• Another Justified Police Shooting Leads To Outrage...Maybe Don't Draw Down On A Cop?

    September 3, 2020
    Deon Kay. Image: YouTube

    Protesters in Washington, D.C. should have slept on it. Deon Kay, 18, was shot by a Metropolitan Police Department officer yesterday afternoon. Police received a report of a man brandishing a gun on Wednesday. When they arrived on the 200 block of Orange Street, the individuals, young black men, fled on foot.

    The officers pursued, and when they caught up to Kay, he pulled a handgun. One of the officers fired, hitting Kay in the chest (the bullet exited his back, according to the police report). Two guns were found. Kay's was 98 feet away, as he appeared to lose control of it as he was shot, and it fell down an embankment. The other gun, presumably belonging to Kay's accomplice, is a "ghost gun," that is, with serial numbers filed off. Kay later died at an area hospital.

    At a press conference today, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the MPD Chief of Police Pete Newsham addressed reporters from the D.C. City Hall. The calmness of their remarks underscored the inescapable truth: Kay drew his gun while the police pursued him. There isn't any gray area here to exploit, and one imagines that comes as a disappointment to Bowser, a very public supporter of Black Lives Matter.

    But last night, local citizens weren't so well informed, and they assumed the worst. The information circulating online was telling. It was a white cop!! (He is reportedly Hispanic, not that it should matter in any case.) He shot him multiple times in the back!! (Once, in the chest.) Kay was unarmed!! (Clearly not the case.)

    Remember when the public learned about a crime, then waited for the information to be released? When we trusted the authorities, and a legal process that has stood the test of time? That era has passed entirely. Egged on by domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM, the public has come to rely on often incomplete video and social media sources.

    This is one of the times when bodycams served their purpose admirably: without a video recording of the events, this shooting would have surely been the cause of a fresh wave of riots and looting.

    Chief Newsham refused to go into Kay's arrest history specifically, but he did state that he had "several touches with the legal system" and that he had likely "fallen through several safety nets." In other words, Kay, despite his youth, was already a criminal. Newsham confirmed this as well, stating that Kay was a "validated gang member."

    Lately, the victims the left rushes to acquit and deify are almost invariably reprehensible human beings. Deon Kay joins their ranks. But you'd never guess as much if you were reading mainstream media for the past 24 hours.

    Just look at a couple of recent examples.

    When will this nonsense end?
    One guess: around November 4th.


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    adren jarrid

    It's pretty pathetic. Another criminal loser comes into contact with LEO and it ends badly because of his actions. And the response of an uneducated, angry black dude is foreseeable. The victim mentality lives on, and on, and on. Thanks democrats, black race hustlers, and other guilty liberal white folk. You are like termites destroying a large beautiful welcoming home. It's our country.

    No Collusion No Obstruction Whats Next

    That's one less malcontent that Biden says we must all ' unite ' with.
    um, does Fossil Biden mean " Mandatory Uniting " for Americans ?
    ...like with his silly already dated, knee jerk Mandatory FaceMask edict.


    More common than most people think. There's a reason the "cops" shows were cancelled. Truth sometimes hurts the narrative:


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