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    Democrat Ideology And Republican Indifference: The Real Racism In Black Atlanta

    April 10, 2021

    A Black Businesswoman In Atlanta, West Point Grad, Speaks Out

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    Guest post by Alisha Houston

    You know how people stand up in recovery meetings and introduce themselves as addicts? Or come out of the closet and introduce themselves to their loved ones in their newfound identity? Well, my name is Alisha Houston, I’m bi-racial, and I used to be one of those so-called Black Democrats in Atlanta. But, I’ve been out and proud as a conservative way before it was cool. Notice I didn’t say Republican. I want to challenge you to flip the script that has been used on us - come out of the closet, off the plantation, and step into true freedom.

    I went to Grady High back when it was just 4th Ward. I got a degree from West Point in International Politics and Democrat ideology sounded really good back then. Who doesn’t want everyone to do well, have a chance at The American Dream, not be broke? I voted for Al Gore as a 21-year-old Lieutenant in the first election in which I was old enough to vote. Just after that 2000 election, I got saved and realized all this international intrigue was actually in the Bible. Hanging chads, election limbo, President Bush, 9-11, the wars we are still out there fighting, one-world government, pestilences, earthquakes, men as trees walking. What was this Constitution I had to take an oath to defend with my life against its foreign and domestic enemies? Who was this Creator who had endowed us with inalienable rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I started traveling the world in uniform, and started seeing that the real world departed in a big way from the politics and religion we are fed in Black Atlanta.

    I started doing my own digging, separate from what the media, and the way it’s always been done in Black Atlanta. And, as my research and life experience matured, I realized we’ve all been duped. The same Democrats that codified slavery and Jim Crow realized after the Civil Rights Movement they needed to go into the closet and be more subtle about it if they were going to keep us in chains. So, they convinced us to murder our own offspring in the womb so they wouldn’t have to lynch anyone. They convinced us that we needed to kick our men out of our homes and replace them with a welfare check. Funny how they had private prisons ready to receive them all. They convinced us that we can’t be educated without government schools or massive student loans. They made God the bad guy and Government the good guy in the tale they wove. The Black nuclear family and rock solid faith in God, so strong they got us through a couple of centuries of slavery and oppression, were dangerous to their control of us. Can’t have Black America having those dreams MLK preached about.

    Fast forward to 21st Century Atlanta. Here in Fulton County in GA-5, where John Lewis was our Congressman for many decades, we hear about Good Trouble and it sounds inspiring. But our roads are crumbling, the main roads through our neighborhoods don’t even have sidewalks, our schools have been failing for decades, median income is pitiful, homeownership is negligible, and we have to export our dollars to fancier parts of town for nice things and nice schools if we want them. Try explaining to a grocery store chain you want to come to Tri Cities that your zip code is way better than it looks because you’ve had no choice but to spend in that next one over that seems to be doing really well.

    The Dems need Black America asleep. So, they sell us fake woke and tell us we need more of it. But, thanks to President Trump and his tearing the veil off these myths, we are waking up the right way. We’d rather have a job than a handout, a business than an unemployment check, an expense account than an Obamaphone, school choice to force the market to educate us properly, and Black Wall Street 2.0 than Section 8 expanded. We voted in numbers so large for Trump’s re-election in Fulton County that Ruby Freeman freaked out on camera. She said that Trump’s margin of victory was so big that they might not even be able to overcome it with just the 3 machines and stacks of fake ballots they had hidden to inject in the middle of the night. Then we literally watched them stop the count in Atlanta and other major inner cities around America and proceed to steal the election in real time.

    We’ve got all the receipts. Yet vocal Black Dems in Atlanta would rather have Barabbas…I mean Biden. Who needs us to think everything is racist while they import a new brown populace of illegal alien voters who will vote Dem so the won’t need us anymore. They needed Covid so they could set up mail-in-voting and keep us distracted, muzzled (literally), and convince us it was for our own good. ATL, Detroit, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago. Their corrupt operations are headquartered in the Black inner city, so they need us asleep at the wheel or fake woke instead of kicking them out like Jesus did the moneychangers in the Temple.

