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    State Legislatures Shouldn't Fear Antifa, They Should Fear Being Voted Out By Trump Voters

    December 9, 2020
    Governor Kemp - Cleanse Your Soul
    A screen capture taken from a Brian Kemp for Governor campaign ad, entitled “Jake”
    Image by Betatype

    There has been much recent press about Georgia and other state legislators refusing to perform their function under the Constitution of the United States for fear of being 'doxed' by Antifa, or being brow-beaten by corrupt GOP leadership and possibly losing lucrative committee assignments. These bodies are doing nothing as required to combat the massive election fraud committed last Nov 3rd.

    This is the wrong thing to be afraid of.

    These spineless politicians who refuse to stand up for free and fair elections in America, or for the American people's voice, should more likely fear the wrath of the Trump voter, who will surely kick them out of office next chance they get.

    Expect primaries.


    The silver lining of this Constitutional crisis is that the vast corruption of the Democrat (read communist) party, and their enablers in the Grand Old Party Establishment are being exposed for all of America, and the world to see.

    The much talked about 'great reset' will not be a 'blue wave' in America, but will be a populist one. Wokeness has peaked. The Left now fears a revolution in minority communities, especially Latinos and Blacks. This reality is the consequence of the 2020 red wave election.

    This is why they had to attempt to steal it. They will not be successful.

    Those now committing treason and other crimes will be held accountable in the near future.

    The Deplorables will not forget.

    When Deep State criminals cynically use patriotism to mask their malign behavior their official protection goes out the window and is void.

    We predict mass arrests and prosecutions are coming.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Right now, no one is sure of the power of the vote or the power of the people.


    A misleading photo of "Gov" Kemp. This one is much more approrpiate


    Why should any politician fear the vote or will of the people? We just witnessed the real power that resides in WHO counts the vote, and right now every politician is vying for a seat at Dominion's table with the hope that Dominion will deem them worthy in the next election cycle.

    rickey ricardo

    If the SC refuses to do its duty to preserve the republic the President must declare martial law and do his own investigation, mass arrests and prosecution of treason. If the choice is between the tyranny and partnership of the globalists with the communist Chinese, or Donald Trump in a 3rd world, general's uniform with a mustache and a riding crop under his arm, I'll take Trump and pray he begins summary executions of his enemies.


    They should FEAR the 2nd Amendment... We are Done with the Lying Media and politicians who represent China over America.


    Trump voters won't vote them out because Republicans will no longer be able to win elections--our votes literallt don't count. But the Dems will steal the elections for the Republican candidates' Democrat opponents. Same result though.


    How do we vote them out? The party determines who will be primaried. Unless one is independently wealthy as Trump no one has the financial horsepower to buck the money from the political powers. Example, John Corynan, a self professed never trumper. Who ran against him but a Democrat and other un-electables. How do we vote them out?

    Mikey Serrano

    I am going to vote with my weapons. Steal my vote and I will steal your life.

    Warren S

    Replying to @ricky recardo,

    Trump enacting martial law and taking over ("riding crop under arm") is not a better option than dictatorship by the left. Just a different option for dictatorship. Our best hope to preserve our democratic republic is to continue our Constitution as-is and agree to abide by it. It might come to a point where the best way to do that is a pure military coup, led by people who have sworn allegiance to the Constitution and will restore law under the Constitution.


    Forget it about tossing them if Biden should win. We will never see another election ever again.

    ziegler von strahn

    L Todd Wood.... I would expect you to be more prescient.
    There is no longer such a thing as an election in the United States of America.
    its a dog and pony show. Nothing more.
    We'll lose both Ga Seats on Jan 5th.
    The Dems will gain filibuster proof majorities in both houses in 2022. They will also gain enough State Houses to have enough to Amend the Constitution.

    When you can no longer vote with ballots, you must vote with bullets.


    Instead of fearing the anarchists, they should fear the patriots with the will to take our country back and punish them for their treason.


    they will learn to feel more than either antifa or being voted out.


    note well.....R for L IN THE WORD FEEL. HEHEH


    What a joke...fear Republicans voting them out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The game is rigged.

    No, they fear being doxxed or violence. That is the left and Antifa or BLM... Can our side do either? Can we do something more than talk about the caliber gun we will use one day...? If not its over....we don't deserve to be free because Jefferson said the blood of patriots must be spilled from time to time to preserve the tree of liberty. Lets stop being schmucks....


    absolutely right. where and when is what we need someone in a position of authority to tell us. I nominate Gen Flynn


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