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    Fight Now Or Be A Slave

    December 11, 2020

    President Trump Should Declare Insurrection And Impose Martial Law Until We Can Investigate And Hold Traitors Accountable, Then Have New Election

    Fight Now Or Be A Slave
    Execution of Chinese Dissident

    "A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."
    John Stuart Mill


    Hillary Clinton was so surprised! 'But we had Dominion!' she thought. 'I was going to be president!'

    Doesn't it all make so much sense now?

    Obama was brought in to begin the work of destroying America; Hillary was to finish the job.

    But then came Trump, and the Chinese-funded 'resistance' began. And, oh what a 'resistance' it has been. The corporate media, DOJ, FBI, parts of DOD, Silicon Valley all have been involved all the way through the 'election'.

    Much of our Federal government is compromised, as our investigative reporter George Eliason so artfully said, "Their hands are caught in Fang Fang's cookie jar".

    CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here! 

    There is a simple truth all patriotic Americans must face -- we fight now or we will live as slaves to the Chinese Communist Party.

    Never in my life did I think I would ever write those words, but I just did.

    It's not a cliche -- every veteran alive today swore an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies...they are in our midst, among us, destroying our republic. It is up to our generation now.

    We cannot accept this 'election'. This is a blatant lie.

    They are coming for your guns next. They will systematically put us in camps, those wiling to fight for freedom that is. China has much experience doing this.

    If we don't fight now, we will live as slaves. There will not be 'another day'.

    The fight is...NOW! The conspiracy theorists were right all along.

    Hold the line!

    Go to a rally! Get in your state legislator's face - make them have a backbone. They are scared little traitorous children. Organize a group of patriots for communication purposes. Resist these diabolical lockdowns meant to enslave your family.


    Buy a gun, or two, or three while you still can.

    Prepare for the worst.

    And fight like Hell!

    It's here folks. We must face reality. Expect to be demonized. Expect to be persecuted. Expect to be targeted. But, fight anyway.

    President Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act and declare the election illegal. We must investigate and hold the traitors accountable. Then we can hold a new election. President Trump was born for this moment. He does not want to go down in history as the man who lost America to communists.

    There will be those who choose to cooperate with the Chicoms, in exchange for luxury and safety, just as the Tories of old did in 1774.

    I choose to fight for freedom. There are millions like me.

    Patriots rise!



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Philly Smith

    If Patriots do fight, remember to round up the traitors in the corrupt media who hid the rot from us for so long.


    The SCOTUS gets a shot at fixing this first...that's how the system is supposed to work. But, even if the SCOTUS fails, there will never be a declaration of martial law or a move to investigate this. Nobody will be held to account.


    If the past is any indicator of the future, President Trump will declare the Insurrection Act some time in mid-January.


    You forgot to mention the biological weapons from Israel to prevent a Chinese "disease" that everyone is going to line-up to be injected with, all based on 100% judeo-chinese propaganda.

    James Troxler

    No one is required to follow an unlawful order from another person no matter the rank. If a large group refuses a vaccine or wearing a mask, or sending a child to a socialist training camp, the tyrants have no power. As long as we have weapons we are in charge. There’s more patriotic people than there are tyrants we are still in charge. RESIST AND FIGHT.


    SCOTUS first. Should rule states vote. If not then ACT and arrest BIDEN &Company.

    Ben Colder

    I am an old man what have I got to loose? I can still fire a gun and hit what I point it at.Can you hear the raped ape screams if Trump did just that I wish he would but I just don't see it happening.I really don't think anyone will fight when it comes right down to it.The Chinese and the dem/communists are going to take over with out a shot being fired I am afraid.

    Jeffrey Fowler

    December 11, 2020 at 8:23 pm
    If the past is any indicator of the future, President Trump will declare the Insurrection Act some time in mid-January.

    You are CORRECT!

    John Galt

    Hopefully someday we can celebrate Restoration Day.

    ziegler von strahn

    I have signed on for The Great Reset.

    We reset the Federal Government.
    Everybody out of the pool. Judges, Representatives, political appointees, and Every single job in Washington D.C.
    We'll still need to clean up some other areas too, like CDC, SEC, and Bureaus in other places.

    But target #1 of the reset should be a literal cleansing of D.C. Government offices.
    Then we demand in person, voter ID required new elections and Put in completely new We, The People.


    @von strahn - when you speak of “literal cleansing” are you referring to the deep clean and disinfecting that is going to be required once the petri dish of the current administration vacates the property at 1600? I couldn’t agree more.

    Paul Duffany

    The corrupt agents must be purged or we will forever lose our democracy. For anyone to turn a blind eye to the numerous felonies committed by politicians is a travesty and sends a terrible message to the world and to our children. How Hillary was treated was the first of the last straws. She blatantly destroyed subpoenaed evidence with no objection by the law. She lied repeatedly to both the FBI and Congress, and again no objections, only protections. How deranged can a brainwashed population be to oppose the ones seeking justice????? It is amazing and with that said, requires extraordinary actions supported by all Patriots. Its MARTIAL LAW and the conviction of crimes already committed.

