constitutional Republic. We have failed. Unless we do something drastic that no ones seems to think we WILL do - take our Republic back. This has been building up not for years, but for decades! Our Constitution tells us, in plain English, what to do. The people MUST rise up & defy anyone, or anything, taking part in the attempted takeover of our Country. Yet the Patriot movement, the oath keepers, the militias remain quiet and just observe. Have we not seen enough?!!?? How much more needs to happen before the people start to stand by our Constitution and forcibly take the Country back??!!?? Taking over entire sections of large cities to stand against our form of Gov't is treason - at the very least.

    Civil war looms in the background as the Patriot movement, the oath keepers, the militias remain quiet and just observe. The corruption runs much too deep in this country today. Because of this it will take nothing less that a bloody conflict to correct. We are talking taking over DC and holding those against our Constitutional way of life accountable - on the front lawn of the WH!! Hang them all for treason. Cut the cancer out!! Once and for all. It's going to take some very strong & patriotic men, and women, to overcome that which has become deeply embedded within our society - a communist agenda that appears to be winning!!

    Only 'The People' can put a stop to this.....Just like the founding fathers gave us instructions within our Constitution . Has it already become so damaged that nothing can be done??!!? I refuse to believe that! The people have the power here except way too many have forgotten that - to such a degree that only a bloody civil war can remedy. Will we return to freedom or will we become more controlled by the bondage of communism. These are unprecedented times within our history. Will we be remembered as Patriots fighting for our Constitutional rights?? Or, as simpletons that were willing to just hand our Republic over to the communists?? Fight until there is no more fight left within us. Fight like we fricking mean it. Enough is enough!!!

    God. Save our Republic. Save our country.....


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