    We have to show ID to get a COVID test or “vaccine.” We have to show ID to fly Delta. Or, open a bank account. Or, go to the Doctor. Countless Black businesses in Atlanta that Dem lockdowns have forced into crisis needed the revenue from the All Star Game, and all those Superbowls they told us would be good for us when they convinced us it was a good thing to use our tax dollars to build a new stadium in the parking lot of the perfectly good ones we already had. Corners like the one in GA-5 where that Wendy’s burned down and that 8-year old girl were murdered need strong police. But we’re supposed to believe the Soros-funded BLM, whose mission statement includes ridding us of strong black men, and are supposed to be burning our communities to the ground because that’s a good thing. Funny how the BLM lady just bought a $1.4M house. She seems to be doing just fine. How’s Minneapolis right now?

    Enter Republican indifference. Here Black America is having a Great Awakening, voting for Trump in record numbers. Trump launched Black Voices for Trump and the Platinum Plan here in the Atlanta. Conservatives like me who have been in these trenches getting booted from the cookout and social media are cheering that we are finally getting what we need here. But then when the Dems steal the votes we worked so hard to get the right to cast here in the Deep South, and tell us it’s a good thing, the Republicans roll out the red carpet for them. So do the courts who have refused to even look at the evidence. Kemp and Raffensberger and Perdue and Loeffler and everyone who was supposed to fight for us not only sat aside, they actively worked with the Dems to keep their corrupt stranglehold on power because none of them can afford We The People exercising our true power. Y’all better put on that mask muzzle and take several seats or else. They trot out Raphael Warnock who says that Jesus doesn’t do the saving and that abortion is Biblical, whose ex-wife says he ran her over with his car and is abusive, and Black Atlanta cheers. Stacey Abrams brags about getting the All Star Game booted to Colorado, where they are much whiter and have stricter voting laws, and Black Atlanta says yeah that’s good because it’s racist to ask for ID to vote. Why not take off the masks and say it’s racist to make us show ID to get a Covid test? Or ask why they are pushing these experimental genetic modulation injections they call vaccines so hard in the Black community, making us show ID to get the Tuskegee Experiment 2.0?

    What’s actually racist is telling Black people we’re so dumb we don’t know how to use the internet. Or showing us you only think we’re worth welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, failing schools, and urban food deserts. Or pimping us for votes you then steal out the back door when we decide to vote against Dems. Or throwing the border wide open to illegal aliens and giving them the paltry government benefits you promised to us. Or telling us we need to be happy with $1400 even though our businesses have been forced into closure. Biden made it quite clear how he has felt about us for the last 50 years. Kamala called him out on it quite nicely. Biden himself told black folks on that conference call how he felt about us after the election. It’s all out there if we pay attention to the right things.

    One slavemaster with a whip is no match for an army of hard-working black people sick of the open wounds on our backs. All we have to do is stand up as one and take off the masks they’re using to muzzle us like pit bulls. I see the whispered conversations Blacks in Atlanta are starting to have about how we have all been played. I see us upset about our kids falling behind. I see us wondering why they need to stick a cotton swab soaked in cancer-causing chemicals up to our brain through our nose, and why our children need to inhale their own polluted air and be masked 24/7 if they actually get to go school when this virus has a 0% death rate in children. Their mental health, oxygen levels, healthy bacteria, and freedom are all failing in the name of protecting us from the flu. Acne, bacterial infections, congestion, phobias, silencing of their voices and faces are the new normal. I get all the private messages from my friends who secretly voted for Trump but don’t want to come out about it.

    Now that we’re in year 2 of 2 weeks to stop the spread, we are waking up to the corruption and control this is really about. All of government has failed us. But we are a powerful army and they are a soft, gilded few. It’s past time we take back our communities and kick them all out. It needs to be us on election boards, school boards, in office instead of them.

    How bout we get woke for real for real?

    Alisha Houston is a Fulton County voter in Atlanta. An Army Veteran, Wife, Mother, and Business Owner, she wants to empower others to protect The Constitution against its enemies and protect our inalienable rights both now and for future generations.