    Paul Duffany

    Your character assassination is as juvenile as your perception of the situation. For anyone to turn a blind eye to the numerous felonies committed by politicians is a travesty and sends a terrible message to the world and to our children. How Hillary was treated was the first of the last straws. She blatantly destroyed subpoenaed evidence with no objection by the law. She lied repeatedly to both the FBI and Congress, and again no objections, only protections. How deranged can a brainwashed population be to oppose the ones seeking justice????? It is amazing and with that said, requires extraordinary actions supported by all Patriots. Its MARTIAL LAW and the conviction of crimes already committed.


    should have been done the day nancy pelosi proceeded with the impeachment with no evidence whatsoever. she should have been jailed, tried, and executed along with fifty or so other top line traitors.

    Cipher Cue

    F*** Joe Biden and the Chinese junk he sailed in on! WE FIGHT!!!


    @paul - did you really just put “character assassination, juvenile, and perception” in the same sentence in your retort to my comment?
    You are clearly not perceptive enough to recognize that my statement about a Petri dish was not an assassination, it was a statement of fact. The orange one has made the White House into a super spreader space. The other fact stated was that he - and the rest of his clan - will be vacating the space in January (as a result of the will of the people). Disinfection is simply a requirement!
    And besides - were it truly a childish character assassination as you indicate you should be proud. I but take my cues from your favorite, thin-skinned insultor-in-chief.

    Brett Short

    Trump is a chump; this bastard won't do a thing. Talks a big game but then backs down like a whipped puppy. Now the son-of-a-bitch is pushing this vaccine poison on the public, why? If Trump was serious he would have rounded up the damn Democrat traitors and RINOs and put them away in Gitmo or a Turkish prison. The American people, being so uneducated, get what they voted for, a communist government that works for their demise. Every fucking Chinese Communist in this country needs to be shot on sight. Kick the fuckers OUT of our Republic, they don't belong.

    Brett Short

    It will take a Brillo Pad to kleen the Democrat and RINO scum out of the nooks and crannies of government. Can't believe these bastards are being paid by taxpayers. Of course these a-holes want to keep government "open" so they get their paychecks while fucking the rest of the little people. Biden is the "Big Fucker" of all.


    I hope you all have your communication channels, because the communist are already shutting down dissent via social media. If the scotus doesn't do its constitutional duty and trump is not willing, then we the people are the last line and must be ready and willing to lose everything in order to save our families freedoms.

    L L

    Waiting for the Supreme Court to rule first. If it doesn't overturn this obvious fraudulent vote then prepare for war. It's that simple. I'm all in. God willing we can hold the line.


    Why do we need another election? Trump won by a landslide. Trump needs to round these Democrat and Republican traitors up and shoot them every last one because if he doesn't that is what they are going to do to millions of Americans that dared to vote for him ....... "How Dare They!" But of course he won't because he isn't a president like Obama he's a game show host.


    The supreme court foisted the murder of babies on the American people, foisted gay marriage on the American people etc etc etc and sat back and did nothing when Obama used the IRS against Christians and others that dared stand up to him. The "supreme" court is a huge part of the problem it cannot be part of the solution to the many problems that it itself has created.

    Patriot Pat

    Your politicians are not only the people who brought us to this point, they LEAD it, and encouraged it.
    When it does happen, THEY need to be the first to be held accountable. Get them fast, because just like cock roaches when you turn the lights on, they will try to run and hide. Don't let them get away. They need to be made examples out of, so the next generation has a POWERFUL message of what we will no longer tolerate.

    BTW when they finally DO give it to Trump, all these people are not magically going to change their minds and suddenly want to be freedom loving patriots. We know what we HAVE to do to rid the American Body of the Cancer called Communism that is infecting it right now.

    There is only ONE way to get rid of cancer. Coddling and reasoning with it NOT that answer.
    Patriots, you know what you have to do, when the time comes, which will be very soon now I feel, just DO IT. For your family, for your freedom, for your very soul.

    You know who they are, you know where they are. You know the oath you swore. Don't brag, don't gloat, don't play the attention starved child game... just quietly do what needs to be done.


    I must say, Americans are such chumps for allowing China to bribe so many people and hack our elections like this. Wow, I never saw any of this coming.


    trump is a pons putting barr, wray cia nazis bolsheviks and murderers in charge. during civil war when summary exexutions of traitors and patriots will happen by the millions, trump must be prosecuted for cowardice and murder of his supporters.


    Trump will prevail, hes fighting with everything he's got to protect us. Only a blind fool cannot see thst


    Cowerdace? U fool


    U didnt see it coming because the lying media hid it.


    It’s OVER (again).
    Say it with me people. The orange one is a.......LOSER!


    rickey ricardo

    Do it now. The supreme court has betrayed America. Fuck the SC. Martial law now.

    Robert Polans

    This veteran is ready. They couldn't kill me in VietNam, the first Gulf War or three deployments in Afghanistan. An IED came close, but no cigar, just neurological crap. Yep our best bet is Martial Law, then new elections since china owns Dominion they interfered in the election.


    LL has crystallized my thoughts


    SCOTUS has failed us. Are they in on this too?

