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    Obama And Pelosi Didn't Win Elections In The Last Decade, It Was Dominion

    December 15, 2020
    Obama And Pelosi Didn't Win Elections In The Last Decade, It Was Dominion
    Image by Nancy Pelosi

    Then Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi assured the American public in 2018 the Democrats would win in the general election and take the House of Representatives. She knew ahead of time this would be true of course. You see, the Democrats have had Dominion for some time now. They knew the fix was in.

    The software in Dominion Voting Systems devices has its roots in Venezuela, according to recent reports. It was there that Hugo Chavez developed the technology to take power and install socialist rule in the country. This capability has been exported elsewhere, and is in 28 of our United States for election use.

    The Antrim County forensic examination results revealed software that is designed to generate errors - approximately 70% - so most of the ballots get 'adjuticated' by a human being, possibly even outside the country.

    This is how the con was done -- create ballot errors in Trump votes, then call them all for Biden in batches.


    Every election over the last decade is suspect. No conservative representatives from California in Congress? Wonder why? Because the use of Dominion ensured this outcome.

    Months ago, when Pelosi was asked about 'removing Trump from office' she remarked, 'We have some surprises for him."

    Now we know what the 'surprises' were -- a rigged election Chavista style.

    Stacey Abrams right now is saying the same thing about the runoff in Georgia on January 5th. Perhaps this is why turncoat GA Secretary of State Brad Raffesnperger won't release information on new mail-in ballot request, won't authorize a state-wide signature-verification recount of the Nov 3rd race, and wanted the Dominion machines wiped.

    They will steal the Senate in Georgia unless the treasonous GOP leadership is forced to hold a free and fair election. As of now, this is not the case.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Mark Allen

    A durrr. And you are just now figuring this out?


    It will only get fixed if we fix it. We cannot depend on anyone but the people to rise up and fix it ourseleves.


    Welcome to the through the looking glass world. Only possible on a dumbed down drooling dullard populace of soft weak spinless jellyfish. They are happy to have someone else think for them and be wards of the state.
    May their chains rest gently and the free cheese be tasty if they even stop to savor it in between shovel loads.
    That doesn't meant that you have to go along with the herd over the cliff edge.
    What a coincidence that the intelligent Covid-1984 virus came along just in time for the Big Steal and Great Reset Leap Forward.
    It knows to stay six feet away and avoid peaceful protests AKA the burn it all down riots.


    Can we get a PARLER button? I'd like to share but I'm no longer on big tech censorship platforms like IG, FB, Twitter.


    It makes perfect sense now why the POTUS elected to heal race relations did nothing but foment them


    KY gov race too. Good YouTube video showing votes switched on live TV. We should smas the machines.


    The democrats and any republican, thinking Pierre Delecto, that got in office on the backs of Dominion are traitors and should get the punishment required. Any other corrupt government official needs to be escorted from office, perp walked and charged with Rico charges. All in the media the same!! I hope to never see a pic past 2020 of any of them or the FISA group! And I include Supreme Court justices or in one case Chief Justice as a public official since they are, with this group should include any corrupt judge elected or appointed. Spill over for Gitmo has already been accounted for them at various other prisons on land surrounded by some form of water from what I gather. In no case should any of these devils be allowed back into the USA. If, at this moment, take care of business and root this evil out of our great country, the future freedoms she allows can be enjoyed for many years.


    Nonsense. There ARE Republican Congressmen from CA. They lost several seats in 2018 due to vote harvesting. Nothing to do with Dominion. They also won off few of those seats back in 2020.


    Can someone explain why when they count the ballots it works out? Unless there are certain ballots that can't be counted? The Dominion CEO kept saying that every recount worked out, how can that be if they are flipping votes to Biden. I'm asking for someone to explain that to me.

    Vic Anderson

    MaligNancy could've never "won" her ($)elections without rigging, that I've been DEM Calling For YEARS ... at least, since Cindy Sheehan !

    DT Parker

    I don't have a complete answer for you as I haven't studied this fraudulent election in detail. But, a few things are true:
    1 - If they are merely re-counting votes...lol...the numbers should come up the same. Problem is LOTS of phony ballots were procured to match the numbers. But, they didn't and aren't doing signature verifications in many places.

    2 - Also plenty of dead people voted (Boxer Joe Frazier in PA. Been dead for a decade+), underage people, double voters, etc. But again, if they can't get a judge to rule on those things...nothing happens. Btw, both lawyers representing Trump and judges assigned some of these cases have rec'd serious threats.

    3 - In the case of GA, I read that they were going to re-count ONE Atlanta metro county and it is a country with a good election director. So, how nice...they re-count a place that already had a legit vote.


    It’s because they’re just recounting the same tainted votes again. Once mass numbers of fraudulent votes are mixed in, a recount is worthless. Only a full forensic audit will work because it will seek to identify the fraudulent votes and exclude them from the count.