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    Absolutely riveting article and I stand by her whole heartedly. Democrats have keep black people on the plantation for decades. they want their votes but they ignore them after the election. they just pay them off in ill gotten gains. i hope that the 50% of black Atlanta willl become conservative because conservatives respect them as human beings and that we profit from their ideas and their intelligence. thank you Alicia Houston for your article. I praise you in every way. May God bless you richly in your life.


    You know what they say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    So I thought we should FINALLY take the time to look at Joe Biden and his 47 years of accomplishments in political service for America.
    I mean, we have to let bygones by bygones and honor the man who stole (errrrrrr, “won”) the election, right?
    It’s time to give the man his fair dues.
    Trending: The Terrible Truth About Certain Disposable Masks
    He’s been working tirelessly for America for 47 years, and so I took the last couple of weeks off from my normal work here at WeLoveTrump to research Joe Biden’s entire political career.
    It was a lot of work, sifting through old newspaper articles, microfiche….I did it all.
    I searched high and low, and I compiled every single accomplishment I could find for Joe Biden.
    I’m nothing if not fair, I take pride in being open-minded and giving credit where credit is due.
    So please, without further delay, please take a moment to review my research and read it with an open mind.
    Joe Biden’s 47 years of accomplishments.
    Joe Biden’s Political Career, by year:
    1973 Biden enters politics…
    1977 *Biden fights to keep schools segregated because in his own words, “allowing blacks to integrate would create a racial jungle” Fact check me.
    1983 *BIDEN Taxes Social Security*
    1988 *Ran for president but had to end his campaign after getting busted for plagiarism.
    Follow on Telegram @WeLoveTrumpNoah
    1993 *BIDEN Taxes Social Security, AGAIN*
    1994 ***Biden writes the “Stop and Frisk” law which is what blacks blame for “systemic racism” today. This law took millions of black men from their homes and transplanted them into prison. Way to go Joe. This was Biden’s biggest accomplishment in 47 years of elected office. Factcheck me, it’s true.
    1997 Hang on, not yet.
    2003 Still nothing…
    2008 Calls Obama the first “articulate” and “clean” mainstream African-American.
    2012 Nope, nothing yet.

    Tree Fiddy

    I don't know who you are... but I like you.


    Joe Biden is a demented, lying reprobate and should be a national embarrassment. He a threat to the security of our country, and should not be allowed anywhere near the White House. What is even more troubling are the people that allowed this man to be President with his finger on the nuclear button.

    Our constitution was only made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams..

    Freedom Love

    I lived in Atlanta from 1966 - 2005 and this article is spot on. I would not even think of moving back. In 1966 as a freshman at Ga Tech, you could walk the streets of downtown Atlanta at night and be safe - no any more. While working in downtown Atlanta on a contract for the State of Ga, I witnessed pimps outside our building in broad daylight, even saw a gunfight one afternoon while looking out the window. Of course, Dems call this progress. Atlanta used to be a great place to visit and live. No more.

    Mad Celt

    The politics are corrupt across the board. Poor city/county planning, companies fleeing due to ever increasing taxes and outright hatred against success of any sort in the private sector, schools rated at 1, 2 and , rarely, 3. Rampant crime due to political pandering and an infrastructure obsolete 30 years ago. The spreading of Atlantas internal hierarchy to outlaying counties makes business owners relocate to either another part of the state or out of state. South Georgia discusses breaking away to form a separate state to be freed of Atlantas control. The city and state are in debt and not likely to get out from under that burden. Like a broken clock which is right twice a day she sees a few issues but still doesn't get the entire picture. This is a morass with no solution in sight. I bailed 10 years ago and relocated to an ajoining state. Best decision I ever made for myself and my company. Savannah, Columbus and Macon are following in Atlantas crooked steps so they were not even considered.