    Eric Smith

    Since SCOTUS just denied the big "this is it" deal, who do we fight?


    If martial law and warfare in our streets must occur, then if it does, it must arise from defensive necessity. If we must defend ourselves from marauding leftists then we will. We should not be the ones to initiate violent hostility.

    I am a Liberterian, sworn not to initiate violence. I will meet violence with reciprocal violence in self defense. I won't start it. For example, if someone shows up at my door demanding that I turn over my firearms, and he threatens me with a gun if I do not comply, then I will threaten him back in kind, and if he does not withdraw he will feel hot lead.


    They say that in America, there are four boxes of liberty. The Soapbox, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Ammo Box. However, voting officials, either through laziness, incompetence or evil intent, allowed thieves to steal in the dead of night and cheat our Ballot Box, so that we can no longer rely on its contents. We fought with the Jury Box, in the hope that the final box – the one most akin to Pandora’s – will remain closed. They have now opened it

    Patriots, the time is rapidly approaching for us once again to take up the battle of our forefathers and throw off the yoke of the oligarchs of our of country, the evil governments, big businesses and their mouthpieces the media that have shattered and stolen our rights.

    Don't give another inch to the loss of our liberties!

    Make your voices too loud to ignore!

    If they refuse to listen, take to the streets and protest until they do!

    "Live Free or Die!"

    Democracy Dies in Darkness.

    When Tyranny Becomes Law Rebellion Becomes Duty

    What You Stand For Is What Defines You

    It's time to shut this country down. At least what the demorats haven't already closed.
    Truckers organize and park your trucks on the freeway, farmers stop shipments to the leftist cities and police in these cities who piss in your faces, walk off the job. Then we will see what happens.

    The Realist

    @Cleansing--I don't know whether to laugh or feel sorry for you. You are so fucking ignorant and brain washed that you can't even think rationally. President Trump has done more for this country than any President back to Lincoln, but you liberals can't handle facts. Enjoy your $10 a gallon gasoline, 35% National Sales Tax, and constant government monitoring. Pray that you don't say the wrong thing, comrade.

    Alan Voorhees

    They are coming for your guns next (OBAMA!). They will systematically put us in camps (JADE HELM!)

    The fight is…NOW! The conspiracy theorists were right all along (ALWAYS!)

    Seditious Behavior

    Kill a Commie for Christ.

    Bill Halcott

    Since this is an attack on our Constitution, I am patiently waiting for a response from our military.......

    Charles Lantznester





    It is now time to go to war. The SCOTUS has ruled that they will not do anything about this illegitimate election so it is now in the hands of the people. You will fight now as free men or you will die as slaves.

    For those of you who would not fight until you had nothing left to lose, you will soon have nothing left to lose. Our gov is going along with the great reset. If you don't fight now, by this time next year you will have nothing.

    The communists must die. All of them.

    Constitutional patriot

    Before we fight, Per the 12th amendment, the president of the senate (Pence) has the sole responsibility to count the electoral votes. There is historical precedent for the president of the senate to count (or not count) challenged states including Thomas Jefferson in 1800.
    Pence can choose to exclude all 6 contested states and with nobody reaching 270 the election would be dismissed and an immediate vote would take place in the house where Trump would have a partisan advantage I believe 27-22.
    There is no body as per the constitution to stop, object or deny Pence from simply using his judgement. He has the sole responsibility to determine valid electoral votes.
    This election is now in his hands. If he sends the contingent election to the house and Trump loses there with Republicans stabbing him in the back, then it is likely time for insurrection.
    Although, fully expect the left to riot when it happens.

    Max Frisson

    I had never been to this website before but it is like I dropped into another dimension!
    The craziness in knee-deep in here! Insurrection Act, mass executions of Liberals, Chi comm takeovers.
    Y'all are insane!
    Trump lost, fair election and there's no way out of that truth.
    Delusional, irrational, and socially dysfunctional fanatics are raging here.


    Vpte in 2022 and don't forget George Soros And Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Docey.

    In response to @Max

    @Max - I know, right?
    Mostly I hate that my viewing of content here means some fraction of a penny is going to the publishers from the advertisers stupid enough to put their names here. But - like the B-rate Red Dawn movie that seems to have inspired it I just can’t look away.
    Note that I have outed myself once again by referencing Red Dawn so the snowflake editor is likely to delete this comment once again because - like the orange one he so wants to have retweet one of his stories - he is bold in his bluster but thin skinned at his core.


    Sam Adams

    Start printing your 3D guns while you still can.
    Search DuckDuckGo for FGC-9


    @sam adams - you should start with your tin foil hats

    rickey ricardo

    Response to Max Frisson: Fu*k your mother dead you kock sucker and wait until we see you in real time somewhere. Everyone knows two things: That was no free and fair election and there will never be another free and fair election in America again.

    Second, every geek in Silicone Valley and every banker and money man on Wall Street have suddenly become legitimate targets waiting to be acquired. That's what you Soros trolls have put on us, yourself and the nation. Now it's a race to the bottom


    I don't belive anything will be done. I think America is over. It's done. I'm praying daily to be wrong. But I honestly thingk God has abandoned us.


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