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    Patriotic Service Members Must Quietly Resist Pentagon's 'Woke Stand-Down'...Your Day Will Come

    February 5, 2021
    Service Members Must Quietly Resist Pentagon's 'Woke Stand...Your Day Will Come

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    What is happening in the American armed forces has nothing to do with patriotism, love of country, or even White supremacism or domestic terror.

    It has to do with power and control for the Chinese Communist Party over the U.S. national security apparatus, by the CCP's globalist enablers in the West.

    What a prize - control of the greatest armed force in the world, ever known to man, comparable to the Roman legions of old, a dominant military force.

    Now that dominant force is being turned to the service of evil.

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered a “stand down” of the entire US military over the next 60 days in order for commanders to address “extremism” in its ranks, reported the New York Post.

    Austin issued the order following a meeting about the issue with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, as well as service civilian leaders and service chiefs.

    “It’s got to be a leadership issue down to the lowest levels, small unit leadership all the way up to him. So if you consider it a leadership issue, then maybe there will be some potential solutions there to allow us greater visibility,” press secretary John Kirby said, referencing his boss’ comments during the meeting.

    Here's a news flash for the illegitimate Secretary of Defense and his enabler General Milley -- white supremacy and 'right-wing' domestic terror is not a problem in the U.S. military.

    The problem we have today is a Marxist infiltration that is attempting to takeover from within. This is what is pushing the 'critical race theory' against allleged racism that doesn't exist, except against white soldiers from military leadership.

    If you want to focus on the threats we face during this stand-down, then focus on reality.

    You can start by looking in the mirror.

    This narrative you are spinning, that white soldiers, who love this country and have served her well, are a threat to the nation to which they swore a hallowed oath... to borrow a phrase your movement stole from Hitler...is a 'big lie'.

    Patriotic American military personnel need to weather the current storm...you will be needed in the future to rebuild what Austin and Milley are destroying as they violate their oath to America.

    Our Marxist friends have been hiding for years. You should do the same. Bide your time. Play the game. Until you can rebuild our national security from the ground up in the future.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Thomas L


    Crispus Attucks

    Yes, patriotic military personnel need to weather the storm, up until they are asked to obey an UNLAWFUL order from Commies in their chain of command like Austin. At that point, they will have to obey their oaths to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Lexington & Concord are dead ahead. Keep your powder dry...

    John Chapter 8

    You are insane. Get out of this perverted military now. They are going to promote stupid women, mentally ill sex criminals, and third-world rejects to be your commanders then send you to die for Israel's imperial lust yet again and call you a "white supremacist" the whole time they are doing it. Get out, get out, get out. Go home to your families and get as far from the urban areas as you can.


    Its disturbing that Trump didnt enact our military to stand up, enforce the constitution and empty the treasons leadership present and past. So now the military is being brain washed. Its disturbing... This feels like a play from the Natzi uprising where people are bitterly ostracized or ruined if you dont comply. Is it the end of the United States of AMERICA ? I fear yes, the USA has been taken down already.


    Our military gone communist. Scary...

    Philly Smith

    Way back in 1970, while serving in Vietnam I was ordered to attend mandatory "sensitivity training" classes. Went to one in Saigon with a lot of high ranking Army and Air Force officers, one of whom wrote a successful book on Special Ops operations. Most of us didn't know what "sensitivity training" was. We quickly found out that it was denigrating whites, that only white people can be racist and that white people have dirty personal habits.
    After some time the Colonel I was sitting next to got up and said "I think I've heard enough" and walked out. I got up and said "I;m with you Colonel" and followed him out the door. The rest of the class followed us out. There were no repercussions.
    I'm sure this "stand down" is worse as it involves both race and politics.

    Brett M Short

    Who the hell voted this Austin character in as SECDOD? He's NOT a leader nor that intelligent. Fits in with Baby-killer Biden I guess, another low IQ pavement ape from Delaware.


    I've been saying this for a while, we are in the Throes of an Anti White Anti Christ Anti Light Agenda. Until people can say " yes I'm White" things are going to keep sliding. Milley is brainwashed and appears to be under some kind of Dark Op Mind Control. He has for years been supporting the Obama Anti White Anti Christ Agenda. Now we have a Racist Black Terrorist in the Pentagon Commiting Treason and Hunting Whites in the Military for the 60 days who will not submit to the Antifa and BLM terrorists. Trump Should have fired Milley long ago or reassigned him to the Outskirts of the Pacific Ocean like Flynns Brother just received the ridiculous "promotion" to while in reality the Black Terrorist in Pentagon can freely hunt Upstanding Military who WILL NOT AGREE TO HATE WHITES AND CHRISTIANS AND LIGHT BRINGERS . This is spiraling out of Control. I said months ago this would end up with a Revolution if the Attempt to Overthrow America was not Dealt With. Now we have the Obama Anti American Anti Christian Brigade in the White House, Pentagon and Working fast and Furious to Hunt Military Members loyal to the USA. They say Stand Down, because the Military is Ready to Overthrow the Interlopers. Well if the Miltary is stupid enough to give this Demonic group 60 days to Hunt out the Loyal and Most Capable Members then they will receive utter darkness rain down on them. Stand up. Dont give these interlopers time to finish you off.

    Remo Williams

    Miley.. you're a disgrace to the uniform you're wearing. How dare you carry water for these socialist buffoons. And this goes for any other coward on the JCS. And just so you know... this is coming from a former active duty Marine.


    john chapter 8 makes a good point, however if all the god people are on the outside we can never gain control again. so with that in mind the only answer is as stated hold your positions as best possible keep the enemy in check. having a son in the marines i know that the ranks have a fairly large number of green card holders that may prove to be problematic in real confrontation although they seem to be American hopefuls.

    Ann kemmerlin

    It appears China is already in control. How do we stop this happening right before our eyes? Ws wait and watch, now?


    Military is not the problem here it is the Leadership.!! And it won't be any better until the leadership is replaced with Trump at the head. God bless it happens sooner than later.


    All of Dem Congress and Rhino's need arrested the sooner the better the ship will run.


    Joe the Red Commie should not get classified info period, and he talks about Trump.


    The Election fraud evidence is available My Pillow assembled it, if you have not seen it do so then you will know who Joe works for. it on Rumble and Telegram.


    The Election fraud evidence is available My Pillow assembled it, if you have not seen it do so then you will know who Joe works for. its on Rumble and Telegram.


    When does the Military honor their oath stand up to domestic terrorism and Communist take over ? beit a single or chain of command rule, that is Anti American ? In my book Joe should have never been sworn in as president, but sworn in jail. We see from his EO's how Anti American he is. hopefully his demise will be soon.


    When does the Military honor their oath stand up to domestic terrorism and Communist take over ? beit a single or chain of command rule, that is Anti American ?
    and Communist too. In my book Joe should have never been sworn in as president, but sworn in jail. We see from his EO's how Anti American he is. hopefully his demise will be soon.


    The best " comments" and "what's happening now" I am finding, are on an extension of "War Room Pandemic" ( Steve Bannon's daily political discussions) War room Forum. Parler was challenging to navigate before the take down. Now it seems we shall have to see what format is remerging. Gab is also missing timely breaking politics and relevant comments in enough numbers to demand "checking in" status yet.


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