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    The Devil Went Down To Georgia And Became Governor

    March 4, 2021

    Kemp On A Mission To Save Himself

    GA's Brian Kemp Destroys Country For Our Children, Then Has Gall To Talk About Faith

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    "The Devil went down to Georgia
    He was lookin' for a soul to steal
    He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind
    He was willing to make a deal"
    Charlie Daniels

    The Governor of the great state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is on a mission. He's not on a mission to save one of the original 13 American colonies, named after King George of England; no, Kemp is on a mission to save himself, after enabling the destruction of the republic.

    In the 1730s, England founded the last of its colonies in North America. The project was the brain child of James Oglethorpe, a former army officer. After Oglethorpe left the army, he devoted himself to helping the poor and debt-ridden people of London, whom he suggested settling in America. His choice of Georgia, named for the new King...writes Wikipedia.

    Kemp showed none of that concern for the 'Deplorables' as he acted, or should we say didn't act, by conspicuously not calling [not allowing] a special legislative session to investigate the massive election fraud that happened twice in The Peach State during the last election cycle. The fix was in.

    Kemp was instrumental in enabling the takeover of America by globalist interests, backed by the Chinese Communist Party. Yes, those people who currently hold a million political prisoners in concentration camps and harvest their organs while they are still alive . We recently wrote that Kemp had the gall to invoke 'faith' when speaking on Breitbart News.

    “I want Georgia to be known as a sanctuary state for people of faith,” Kemp declared. “I think we’ve seen around the country there have been a lot of people in power, especially governors around the country, that have denied people that right of religious freedom, if you will, to be able to worship,” Kemp declared on Breitbart News Daily.

    "Fire on the Mountain" Run, boys, run!
    The Devil's in the house of the rising sun
    Chicken's in the bread pan picking out dough
    Granny, does your dog bite? No, child, no

    Yesterday, Kemp went on the now-globalist Fox Business in order to once again attempt to save his political, and maybe even legal skin [the corruption will eventually see the light of day], as he declared he would now 'absolutely support Trump' if he ran in the future.

    As we say in Georgia, that dog don't hunt Guv!

    It's actually quite humorous to watch him pander to the public, and even to 45 to save his corrupt skin. After not standing up for Trump, he wants the help of Trump voters in the future.

    That is truly deplorable.

    We have some advice for the Governor...

    • Resign immediately for your corrupt and selfish actions in November that destroyed our children's future
    • Go to church and repent, and then admit what you did to the American people to cleanse your soul
    • Stop trying to save yourself, and begin helping to overcome your evil and help save the republic

    "Devil, just come on back if you ever wanna try again. I done told you once--you son of a bitch--I'm the best there's ever been."

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Jaye Bennett

    This article leads right into my book that I am about to publish, "The Lies in Georgia from c1737 to 2020" - it is about my great-grandfather, Col William Stephens, Esq., the First President of the Colony of Georgia, who accompanied Oglethorpe to Savannah in 1737. Great-grandfather Stephens was the "Forgotten Founder" of Georgia (Oglethorpe only stayed in Cony of Georgia for 4 years then returned to England). Grandfather Stephens fought the elite [as President of the Colony for 10 years], wealthy plantation owners' influence from SC. Until he died c1751, he never owned a slave on his 500 acre plantation, "Beaulieu Plantation" - the rest was history.... corrupt greed & lust for power & money, as seen today in GA Gov, Lt Gov, SOS, & AG. [Grandfather William Stephens' "Journal of the Proceedings in (Colonial) Georgia" are in the Rare Book Section of the DC Library of Congress, published 1750, London]

    May I say, I love CDM.... just learned about it yesterday on War Room. I am in full support of Garland Favarito! and CDM!


    Kemp can go straight to hell (and he will, eventually)........


    I notice the interview was conducted by another anti-American RINO, Cavuto.
    That's no accident.

    David Michaels

    Kemp is over, he turned traitor the moment he had a chance to matter. I would vote democrat before voting for him.


    Georgians did not elect him last time around.Relatives n Gas said he is now very disliked. Betrayed them n 2A then the Electionn fraud and failure to rectify the theft, siding with the Democrats, Hollywood threats, and other Big Money.
    Georgians and the nation were betrayed. Caveat Emptor! You cannot trust the labels. You cannot trust what they say! you can only count what their actions say1

    Richard Houghton

    I live in Georgia and will not vote for Kemp. He's a disgusting piece of $hit. Enough said. I can't wait for the calls from his campaign committee. I will take out my anger and frustration on the caller.

    Valerie A

    I was proud to live in Georgia before all this corruption came to light (at least to my eyes) because we opened up our economy and businesses and state first among the COVID lockdowns. Now I am ashamed of Gov. Kemp and the other crooked politics who sold out our state our our country. Shame on them. I hope and pray (every day) that the bright light of truth shines on all the sleazy, lying, traitorous scum that line their pockets while selling our country and our freedoms to China, Iran, etc. and they won't be able to scurry back into the darkness and hidey-holes before they get what they deserve.

    Ben Ghazi

    Burn in Hell, Governor. I will gladly strike the match for you, Raffensperger and most of the General Assembly, most notably, David Ralston. The Democrats don't want you and the rest of Georgia hates your guts;


    Actually Nova Scotia was the last English Colony settled by the British in North America. One of the reasons they didn't try to kick the British out in 1776 or so was the British military was larger than the population. There were 14 colonies. They just don't teach that in schools now.

    Jaye Bennett

    14 Colonies, not 13, as in Betsy Ross flag? Didn't teach that in schools in Georgia historically - don't know what they teach now...

    Jaye Bennett

    My research/focus was Colony of Georgia to about 1755... the last Colony in America at that time. Makes sense though, since we had to fight British again after 1776.

    Frank McCarthy

    CDM staff thank you for an engaging article and balsey viewpoints.
    Charlie Daniels himself would have enjoyed the references from that wonderful song.
    The song is a tongue in cheek but powerful indictment against all the various 'outside' forces of evil: from 'Federals' to carpetbaggers (today Hollywood & Big IT) who have tried to level dominion over the fair Peach Tree State,

    Robert Henry

    I surmise FBN went globalist to stay in play during these times of O'Bidenism (big-business globalism, and to H. with America). Cavuto didn't need to be told by mgt. to go along. Seems he went that way all on his own.


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