    (The previous response was for PoinSpirit)


    Can't have SEIU still running the elections and counting the votes. That is what happened in all the crooked counties this time.

    Government workers are no longer "civil servants". They are grasping, greedy and very very dangerous. But they got caught this time. Damage done because of the short time window. But they will all be gone by the 2022 elections.

    This was their last rigged election. Savor it, boys and girls. It is now officially over for the big public employee unions. They over played their hand. Even California rejected their cash grabs this time. Unions destroy everything they touch.


    THe Loser-in-Chief is the man behind the curtain. I know there's no actual
    proof but he is THE enemy of America


    L-I-T = ODouchebag

    Tad Pole

    ...I'm not sure if dominion machines have been used extensively in California...but the vote rigging in this state...ESPECIALLY since the gray davis recall...is undeniable...four families own and run California...the pelosi's, the newsomes, the browns and the getty's...and whom ever they want elected, whenever they want them elected is what happens...the likes of fineswine, waters, boxer (she retired) sanchez...etc., etc., never campaigned, never had to, the outcomes were foregone conclusions...


    Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act, declare martial law and take control of all the suspect voting machines throughout the nation. Then, Trump's forensic team can access information from the 2020 down ballot races. The fraud was extensive and beyond the presidential election. Cannot allow GA to use the same corrupt voting system for the upcoming Senate elections.


    Dee, the President needs to pre-stage his special ops people (Space Force) and have them ready to pounce before he announces he is invoking the Insurrection Act. Its the best chance at getting the proof he needs along with the traitors who participated.


    Soooo, I s this why Obama called America the most racist of all racist nations every day he was president? He knew that America didn't vote for him...

    I want my money back
    I want a tax refund
    I want Obamas laws reversed...


    I was VERY surprised when Obama was reelected and assumed that this was due to cheating.

    Randy Bella

    Sinema and Kelly are illegitimate. James also won in MI. I was not sure of the steal in 2016, but it was clear in 2018; Ryan/Mitch needed to defang/weaken POTUS, so they plotted to give the House to Pelosi. Bret Baier played the same trick of announcing races before any human could determine the winner. The only reason to do that was that they knew the fix was in. Baier, Fox and the rest of them are traitors, mouth-piece of the corrupt CIA and the rest of the Deep State.


    Nothing will correct this except martial law being imposed and a new vote supervised by the military or civil war. We no longer have opposition, we have communist enemies openly breaking the law and usurping the peoples last legitimate, non-violent method of being heard. I support civil war to finish this once and for all.

    jerry snaper

    Unless we see the obama swinging at the end of a rope America will be lost to the relentless infiltration of islam!

    The dominion type election fraud was not only our elections for the last decade but is likely responsible for the islamic takeover of so many countries in Africa and elsewhere. We must not forget that islams focus is World Domination and the slavery of sharia!

    Jersey Prophet

    Beginning to wonder if the president's meeting with military officials this afternoon was not to begin organizing a martial law imposition to take possession of all Dominion vote-stealing machines and finally put to rest ANY QUESTIONS that this election was stolen.


    Hillary was SO pissed when she paid good money for Dominion to shift her some votes and still lost the rigged election. Simply Humiliating.


    PS: What good is a recount that is done by the same partisan counters that did the first count? Any and all Recounts should be done by a new independent and closely chaperoned crew ... or even the military.


    sFrom what I have read so far on the reporting on Dominion Systems has been shoddy and inaccurate.

    Dominion Companies AKA: Scytl, Sequoia Voting Systems, Smartmatic, SOE Software Suite, Diebold Premiere Election Systems and possibly a few other shell companies have been used for the 10 to 15 years . Two particular names involved with from the initial entities until now are Antonio Mugica and Eric Coomer.
    Hugo Chavez probably had very little on nothing to do with the development of Dominion software. The software was developed by one of (US) our own alphabet agencies probably around 2000. How the software got on the open market not sure but id did. The last financial transaction I was able to locate on the web indicated that between mid-summer to late fall of 2020 Dominion received a $400 Million dollar advance through a Canadian financial institution which has links to a government owned bank in China. The company used their patents on Dominion software as collateral for the load which in turn allowed China investor complete and total access to the Dominion Voting Systems operating code. I am only scratching the surface with this post. The media has been negligent in not pursuing the origins and history of this country if not before the election but derelict in nor doing it so after the revelations of the 2020 election fraud. SHAME SHAME SHAME

    David Holmes

    It should be possible to get a machine and a laptop (usb?) with a techie and demonstrate for video how the system can be manipulated (proof or evidence) showing HOW the election was rigged and stolen. Deeds not words. Not arguments, not narratives, not frames. Show us, show the world how this works how they did it. The ol' dog and pony show. Show us how to make the ballots dance to the tune.


    I had a hunch all along that the Hillary winning the "popular vote" was fraud.


    I had a hunch all along that the Hillary winning the "popular vote" was fraud but didn't realize at the time just how right I was and little did I know that this was just the tip of the iceberg


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