    John Flowers

    I hope Blacks do realize that this mass influx to import all these ILLEGALS is meant to replace you, remember the jobs Americans won't do? Oh don't worry they are going to fix it. Do the math, How many Blacks are in the U.S.? How many Illegals are coming over the border? Well lets' see Mommy, Daddy 2 children under 5 and 1 in the oven. In less than 1 generation they will have a voting block to keep Democrats in power forever and they are dispersing them like little seeds all over the U.S, doubt me? every state and town has a little Mexicoville.
    There are so many entity's that benefit from this mass influx of people, but it's primary goal is to change voter districts, more people means more delegates. Get the picture now?
    You have had an education worth more than any degree, you have traveled the world as have I and see how other cultures live and in a lot of cases seen a lot of states that most people have never been to or more importantly seen how their state is run.
    As far as Trump is concerned, I grew up in NY City, he was practically in the news every month and later on just about every week.
    He got things done in that City to make Politicians angry and jealous. Is he a saint? absolutely not, he is so imperfect that he should have never been voted in as President but then who are these perfect men who run? No President has been perfect and the ones who are don't want the job.
    I remember Trump reaching out to black influencers and Steve Harvey showed up and the Black community were near ready to Lynch that man. He had a lot of lose, his game show, morning DJ spot and future beauty contest MC spot. So he backed down so he could continue pushing blatant lies on his Morning DJ spot. I know I would occasionally tune in to see what he was saying and could only switch the channel in disgust How far did Black issues get addressed while he was cackling on his morning show? How far would they have been pushed if he was brave enough to have joined Trumps cabinet? Nobody knows, maybe some change would have happened with Steve Harvey? I think so. Remember Steve it was a white family who took you in and supported you on your rise to becoming a successful comedian. It took a amateur porn star and her crazy rich husband to get prisoners released. imagine that two imperfect people who managed to accomplish something while good people stood back and threw everything at them and the news media who barely covered the stories of these people who were released. Why give Trump any credit for anything?

    I have lived in Atlanta for over 20 years now. Guess why? I was tired of the Vermin in New York City and boy have I seen that mess of a city change over the decades. Unfortunately not a good track record.
    When I moved here it seemed Atlanta was a nicely run city the roads were nicely paved until I went to the more seedier parts and discovered that it's just the same chit different smell mantra. All the different taxes in each county and of course Fulton county with the most expensive and the highest property tax. I saw downtown and all the businesses leaving to move to Bukhead but that's not really any better.
    The movement of Braves stadium from that run down area surrounding the stadium to a more obtuse location in a more dense traffic area with no public transportation. Talk about White flight. Atlanta has failed itself in so many ways.
    I will soon be departing to another area of the country where my money goes further and my taxes won't be spent on bonehead projects with destinations to nowhere. Rainbow cross walks? You can't run from problems but I will have saved thousands in the process.

    Welcome to the conservative side. Where free thought and common sense is appreciated and applauded.

    If Blacks don't wake up to this systematic and purposeful dilution of the population it will be over in less than 8 years, oh wait it already is.


    This "new insight" will not result in even ONE meaningful change.

    Seen it before, always the same - Nothing EVER comes from it.

    Jaye Bennett

    Thank you, Alisha Houston, for your courage and conviction! GOD BLESS YOU.


    A wondeful article! I'm so grateful to know there exists so many people that truly see through the quagmire of today's politics. Illusions that have held society spellbound for far too long and now I see not only have I awakened, but so too did you. And you. And you. We the People. Have had enough of the toxic divisive rhetoric. Stand tall and be courageous, pull off that mask, knowing full well its a muzzle for mankind to stifen our divinity bestowed upon us by God. Time to shine light people, we are the love of God, and the end of the illusionists is nearing!!!


    Thank you for this. I grew up in Atlanta and while I may be white, I lived in the Norcross area where I was a minority, and I observed everything you have referenced. Too many black families in Atlanta and other Democrat run cities have been trapped for decades in the cycle of government dependence that unbeknownst to them, has been intentionally holding them back. Most are then taught that their circumstances are someone else's fault, that they aren't where they should be because of the melanin level of their skin. It's wrong, but up until President Trump's policies, you could never convince them otherwise. Thank you for being a rational voice of reason.

    chaz theraz

    Thank you Alisha for your service and thank you for such a refreshing and well written opinion piece.


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